Andersen vs Kadri vs Martin – Ford Street Hockey Challenge

This is Underground Street Hockey. Challenge number one, find a tool
and a screw to assemble your stick. Last one to score loses and
plays goalie for the day. Oh, no. Go. Let’s start. Damn. There’s nothing else in here. Look at what I’m
working with right now. I think you should have
picked up the drill. Naz is the loser. I’m looking
forward to scoring some goals on him. Challenge number two, Shootout. Do you need help there fella? You guys are the enemy. Don’t
need help from the enemy. You guys are done! Oh my God! What are you
doing? No slap shots. Oh, oh, no. It’s over. What? You’re lucky. Stay down. Oh, no. No! No goal. No goal. As you guys can see, I am the winner of the shootout.
Freddy’s the loser and Naz isn’t a very good goalie. Next round please. Woah. Move the net. – Good to see you fellas.
– What’s up boys? – What’s going on?
– Let’s get a game going on. Third challenge, 2 on 2 scrimmage? Time for challenge number 3. Come on Freddy. Pull your weight. Yeah! That’s it. All right boys. Mom’s making some meatloaf
tonight. She just called me. It’s time to get going. Next goal wins. No! Don’t let him … 2-1. For the blue. Challenge number four. Long shot. Not bad. Ohh! Good line. How about we shoot
it through the truck? There it is. About time. Sudden death? Yeah, the two guys that made it. For the win. Yeah! He’s gotta hit it. He’s gotta hit it. It’s over. This guy chokes under pressure.
I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Get away, get away from my goalie. Car.

64 thoughts on “Andersen vs Kadri vs Martin – Ford Street Hockey Challenge

  1. Man wtf martin shoulda been in the lineup. He would've bodied some bruins and put a different perspective on them

  2. Martin did something like this with Uncle Leo last year & showed then how good of a shot he actually is. I wish we'd see it more!!!

  3. Aren’t they in the playo….oh ya that’s right leafs suck!! Fuck the leafs ! Fuck the leafs!

  4. why is martin in so much of the off ice activities hes not a big part of the team on ice ? espicially in playoffs

  5. should have played martin, and matthews more. Hopefully matthews is not hooked playing fortnight or whatever its called because matthews wasnt matthews in playoffs

  6. If I was an NHL player who's team was eliminated from the playoffs in the first round, I certainly wouldn't agree to filming fun ball hockey videos, at least until the Stanley Cup Final is over.

  7. I wanted to see u guys play for as long as I can remember. If u see this can u tell Matthews I say hi please.

  8. Wish babs trusted Martin More! Misa him and his toughness….boy would I like Carson Roberts and Tucker with these leafs!

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