AmputeeOT: My INK MASTER Stump Tattoo *ASL*

Hey I’m curious; have you ever heard of
that TV show Ink Master? Ink Master is this TV show and it is really about reality TV. It’s a reality TV show about a group of people who are competing to
see who is the best tattoo artist. they contacted me and they asked me if I
wanted to go to be on their TV show so what that meant is that I got to fly to
New Jersey and visit their TV show and I got to get a free tattoo! where did I get my tattoo? On my leg of course! You want to see? I want to let you know that
getting a tattoo on your leg is not a bad experience but during the time that
I got tattooed on my knee – oh man that hurt that was so bad. The way you heal a
tattoo when you have a residual limb is pretty esy. All I did was after I was
done I put my leg back on and I walked out of there. It really wasn’t a big deal
at all as long as you continue to clean your leg every day and clean your liner
every day and make sure to change your liner every day you’ll find and any leg
tattoo that you have will heal just fine. it’s not like you have to take your leg
off or a month or a couple of weeks or anything like that. You can just continue
to wear it like normal. This tattoo is a sort of Asian style Phoenix. and if you
look closely you can see that the tails have little neurons in it. I wanted to
have a Phoenix that had neuron tail because when people are dealing with the
after-effects of an amputation it has a lot more to do with self-concept and the
self than it has to do with the outside environment and so the neurons
represent the brain or the self. I know some people maybe don’t like
tattoos… Sucks for you? I personally love tattoos. See? Here’s a couple of pictures of my tattoo
and pictures of me with some of the cast of inkmaster. Also I got to meet a bunch of other cool amputees. We all instantly became friends
and the producers of inkmaster said that we were the most obnoxious loud group
that had they had ever seen, Which makes sense because basically if you meet
another amputee you are instant friends. okay that’s all for now I hope you
enjoyed this video. If you have any questions you want to ask me you can put
them in the comment section below and I will answer them. I hope you have a good
day bye bye see you soon!

18 thoughts on “AmputeeOT: My INK MASTER Stump Tattoo *ASL*

  1. I got a tattoo a couple months ago and it hurt so bad the first week. I wore a sweater that was too tight a day or two later and it hurt rubbing up against the sweater. I can't imagine walking on a new tattoo! But maybe there isn't a lot of pressure along the side of your limb where the tattoo is.

  2. ive got tatts getting them is not much of a problem but i couldnt deal with it on the stump i have like nerve endings i can still feel it kinda shocks me sometimes. i heard dave navarro comes on to the pretty girls on te show did he put it on you ampy?

  3. It's crazy how many great opportunities come from being an amputee! I too was on a TV show because I'm an amputee.

  4. It healed up very nicely! Didn't the liner rub onto the skin while it was healing? I would imagine that putting your leg back on would be irritating on the newly inked skin

  5. Did they find you from your youtube channel or did you apply to be on the show? I love tattoos (have 2 so far) and would be game for having one or both of my residual limbs tattoo'd.

  6. I love it, it's so smart! Have you seen the dolphin tattoo on a man's shoulder stump? It's ace, my partner is covered in ink whereas me? Well I'm not a wimp but I do change my mind a lot so I worry will I get fed up of what I have I'll have to hurry though I'm getting older they might have to staple my skin haha great video xx

  7. I have a couple of issues with this. To be clear, I think it's entirely up to you, but, personally, I have issues with the skin on my stump. I would NOT want to do anything that might damage the skin, though it would be cool to get one. I'm just not to sure about pain issues.
    The skin on my stump has spend nearly 44 years encased in a hard plastic shell. It is very sensitive, way more so than the skin on my healthy leg.
    I just think it would hurt too much!

  8. i wanna get frankenstein's monster tattoo'd on my stump, the stitch scars are already there. lol

    either that or jack skeleton's face from the nightmare before christmas and the stitch scar could be his mouth.

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