Anch – Gudhagava Jingalaala | Malayalam Short Film

“Thank God” “Use headsets,
Be ‘Hakuna Matata!'” “Respect good women,
Beat rapists to death if you can.” “Thanks to everyone
who supported this film.” “Lack of logic ain’t a crime,
It ain’t penalized by constitution!” You don’t know me!
Trying to cheat in my class! What you’ve witnessed till date are, The sad tales of backbenchers. What you’re about to see is, The tragic story of an egghead! Life was running in an awesome pace, And I was writing my exam
in ‘Hakuna Matata’ mode! Suddenly she struck my mind! Sugandhi! I’m in love, I didn’t think much, Stretched my hands, ground
my teeth, Hakuna Matata! My love flowed to the paper! Before I knew, it transformed
into a love letter! Thank you! The 8th wonder! The love letter that was
being written, is missing! To Sugandhi, Just before the Maths class
starts tomorrow morning, A song will ripple from far away… You’ll notice it without even knowing! You’ll lend an ear to the song. To know where that song comes from, without your friends knowing, you’ll slowly get up and
walk towards the window. Then, far away, near the Physics class, A gloomy star, waiting for your glance! That star will look at you and say, I love you, By Renjith. To cut it short, Sugandhi became famous! Hakuna Matata! Physics teacher Joby Pothadan. What’s it? A love letter for Sugandhi
in the physics paper! Nice! Who did this? Is that you? Then? Not me! Who else? Tell me the truth! Spit it out! Renjith! Hakuna Matata! Dear, do this. Go home, and come back after 2 weeks. Didn’t get it? You’ve been suspended for two weeks! Suspension? Please don’t, sir! We did it for fun! It was written by me, sir! Silence! Get out! Silence! Get out! Actually, it was me
who wrote the letter! Get out, you! While I was having a blast at my home, Dude, shall we grow some fish? Hakuna Matata! What fish shall we grow? Sardine!
– Sardine? Hakuna Matata! Everyone got to know that
I know nothing about growing fish! The next dawn blossomed, Tiger fish, golden fish, Sucker fish, black molly, Guppy! Another dawn blossomed, A dog is attacking me! What happened?
– Hey… What’s it? Don’t mind! I tied it
so that it doesn’t go off! Why wear it at the first place? Stop it, dumbo! We’ve lost our fish! Lost our fish? Where? Sugandhi! Hey! Not Sugandhi! Her boyfriend! Boyfriend?
– No, his dog! Come on, guys! Be it Sugandhi or Superwoman,
if something we bought is spoiled, Hakuna Matata!! It’s been quite some time!
Somebody speak up! Isn’t it bad to steal the fish we grow? Is it that bad? Seenu, we know the fish is inside the belly of your stray dog! Either get us new fish, Or that dog’s carcass! Don’t bluff! Get lost! Heard that you gave a love letter
and slandered my girl? Do you know who I am? Seenu, done with talking, hit him! I don’t know! Sugandhi is my girl! Give back our fish! Seenu, they’re planning to hit us! A fight is fine. If you win, Sugandhi is yours. To fight for a girl, I’m not dumb like you! If you think so highly about yourself,
beat us in cricket! Let’s go! If it was chess…
– Let’s go study some Maths! What? Lost your tongue? This ain’t your cheap bookish ‘Bingo’! You ought to get on the ground, sweat a little, If you win, I’ll get you
10 times the fish you had! Come if you dare, Shoo off otherwise! Ready! Hey! Do you even know
the basics of cricket? If a and b are length of the
legs of the right triangle and C is the length of
the hypotenuse, then… The sum of the square of
the lengths of the legs is equal to the sum of the
square of the hypotenuse! Juno, you be the Goalkeeper! Hakuna Matata! Everyone got to know that
I don’t know a thing about cricket! Move aside! A big goal post, or a one with rocks? Rocks! You really rock! Hakuna Matata! Everyone got to know that none of us
know a thing about cricket! The fifth day from today, you five, we five! 5 overs! Hakuna Matata! Five: Hakuna Matata! Thus we started practising! An awesome, ‘Hakuna Matata’ practice! On the 5th day, dawn blossomed! Come on, it is Renjith’s game! You mean, that egghead? Got a coin? You got one? Got a cigarette? No cigarette as well? I’ll fix the match and play!
– Hey, Dasan! Dasan!
– Hey, Kajappa! Got a coin?
– Any progress, Seenu? Got a coin?
– Get lost! Ain’t got better things to do? Shall we count and decide? Count and, decide?
– Do it, then. Ink…
– Hey, no! If you start from me, I’ll be out. Start from your side! No, I’ll be screwed if
I start from my side! No! It won’t work out! Hey, just a moment! Shall we toss a coin
and decide on this? Heads for you, and tails for, you! Okay? Heads! You may do it! Oh God, please…
– Stop it! Do it in Malayalam! You won the toss! But… Umpire’s decision is final. No changes. Get going! Toss also screwed up,
Hakuna Matata! So, what have you decided? We’ve decided to bowl. Very good decision. Next decision? But, bowling… That’s a very good decision.
Next decision? Ball…
– Hey, got a cigarette? I’m asking you! Get going, man! Is he nuts? Guys, we’ve decided to bowl. Aandi, you bowl first. Oh, it won’t be fun! Why?
– The game’ll end in my over itself! Oh no, you maintain your fast bowling. Shall I get everyone out
with my fast bowling? No, just take two wickets. Soori, second over for you! The next two wickets by you!
– Only two? Damn! I’ll bowl the third over,
and take one wicket. That’s not my sorrow. You guys won’t get to bowl. Because, the game will end in the first over itself. Stop bragging! Rappadi and Kajappa open the batting. I’ll die, hitting sixes! Check your horoscope,
you got a longer lifespan! The target won’t be big enough
to hit a six! Lucky if they score 1 run. Guys, another thing to keep in mind. The umpire is a bit crazy! So guys, it’s playtime! I’m ready, shall we start? Juno Fernandez Aandi is about to
start a storm, move aside! Umpire, is 150 kmph okay? Kuttan! Which one is the bat there? Poor chap! He’s gonna be ‘Hakuna Matata’! Break his head! Yes, that’s it! Come on, Aandi! Shit! Gone! Aandi’s bowling is like this. You won’t be
able to see in normal speed! Even in slow motion, you won’t! Leave, and ask the
next batsman to come! My hands are still itching! Umpire, get ready for the second wicket! Your bowling is awesome,
but it is a no-ball! What the…
– No the… Go and bowl! Let it go! These kids are lucky! A big storm hit the shores, The backwater lighthouse
closed its eyes. You’ll make me do it! Get me the ball! Awesome! Seenu, what do we do now? Let it go, get back
to your initial plan! Let’s not do it!
Kids’ll be scared! No other options, do it! No other options! Shall we? You’re gone, kid! Keep running! Get me the ball! No ball! Here! Place your foot here and bowl!
– Throw him into a well! Here! Go do it! Do it properly! Otherwise leave! No ball! Zoom, zoom! Umpire didn’t say anything! No ball! Give me the ball! Give it to me!
– I don’t know why… Let the storm come,
give me the ball now! Seenu, get me the ball! I’ll do it!
– Give me the ball! Give it back! No more plans! Get lost! Give it to me! I’ll spit on it!
– Will smash you… No balls since a long time,
give it back now! Hey Seenu,
– Hakuna Matata! Due to the storm, we got 30 runs in extras! Aandimadom Arnold, our God! Apple Soori! An autorikshaw and his balls, even
God can’t say which side they’ll turn to! Hakuna Matata! Isn’t he the spinner?
– Yes, he is! Aandi! Hey! He’s not talking! Get some water! He and his storm! Junu held the bat tight,
took a deep breath and hit the ball! On the air…
– Rappadi! Catch it, easy easy! Hey, catch it!
– Taking so much of time! Slap tight on his ears! Aandi, please don’t torment us! My reputation is at stake! Please play well! Aandi! Aandi! Aandi! What’s he up to? If you delay it further, I’ll decide Renjith’s team to be the winners! Seenu, Aandi is standing outside
the boundary, move him! Aandi, Aandi, Aandi! Hakuna Matata! You’ll soon
get to know why I said so! This is too heavy! It swings twice! Kakkanni Karthik Catch, catch! Rappadi, get it! Got it! Catch! Yes, Aandi, hold him tight! Catch! Gone!
– It’s a 6! Aandi!
– Kill him! Hakuna Matata!
– The hidden superstar, Kakkanni Karthik! Again and again, God in the form of
Aandimadom Arnold! I’m giving you an over
because you pleaded a lot. I’m not asking you to take a wicket.
Please don’t give away sixes and fours! 61 runs, in just an over! Aandi! Aandi! We’re royally screwed! So please! Don’t spoil it further! The answer to this…
– Your ears will bleed! Run! Come on! Come on! Shane Warne on the crease! Where’s the ball? Where’s the ball?
– Will we have to call the 3rd umpite? Where are you off to, my dear nephew? Nothing, just to cremate my uncle! Your uncle will cremate you now! Out, sir! Out? Hey! Seenu! Hakuna Matata! Our first blow,
from Rappadi Rahul! Pattupavada Bineesh Run, run!
– Aandi, get the ball! Throw it!
– Run this side! Where are you going? Come on! Kajappa, on the stumps!
Throw it to me! I’ll get it! Out! Howzzat!!
– Out! Out!
– How’s that two outs? Things are going out of our hands. Sunil Where’s our fish? Look here, you!
– I’ll show you! Where’s our fish?
– What the… Hey, look here! I’m gonna bowl! Umpire! I’m bowling! Kuttan, look straight!
– I’ll show you! Where’s the fish?
– Kuttan! Howzzat?
– Out! You ought to look straight and play! Get lost, eggheads! Out here to play! What happened? Aandi, get me the ball! Kajappa, keep the stumps on place! Let it be, he’s gonna get out anyway! What’s it? Renjith 62/4, Juno gone! Kakkanni and Bineesh, gone together! Sunil, gone now! Now it’s me, got it? Now you’re about to watch me play! Pondering about Sugandhi in mind,
holding the bat tight, I hit the ball hard! Out! But, it wasn’t the ball that flew! Aandi, my dear, the bat is coming! Move aside! Move! Hakuna Matata! The bat in my hand, is missing! Come on, Kajappa! Aandi has collapsed! Lift him up! Hey, scorekeeper! Fill out your board with sixes. You won’t have much work left then. Hey kiddo, Sugandhi is mine,
so are the fishes! “Will Renjith win the match?” “Or will Seenu defeat Renjith?” “Will Aandi get his senses back?” “To be continued…”

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