24 thoughts on “Andy Andres: “Sabermetrics 101: Introduction to Baseball Analytics” | Talks at Google

  1. Would be nice if Sabermetrics guys would use statistics to help teams determine whether strict pitch counts and innings limits really help young pitchers.

  2. Interesting talk, but surprising to find a sabermetrics analyst perpetuating the false notion that a thrown baseball rises!

  3. Frazier's left hand is still on the very nub of the handle when it is jarred lose by the contact. Therefore, not technically throwing the bat. You lose SABRmetrics!

  4. how you process this is based on your presuppositions…an agent hears through the lens of contract negotiations. Get it? If a ball can move horizontally (curve) why not vertically (rise)? Not hard to comprehend folks!

  5. I proclaim a deep hatred to these analytics. I declare a deep distaste for these techno-industrial stats! I will tell you a story of baseball – it takes place in my country (Russia). Many do not know that in Russia during the communist era we have baseball team. My uncle was selected to be baseball player (he was an athlete and we hastily put together a team in the 1980s to compete in the Olympics) because he was an athlete and the national team was starting from scratch. None of the players on the Soviet team could play baseball, and many had not heard of it until then! My uncle, like many, became enthralled by this game. To him, it was a pastoralist game – and what else can speak to the soul of a man born outside Yekaterinburg? Of course, my uncle, just as my family, has a deep agricultural tradition – it is in our blood. Baseball has become mythologized as a sport of the soil in America and this myth of baseball was brought to Russia through the Soviet team's study of American baseball history. Abner Doubleday is the legendary founder of the sport. Not only did he codify baseball, which he showed to men in the American Civil War, he did so in the rural village Cooperstown. Yes, this is a myth and in reality baseball was founded in urban New York City in the mid 1800s. But what moves the hearts of men? What beckons man forward so that he may give every last ounce of his being to a cause? It is the romanticized and the mythic past of all that exists! While baseball was developed in the cities it has a rural and pastoral soul simply because we have created such a myth for it. And now, that myth is in our hearts and we must defend that myth! And how false is this myth? Proto-baseball games has been popular in western new york villages since the 1820s! Regardless, baseball has a mythology of the pastoral and the rural! It has been one piece of the formula of American identity. To me, it has been a family affair where in our dacha my uncle taught the game to me. And when I went to visit family in Tyumen and beyond I brought the game to them and we played it on a football pitch. Why does baseball speak to me and us? Because of the ruralism within this game! What is the risk of the analytic movement? THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE IRRATIONAL ASPECTS OF THE GAME! The human aspect of simple men – human men who act so called "irrationally" (this is simply a slur by the "enlightenment" thinkers to defame men who think outside the zeitgeist of our decadent era of civilization). I DECRY THESE MACHINES! I DECRY THE ABOLITION OF THE IRRATIONAL, THE EMOTIONAL, THE SPIRITUAL IN BASEBALL! WE MUST SECURE THE CONTINUATION OF THE SPIRITUAL, THE MYTHIC, THE HUMAN ELEMENT! NEXT THEY WILL TELL US NO PLAYERS, ONLY SIMULATIONS! And, this is just yet another way the vast techno-industrial system has stripped humanity bear and turned us into standing reserve. May I refer you to the works of Heidegger on his essay "The Question Concerning Technology"? What does he say in this essay, my friends? Well he decries that the Greek notion of what is technology (techne) has been replaced by our modern form (gestell). Techne, the work of craftsmen for a human purpose but also to fulfill the craftsman's life purpose (Ie: a bridge across a river) does not enframe humans or nature as standing reserve. Gestell, however, does. Humans are now nothing more than standing reserve in this wretched techno-industrial system. Where there was beauty and spirits to be experienced now we see nature only in terms of it's resources, and we see ourselves only in terms of how we can be used as resources for the techno-industrial system (gestell –> human resources). What do we risk in baseball then? That the players are no longer craftsmen of the game, we see them less in the form of techne and more as gestell, or standing reserve. The result? The depersonalization of the game, the destruction of the beautiful myth that is pastoral baseball, the abolition of the spiritual aspects of the game in order to serve the insatiable appetite of the "machine" (by this I mean modern man's unquenchable drive to push forward innovation even if it turns man into a cog in a soulless machine. This drive is the Faustian nature of modern man wherein our large strides for perpetual motion, to outdo nature, lead to our undoing via genetic replacement through somatic gene editing or AI merging not to mention the dehumanization of us all through an increasingly impersonal and meaningless world where our only purpose is to buy into and support "progress" for the sake of a few Fausts who want to push the limits and who have the power to force us to do so. Mass PR firms do the rest by convincing us this is in our best interests.). MY POINT: Sabermetrics makes sense only from the business standpoint, of course. But as lovers of this game we must recognize this is the start of the total destruction of the human element of the game. Notice how the Dodgers played in the world series due to sabermetrics, their manager could have been replaced by a machine. Where is the irrational elements, the elements we as humans naturally love because we can relate? What will become of the pastoral myth of baseball when it has become technologised and rationalized to the point where events can be so simply predicted? WE MUST DEMAND THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE TECHNO-INDUSTRAL SYSTEM. ANALYTICS IS ONLY ONE SIGN OF THE PROBLEMS BROUGHT UPON THE WORLD BY THE FOOLISH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION!!!! WE MUST PRESERVE BASEBALL, THE GAME WE LOVE!

    I was actually telling a friend of mine who is a Professor at a University in Irkutsk about this. When I see baseball games, I see stats EVERYWHERE. This is the sad exsistence of the modern man: everywhere there is information but nowhere is their knowledge. I may hear that Player X hits .234 when it is 6th inning with 2 outs and the pitcher has thrown over 30 pitches in the game and there are runners on the corner. But I decry the fact I am told such stats so often. I AM NOT A COMPUTER! I AM NOT A MACHINE! I AM HUMAN MAN! I spit on these statistics! Well, he is an expert actually in this sort of thing, man's relationship to technics. He told me this is a great tragedy (which I agree). In every aspect of life where events become over studied so that there is relavent information on any one possibility – that aspect of life becomes less mythic to us and indeed becomes as cold and dead as ever. Perhaps not explicitly, as we eat these stats up with a rabid interest, but in the back of our minds the aspect of life becomes less interesting. Shall I direct your attention to the crisis of the secular world? I will not again go off track but many Islamic countries, despite recent hardships, have better rates of non-suicide than secular "rich" nations. I suggest this is because they still have not reached the point where man is standing reserve, which causes man to feel deep despair. When one neither denies (because he does not think it true) that he has become gestell nor actively fights against it he is left in the sidelines of this great spiritual war, causing him to seek "pleasure and happiness" which simply translates to hedonism. How can a man find happiness without a life goal if not only through short bursts of physical pleasure or times of "shocking the senses."

    Baseball fans. I beg you to see reason and call for the destruction of the ANALYTICAL ENSLAVEMENT of our beloved game. Oh I becoming sad just thinking about the death of pastoral, mythic, beautiful baseball and it's replacement with a gestell form of the game!

  6. All this is, is GREAT scouting. People are getting lazy. You can have all the great analytics in the world but at the end of the day, if there's not a great deal of TEAM CHEMISTRY you're not going all the way. This is what you see happening to the Dodgers. Wrong players for this system. Players are not computers, the results aren't always consistent . In a 7 game world series the players who are in tune with their game are destined to win. Boston had a great team chemistry in 2018 the Dodgers not so much.

  7. Baseball purists: "Baseball is a thinking man's game."

    Also baseball purists: "I'm sick of these nerds and their newfangled numbers. Gotta go with your gut!"

  8. Well a shift would usually include someone in the middle, so shifting on Ortiz would be wiser than not.

  9. Love it when he says "I understand this is entertainment and fun and games." He really should have added "with multi-million dollar stakes." Doesn't seem irrelevant.

  10. it's interesting how baseball has neither a standardized strikezone nor field size. it adds an interesting element to the game but the room for personal feelings to cloud calls on plays makes me want for computer umpires…but i like the additional element to the game. even casual fans are introduced to this "advanced analytics" stuff during broadcasts when they hear the broadcasters say something to the effect of "So-and-so has a high strike zone" or "is known for having a wide strike zone". still, i don't like the whole…"strike 3" when the guy's 3-2 and just watched an 86mph curveball scrape off his foot.

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