AmputeeOT: Moving muscles and massaging my stump 2.5 months after amputation

Greta, are you gonna take over my video? *laughs* Hello, this is Christina the Amputee OT. It’s been about two and a half months since my amputation. I wanted to make a video showing you what my leg looks like, now that it’s been a while. *machinery and welding noises* You can see my scar line has kind of widened. That’s because I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It’s a connective tissue disorder that causes your skin to be kind of stretchy. I use this mirror. You can see both the front and the back of my leg at the same time. In this shot, I’m trying to duplicate the movements that I make with my organic foot with the movements I’m trying to make with my phantom foot. You can see that I can still move those muscles. I feel like I’m moving that foot, but I’m obviously not. It’s not there anymore. You notice that when I bend my leg against my thigh you can see my tissue here kind of goes “loop”, makes a ski slope. I know it might seem really weird to smash my stump against a plate of glass. And you’re right, it is weird, but part of the reason I’m doing things like that is to sort of take away some of the mystery and mystique of stumps and kind of normalize them. You know, make them seem like they’re not so foreign and weird. I don’t know if I’m actually accomplishing my goal, but it’s worth a try, right? Alright, guys. I hope you found this video to be interesting and informative if not a little weird. So if you liked it, go ahead and subscribe to my channel. Comment below in the comment section if you have any questions and have a good one. Bye Bye!

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  1. You talked before about how when touching the skin at the underneath of the unfoot it felt like touching the back of the leg. Have your brain started re-mapping sensation? Or does it feel like touching the back of the leg and then suddenly the front if running a finger across the scar line?

  2. At the moment you made this video, were u still taking antibiotics? If yes, was it to make ur body accept the skin joint at the cut zone?

  3. I'm sorry I have to sAy it but no one else did, "messaging my stump" he he he I'm such a 12 year old. Not really though and im not making fun of the amp just the words, the lego leg was bad ass though

  4. I'm just curious, after you got your amputation, what exactly did they do to the ends of your tibia and fibula before wrapping the tissue around them? Are the ends clean cut, or did they round the cuts out to more of a ball shape before closing the wound? I'd imagine clean cuts on the end would be very uncomfortable. Also, did they join the ends of the two bones during surgery or are they free floating on the end?

  5. I am willing to bet you have helped many many people with your channel. The URL should be given to all young amputees. Im not sure how I got here but I found myself going from video to video like I was watching one of my favorite TV shows. Rahimakallah

  6. You're great and amazing! I haven't felt legitimately inspired by someone in a long time. You're the best!!!

  7. You are an amazing woman to go through all that you have and still have a good attitude. I don't think the loss of your foot is going to slow you down at all. I would bet you still work on your car too; right?

  8. Hi, I have right leg amputee. Is interesting to see movies with peoples with locomotion amputee disabilities.

    On FaceBook I am suntonlain
    I like surreal arts, trance music, and Virtual Reality.

  9. I don't mean to be odd, but how come you had to have your leg amputated? It's just and strangley enough, something that interests me, peoples stories on what happened.

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  11. Did they make a bone bridge? Look like it is healing great. Excellent to massage to reduce pain and reduce adhesions

  12. Odd questions (I guess, maybe not) but 1) How short did the surgeon cut your fibula in comparison to your tibia? and 2) Does the skin on the bottom of your stump still feel like your touching the lower part of your leg? Since that's where the skin came from to begin with.

  13. You description of your situation is entirely reasonable. The result looks great. A beautiful and very servicable stump. Thank for the videos and explaination.


  14. Hi, my little daughter's ten and she had her below knee job (Ertl type) end of March. I thought that as the calf muscles are not doing much work you are expected to have them shrink to the max, and would not want to do any workout for them? Or did you flex your muscles just for the demonstration? Thank you for all your vids 🙂

  15. Christina answered this on a previous instalment: yes the bones are rounded (she didn't give any detail), but not conjoined; the fibula is cut a few cm shorter than the tibia.

  16. She was apparently done with antibiotics shortly after the surgery. I can't see how antibiotics would be relevant to healing a graft; maybe you're thinking of immunosuppressants, used in transplants to prevent rejection, but not here because it's her own tissue.

  17. Jinzo Krim: Yes, look up "phantom limb". Christina did two(?) earlier vids about it, and it's briefly mentioned in this one.

  18. Excellent videos! Inspirational by way of making a molehill out of a mountain rather than patting yourself on the back for having climbed it. Have you tried an EMS machine to build/maintain your remaining muscle mass?

  19. It's weird but it doesn't seem weird watching you be very open about your lost limb. In fact it's very inspiring to watch! Thank you for sharing this. 

  20. I must say, this is actually fascinating, I've really wondered what the tissue after an amputation was like.

  21. Tenemos algo en comun, quien quiera que seas. A los dos nos gustan los perros y tu estas, para mi muy bien fisicamente aunque lleves gafas y t engas una pierna amputada.

  22. First, sorry for my English, I'm French. My dad has an infection that makes him amputated 2 fingers on his foot tomorrow. I'm very scared, cause he's old, has diabetes, and suffers of heart problems. Anyway, I can't sleep right now, I try to find videos of what will happen to him tomorrow and watched the video of your foot before amputation, and this one now. First thing I noticed : your smile on this video says a lot. You' re brave, much more than I would be, I have no doubt about that ! And the surgery looks really good. I wish you the best, you look awesome, and strong af !

  23. When you massage it i whince/flinch cus i think the scars are gonna split open😣😅 hope youre doing well. Very interesting and edjucational videos 🙂

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