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Women’s Volleyball Championship Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming hello everyone welcome back to yes guy
gaming we’re back and we’re playing a brand new game women’s volleyball
championship I haven’t released a video in a long time trying to get back into
things but I’m so excited to play this game it’s a ton of fun so let’s get to
it shan’t okay so we’re in the season mode
we’re playing that first week we’re up against China I’m playing as Canada but
it’s not really Candida it’s a team of creative players that have got soul
I’ve got chilli banger big unit butter pancake nuff said and dimes
there’s also Cudi I think on the team but I had to cut her cuz kill it was way
better anyways so we’re playing China in the first game let’s get to it
alright so we’re playing best of five sets games to five I didn’t want to be
out here forever playing a full set 225 so the games are to five butter is that
just served here we go never seen this game before you’re in for a treat this
is legit ball shit I spoke too soon what a shit block by me yeah did you just
yell out number seven number seven that was yeah I think he did dime by me over
to kill it kill it kills it nice kill it is my star I don’t
know if you yeah like I created all these players and I got really lucky
with killeth her spike is 98 overall alright oh no go get it
shoot I committed with the middle which was done with both blockers this game
was legit though they got everything I’m down to one they got everything you can
do any type of serve and I still haven’t figured out how to jump serve yet I
would to kill it kill it kills it I’m gonna set kill it every time such celebrations kill it back door nice
alright banger let’s see if I can figure out a jump spin mmm there’s a float great dig back to pancake maybe yeah
pancake lefty pound yes I’m in this game all right banger
okay so that didn’t work for the jump spin let’s try this another not dead
didn’t work are dating watch the middle triple block on the quick block this one
is high get up what’s this button do careful under
hands Oh was that a Polish she faked it and then bounced it alright one side out
for the set I see let’s take a look shit pass you gotta press the button with
good timing but when you can’t see the ball it makes it tough the way yelled out the team name as the
players hitting China China oh my it’s a bit icy shit I’m in a battle now Oh shanked it that sucks
I got this dr. banger that was weak banger yes
back to Bangor again that was better Bangor that’s a banger from Bangor will
this player show us will this players show us some grins okay careful
underhand it broke down last you don’t have good timing on your blocks they’re
gonna tell you for sure shoot I’m in a battle set pointy first
set Sun back to serve see ball they kill it Janice I love like you you got all your
options now I haven’t run any any kind of combos but I can is this a spinner no
I don’t know what that was Oh Saturn dumb for the point like this game
has everything all right do a jump spinner no just one of the whoa oops my
bad close game you can’t be missing serves
like that alright that’s a sky ball type to kill
it kill it is on fire all right what’s the serve here I think it’s the careful
underhanded careful Oh silly oh yes careful underhand shank huge they won
the first solid steady rhythm okay I’m gonna try to run some attack combos in
this one I haven’t run any middle no taps the timing is kind of tough oh no great dig back to banger breath
touch anyone touch linesman no let’s see how they’ll use no surprise it’s killing
whom she’s by far our best player all right Big Unit back to serve beautiful
serve watch the pipe outside get out careful underhanded so you can sit oh oh
the careful underhand is killer all right let’s run I call boys Oh
step around they run it right back let’s set the meter ball who needs combos just
run the meter number 14 starting with a careful under answer pass a beautiful
set the wall was so high yes it was a set
point set point what do you think careful underhand starting with a
careful underhand yep Oh bad pass huge a the careful underhand let’s see
what kind of searching all right butter I want a shorty get out it’s got to go
see ball oh I was so confident that I was gonna get a block I didn’t press the
button to dig shoot I can’t give them any hope in this match yang just set
kill it every time all they dub me all right we’ll run a
combo we’re on a different combo this time let’s see what it is passing the
ball I don’t know what that was a beautiful scent Oh set kill us that was
weak okay stack up the block get out pun or chow oh they brought her inside yes
yes libero that’s dimes are libero okay it’s it’s only yes I’m on it spike –
pancake oh gosh beautiful sir that’s a beautiful
scent damn I’m down three nothing now the original team yeah the set point all right challenge
accepted to come back bounce okay I’m learning I’m learning I gotta let go
like well you hold the button as you said and then let go right before you
hit it but you gotta let go a little like kind of well before you hit it
actually sitting get out get the F out that’s fuck out starting you too careful
underhand pass that was a pretty good play
oh and they do our cellie back at us that was a back shoot Wow they want to
avoid going into a full set I’m sure they want to keep this pace up yep all
right time to play better flawless will there
be a triple block attack Josh you dug it then stated by China am I gonna let the meter ball score like
that brutal jumpsuit like every other time it just moves my
player there but that time I have to move the player there oh the barrel
shanks it who will the second pass to that was weak a beautiful scent
get out setting come on go get it gosh I’m terrible I’m folding up
completely for nothing it’s the set point brutal powerful jump serve pass
will there be a double block okay nice those hands though
set point again careful on Iran’s dining with a careful underhand China great dig kill it kill it kill it
yes gotta put up a solid block and make a dig every time that’s the play careful
under hands past piper outside get out watch the dump yes kill it it’s your
time to shine huge in the middle of the course for three come on one more yes no which team will come out as a
winner the original I got this for certain starting with a careful
underhand thanks and get that out get outside get out what’s
the dump oh I didn’t dig Josh I’m an idiot you got a dig to shoot gosh triple block on killeth they know I
was gonna set her this games thinking setting yes banner with a banger I had
to go away from Killa cuz they were stacking up out there nice stay in it
Big Unit careful underhand how many times is he gonna say that like that’s
hard that’s hard to compete against Johnson yes kill it’s wide open
Oh get out it’s going see ball beautiful scent Chyna
yes a ball yes back to Bangor match point no become the final play
jump sir pass and well no more crushes it way out of
bounds the original team has lost but I think they now know what to work on
Nancy what were the key points for this match their attacks were not consistent
because of that they couldn’t put pressure on the other team
I see thank you very much and that about wraps it up today I’m John Sarver I’d
like to thank Nancy Williams for her participation today in our matches from
all of us at AG TV we’ll see you next time thank you very much thank you very
much well guys that’ll do it for this episode
I hope you enjoy watching these episodes women’s volleyball championship I’m
having fun playing this game even we didn’t get the damn win after we go in
anyways I don’t want to talk about it but thank you guys so much for watching
I can actually change the names of the players in the game so if you guys have
a cool name or a funny name you want to see me throw in there for some of these
players let me know what type that up in the comments below and if you trap a
solo I’ll get them all together and get the best ones and throw them in there to
make a new squad but again thank you guys so much for watching and I hope to
see you next time on yes guy gaming Women’s Volleyball Championship Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming

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