100 thoughts on “ANCIENT Tree Stump Found On Mars? 4/22/17

  1. Mars has phenomenal sand storms that often cover half the planet. Anything made of wood would have been sandblasted eons ago. That "stump" is more likely to be a fulgarite, which is sand that's been melted and fused by a lightning strike. There are some really huge ones one Earth–far too big to have been made by a normal lightning storm. And some of the features that they insist were caused by water were probably the result of electrical machining on a massive scale. I'm not sure that the vegetation actually is vegetation. Could be boulder and rubble fields? I'll wait for better resolution images. Wouldn't trees need an atmosphere heavy in CO2? Mars atmosphere is (supposedly) rather thin. If it has trees like ours, I'd like to know their physiology, and how they've survived those famous Martian sand storms.

  2. Looks to me like it's much wider from another angle and the grain of the wood looks like rock that through some geological process or another raised it vertically, interesting that it stands out from the other rocks in that way, it definitely looks weird though.

  3. while i am not saying its not a fossilised tree stump,there is some illusion there. if you look at the object in the background and the colour you are not seeing the stump with part of the same colour you are seeing a gap through the stump type object. so it is not the same shape as the real stump you showed it has a gap in the middle with 2 elongated outer edges..still fascinating on another note i commented at the end of 2016 of a figure quite clearly of a person in the background of one of thier photos on mars and on the left of the piccy a skull of a crocodile, i saved the image of the picture to enlarge it and have a decent look after my comment the picture was taken down so i enlarged the picture with windows pictures and the nxt thing my laptop went off and my hard drive was dead,when i took it to my local computer shop to be scanned it was completely wiped and unusable….coincedence thats what nasa would say…

  4. Mars did have liquid oceans at one point, so an ancient petrified tree stump on its dry, cold surface could last for millions of years.

  5. If there is one thing that I don’t like about this channel are the mars or moon pictures.
    Clearly examples of pareidolia.
    For example, did you notice that this “tree stump” is taller than the mountain next to it?
    These videos remind me of those cases where some religious people find shapes of the virgin mary in trees, glass, rocks and food.
    I will still watch your videos but I think that it kind of ruins the wonderful work that you are doing with collecting UFO sightings and testimonies.

  6. I like your greeting, "What's up, guys." It's light, clever, and appropriate. Watch the skies. / Being skeptical is not the same as being a denier or scoffer. / The tree stump-like image from Mars is interesting regardless whether it's a petrified tree or was made in some geological manner. If the latter, how? What causes that sort of thing? /

  7. NASA's jargon to explain away right angles fails utterly to address the obvious right angles we're seeing on what looks exactly like the ruins of a building seen buried in the sand. Actually, I did understand what they were saying, it's not hard when you take each term and check into it before moving on. It's a form of translation.

  8. Is amazing …..your mibd goback million or billion??? Who knows….but mars was a great civilization…what happen who knows??? Good job….

  9. The distance of the pic is important 4 at least you could has an idea and figure out what exactly is look like trees….

  10. Cringe worthy for sure and that “stump” is def just a rock, and always has been……cmon Tyler!

  11. I see water behind the stump. Either this picture was taken on earth or there is water clearly visible on mars

  12. I love how nasa tries to explain an obvious anomaly away with scientific words and meanings …. I find it hilarious in fact. If you ask me there are too many anomalies on the Moon and Mars to not have manned expeditions , I think it would help humanity! However that is a totally different theory of mine… thank you for the great videos, Tyler.

  13. It makes it very important to get naturalists and archaeologists onto the red planet to find out what these anomalies are. An exciting future lies in store.

  14. Sorry but how would a tree stump stand after thousands of years and not get rotted down? Wood doesn’t last that long?

  15. Hey Tyler, could you please please please post a video several minutes long of just your Outro music? It’s frickin’ awesome! 🤘😎🤘

  16. Aspect ratio effect my arse!! what a load of bollocks that was <<< obvious stuff to the rest of humanity but not to nasa but then that runs with there bullshit stories all over the place !!

  17. NASA can afford to send a Multi-Billion dollar satellite into the sun for no reason, but they can't afford to fix all their "data corruption" and footage problems?

  18. Couldn't the Mars Rover shoot its Chem Cam laser and find out if it is a tree stump? If they did, would they tell us? That would be very cool if they did.

  19. Look at the bottom of the "tree". Doesn't it look like there is some sort of grass or moss around the tree? Maybe even the roots are poking out of the ground?

  20. At 9:48. The picture with the coffee mug in the vehicle. That is a totally rad keychain. Looks like a Glock in its holster. Love it!!!

  21. It looks artificial to me. The two ovals on the left side at the bottom of the structure suggest a centerline up that face and a symmetry in the bottom portion. It looks like a figure perhaps on that face in the top portion. The angle of the top portion doesn’t look natural. The trees and forest photos later in the video are astounding.

  22. You complain about NASA's explanation, but immediately call the square artifact a "building" without any kind evaluation process. You are just as lame as you accuse NASA of.

  23. I believe on Mars there is a human species but a type of human that is nothing like the humans on earth. Like on earth we have all different skin colours , heights , eyes etc. So I believe that on Mars there's some type of human species still on there that don't originate from earth but from Mars. I also believe that on the far side of the moon is also inhabited by another type of human species that don't originate from earth either but the moon. It's probably why the truth is still hidden and not disclosed because it's humans on Mars and far side of the moon not little green men , and it would make us on earth want to leave and do what these other humans can ,but government's can't risk it for they use us all like cattle and need to keep us on earth controlled and keep the masses dumb and living in a bubble to make them think that this is all it is .. just a opinion of mine. But I could be wrong but you never know I could be right .

  24. Mars does look to have once had a civilisation but which was destroyed. How it was destroyed I don't know but my guess is that it was somehow due to technology in relation to its ecology. It may well be that civilised life based on tool creation has started and ended this way on innumerable planets and perhaps that is the way earth will go too. Hopefully not and that we on earth will be able to overcome and resolve our social, geo political and ecological problems and survive.

  25. Y there is advertisement of some serial? What purpose u have?Some other matters r typed. Have u gone mad to disturb if viewers r viewing some subject interestingly suddenly diverting to some other? If u r fickle like this and not perfect y r u running channel?

  26. May be in underground of Mars there be a Houle world like over the surface.' artificial made by Martians.There would be people 'animals' technology 'living compounds and green'
    environments.'even lowe and social systems.

  27. Hey why don't you say something like Hello there my fellow youtubers Its Tylor here with Secure Team. Something like that would sound a lot different then your usual line you use all the time. But its on you though. I don;t really mind, because your still legit as always Keep up the AWESOME work buddy, what you guys are doing means a lot to a lot of PEOPLE.

  28. I just now saw this and aaaah Tyler,, well,,, We were not on Mars in 4/17,, and I don't think we are today!! nasa,, which by the way will ALWAYS, ALWAYS STAND 4 NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER,, will NEVER give us a STRAIGHT ANSWER!! I've seen,, and I'm quite sure you and the other viewer's on YouTube, that pic. where the "Mars Rover" was supposed to be on Mars and guess what…. There was a nasa SUV. sitting a couple of yards away. So you tell me bro… Unless trees are in such an atmosphere that we cant survive on but a tree can….. Rsvp. Keep up the GREAT work Tyler. And Thank You!!

  29. I believe that they will not tell the public because of the panic and lawlessness that would follow such an announcement. Some people could handle the news but I mean we have people looting and fighting during small protest I can imagine it would be much worse

  30. are you out of your mind?.. its been more than billion years and you think the trunk of a tree remain as such for this long…. please make some good videos.ok

  31. The "rock/boulder" to the right of the stump, and possibly many other spots in this photo, has dirt or sand air brushed onto the bottom part.

  32. Hey Tyler going back to the photograph of mars and the building, looks as if there is a pyramid in that photo too. Can you maybe elaborate on this.
    Scott Edwards

  33. Its rock,.the light pattern suggest it cd be a tree but it is not a cylindrical shape,.Look at the stone in shadow portion..

  34. hopefully the paradigm shift is on the way. eight and a half thousand likes to the couple hundred morons that dislike it's obvious what we think brother Mars is a ruin. everywhere is Debris from the destroyed civilization and vegetation is apparent. thanks brother we know the truth you hear that NASA? your games don't work tell us the truth or you're going to be obsolete

  35. I'm a technical consultant to one of the two largest camera manufacturers in the world …. Basically when there's something about a picture that can't be explained they come to me.. And I'm here to say what NASA said I'd the biggest load of crap I ever heard.

  36. Hey Tyler, to start off how about
    Ok guys & gals check this out!!!
    Love your vids👍🏻😎👍🏻

  37. NASA's rovers sending pictures from Devon Island

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