Angry Pakistani Fans After Losing to India | Pakistan vs India

We got the news that they had been partying before the match, going to the club and taking Sheesha. They play with the emotions of
the fans and that is not right. The Pakistani team plays
for themselves but not for the country The most important thing is that is a very good team. They are good in all the three departments of fielding bowling and batting. Their Top Order is the best top order in the world. I think the players like Shehzad…. or the unfit players… If we see… the children of god… First of all, there should be no
Pakistani team in international cricket Asallam waalkeum…I am you host Faisal Umar You are watching Sabby BG your Indian abroad My YouTube channel is called Public Reaction Show My friend thinks that after the India Pakistan match, the Pakistani people are very furious and I should ask for their reactions. Until then you subscribe to my channel and you also subscribe to Sabby BG channel And also subscribe to the public reaction channel And I will Pakistani people how angry they are And which were the major reasons due to which Pakistani team got defeated? Salaam Walekum
Walaikum Assalam You should have seen the India Pakistan match?
Yes I did. What do you think where was our fault and what could have been done differently? The biggest mistake we made
was at the time of the toss. We should have selected to bat
first after winning the toss Because we know we are not good at chasing. Players who are behaving as if
they have come to rest in the match. The ways in which Sarfaraz was yawning… Apart from that, I could see any game plan that they are going to play such a big match. What do you think is the main reason
for the defeat of the Pakistan team? You must have heard about
(Kamzarf) ungenerous people If we get the little bit of respect he becomes crazy He cannot handle that respect… So these people are the same (Kamzarf) ungenerous one This team of yours from Pakistan. You must have seen so many good players Like I consider Virat Kohli from
India as a very good player He does everything. He takes selfie.
He also comes in advertisements. He is working as a celebrity. But he also plays well along with that. I think the players like Shehzad…. or the unfit players… If we see… the children of god… First of all, there should be no
Pakistani team in international cricket And even if they go and play in the
international cricket you should prepare them first That they have to maintain the dignity of the country. Have you seen the India Pakistan match? Yes definitely….So what do you think is the main reason behind the Pakistani defeat? Pakistani team collaboration is not good. The team should be high spirited.. There should be a responsibility
and they are not fulfilling that At which point did the Indian team play well and at which point did the Pakistani team fail? First of all the decision taken by Sarfaraz was wrong If I had chosen to consider Imran Khan’s
decision and chose to bat first But he did not do that… And afterwards, his body language was very dull… He was very sleepy and continuously yawning. The Pakistani team plays only for themselves, not for the community or their fans. They don’t play for the feeling of their community. Are you disheartened?
Yes very much. We got the news that they had been partying before the match, going to the club and taking Sheesha. We also got one news that Shadab
and Hasan Ali has made a bet, who will eat more So is this the fault of the team
management or the players themselves What do you feel as a Pakistani citizen? This is the fault of our whole Nation. What I feel the way they should be checked… Among these players whosoever
takes selfie or does any advertisement or person who goes to a public gathering or his selfie with the fan becomes viral Just throw them out of the team… Simple. Then you will see how the team flourishes. They are so busy in enjoying in the hotels That they don’t pay any attention to the practice and not even to boost their confidence… This is not between two teams
but between two Nations They play with the emotions of
the people and that is not right What kind of bet is that… Who is going to eat more… A player should not do such kind of things Shadab Khan and Hasan Ali did that before the match. They have been named as the Roti Gang. Is this a kind of a joke in the cricket team? As I told you that thing about ungenerous people… It is like when a poor man
gets food to eat so he jumps onto it My target is not poor people here. These are ungenerous people… They are not professionals at all. These people only see cricket
as a medium to earn money This is the team that won Champions Trophy from India What is the difference between the confidence in that team and the team now? Either we played bad or
India played outstandingly well… What is your opinion about that? I think they were not mentally
prepared for the match that day That day they had played with a lot
of high spirit in the Champions Trophy But we could not see the same spirit
which was there in the Champions Trophy this time India played really well and
they collaborated very well within the team. Pakistan team needs to play better cricket. India played well do they deserve the applause? Obviously, the Indian team is a very good team… And they are very well in all the three departments
of batting bowling and fielding Their top order is one of the
best top orders in the world Yes of course. They had a tremendous start. Yes, of course, India had played really well… As a Pakistani have you felt heartbroken? I am not talking about winning and losing but because of the minimum amount of effort, they put in that match. For that, I want to say if you
lose after playing very well… It is better than winning after playing very bad. The point is that these people don’t
have the capability to play like this Neither they are serious
nor they were fully prepared And they have no concern with the country.
They went to roam outside… They just have gone to roam there and enjoy their lives. Just keep giving them money… Let them do net practice but
not give them matches to play Don’t let them play…Simple. What are your thoughts about Captain? I don’t think this person should be made the captain. He was yawning at that time… The kind of physic he has
I don’t think he should be in sports. Wasim Akram had told him to reduce eating… So he told everybody is eating
well, why are you stopping me… You should stop him and throw
him out of the team, simple. Should we bring the new captain? I think you should change the whole team..
The whole team? Absolutely yes. I say please remove the whole team
because there is no use of such a team.

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