Andrew Strauss at Lords Cricket Ground London 2012

Alison Williamson: My name is Alison Williamson
and I’m an Olympic archer. We’re at Lords today; this is the venue for Archery in 2012.
It’s a fantastic venue, it’s iconic, not known for Aarchery but it will be after 2012.
I think it’s a great opportunity for our sport that we can hopefully get some cricket
fans to come and support us as well. Andrew Strauss: Well I’m just trying to
lend some support for the Archery at the London 2012 games and obviously it’s going to be
taking place at Lords, which I think is a very special thing both for Lord’s Cricket
Ground but also the Games themselves because, you know, Lord’s is one of the iconic grounds
in the UK. It’s a very, very special place and I think it’s going to be fantastic for
people that haven’t been to cricket matches before to come and see what a fantastic stadium
it is. And also, I suppose from Lord’s point of view it’s fantastic for it to be involved
in the 2012 Games, which is going to be a massive event in the sporting future of the
nation. Simon Terry: I think Lord’s will be a fantastic
venue for 2012; it’s known the world over ‘the home of cricket’ and it can only
boost the sport of Archery, so it will be excellent. Andrew Strauss: I’m sure that come the start
of the Games there’s going to be a lot of interest to see Archery taking place on a
cricket ground and at Lord’s so I think that will give it a nice little boost. But
you know come the Games I think there is going to be so much interest in everything and that’s
why it’s so fantastic for London to have the Games. Sport is thrust very much into
the mainstream and people will be watching it who probably haven’t watched sport before.
I don’t think the archery will be any different.

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