Angry Bat Birds 3

Cat Pig! Why? Bruce Bat, you can’t blame yourself
for Robin’s death. Who the hell is Robin? Your former sidekick Sir. Oh yea, well he knew the risk going in. So were performing for a kid’s birthday party you say? Uh yea something like that. Why don’t you cheer yourself up by sling shooting some crime around the city? I cant’t that’s an Angry Bat Bird thing, not a sad Bruce Wayne Bird thing. I haven’t been this sad since, since! Since Robin passed away? Since your parents died? No! Hey! Remember when we got stuck with Canadian Netflix for like a week? Ugh I should get some fresh air. Hey Bird Boy! What day is it today? Why it’s Angry Christmas Day Sir. Not you you little jerk! The Bird Boy with the Yak Bak on his face. Why it’s the day you pay the ultimate price Mr. Wayne Bat. How did you know my secret identity? It’s written on your pyjama’s. Your name is on the gate. You also told me last night at the bar, I recorded it on my Yak Bak. Oh your so sexy with that talk boy on your mouth. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise… I’m Bruce Wayne Bird. Well Im not Bruce Wayne Bird so shut-up okay? Just meet me downtown at twilight. Especially
if you want to see a certain feline pig friend of yours. Her and I have become quite aquatinted
lately. Also, Merry Angry Christmas. Sincerely Bane Pig. Cat Pig! No! So she’s with Bane
Pig now? Alfred who would you rather smooch, me or Bane Pig? Sir, I. Answer me! Ah damn it! Ah my goddamn angry bird back! Welcome to my Christmas sale Bat Bird. The ultimate prices! I broke my back for a sale? It’s not Black Friday but it will do. Now the sale just ended… be seeing you Bat Bird. Oh right, you’ll be happy to know the profits are being donated to an anti-gay marriage group ha-ha-ha! No! They should have the same rights we do. Bruce, Bruce! Get up we have a job to do.
(background) Is it really you? Hey what’s going on, Angry Bat Bird here. Man what a twist ending. To be continued, am I right? But what was that spooky voice all about? And what is Bane Pig’s evil plot? And that Yak Bak on his face is super sexy right? And what’s Alfred up to? I guess your going to have to click subscribe
to find out. Otherwise you won’t get any Christmas presents. I wish my parents were still alive so I could get Christmas presents. Alfred doesn’t even get me anything. I think I’m going to fire him.

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