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Aph: Hey guys Aphmau here and today we are playing with the adorable Annoying Dog. *squeals and laughs* Zane: Here we go again Aph: Ahhh puppy I just wanna keep him Aph: But he’ll st- Travis: come to me Aph: Put him in the dog salad Anyway *giggles* Today we are playing Undertale hide and seek The Annoying Dog is going to be running off and with our gems and money and wallets And Zane’s wallet Bye Undertale dog Katelyn: Don’t take money Zane: Hey! Travis: My rare artifact! Aph: Go, fly off little doggy Bye.. There he goes. He’s got your wallet Zane Anyway guys! Today we’re playing Undertale hide and seek Remember if you enjoy this episode to be sure a Like, a Comment and check out the description down below Without further ado, lets go ahead and begin Garroth: Yay! Travis: Nyeh, heh heh! Aph: Oop! Travis: Oh here we go again.. Garroth: Awww! Aph: *Snickers* Look at your hands Ahaha! Travis: What am I? Garroth: What are you thinking? Travis: I’m thinking nothing Garroth: Oh that makes sense then Travis: I only feel.. Determination ………Garroth: Oh Katelyn: Beautiful Travis: Thank you I try Travis: I’m a dertermined little potato really ……..Katelyn: Awh Travis: I’m gonna find you Garroth: No Aph: Pssst Zane: Ugh.. Aph: Hahahaha! Garroth: That didn’t take long Zane: Why do I even try.. Aph: *Is still laughing* ………Aph: Ohh nooo oohoho! AHH! Travis: See ya! Aph: WHY DID YOU GET HIM- I’m Sans Travis: *Laughs* Aph: WHY IS THE ANNOYING DOG Zane: I’m the doggy *Laughs* Aph: YOU’RE THE DOG! AWH GIMME THE DOG C’mere doggy C’mere *Giggles* Zane: AH! This is a lot more intimidating from this angle Aph: You know have you guys ever tried a Sans impression? Cause I’ve heard a Sans impression that I actually like. Like of his actual voice Zane: Hm. Garroth: Uhh Travis: You mean like with his font speak or Aph: Like like.. Like Like if he sounds like font speak Come here doggy Travis: *Sans impression* So something a little bit like this Aph: Huh.. I like that actually.. I like that a lot! That’s really good! Zane: You need to find who can do Papyrus too Aph: Heh!! *Laughs** Travis: If only- If only you knew somebody like that really.. Zane: *Ahem Ahem* Excuse me *Ahem Ahem* I, the grrreat Papyrus will stop you Aph: huh.. Zane: -human! Garroth: Eh not bad Aph: You know I’ve been working on a Papyrus accent too. Um *Ahem* Do you want me to give it a shot? Zane: uhh Travis: Go for it Zane: I’m too curious to say no. Aph: *Ahem* Lemme *Ahem* lemme try it hold on Aph: *Coughs* Nyeh heh heh! Hey guys Papyrus here And welcome to find the humans. Where I will finally capture the humans and get the recognition I deserve! And not to mention the perfect spaghetti that I will concoct Oh it must be so great to be able hear the voice of me, the great Papyrus! Nyehh heh heh heh heh! Travis: I.. Am Aph: *AHEM* Sorry Travis: Shocked? Zane: uhh.. How..? Garroth: Wowhahow Aph: *Laughs* Zane: When did you..? Travis: How on.. Aph: *Coughs* Aph: I don’t know I’ve just *Ahem* I’ve been taking some lessons from uh KamiWasa *Ahem* Katelyn: Oh yeah that explains it. Why? Aph: *Laughs* Travis: I was originally going for your legs first cause they were coming through the wall then I was like “Why is this not working” Aph: *Giggles* Katelyn: Aw they were? Aw they gave me away. Travis: Yeah Katelyn: Dangit Aph: Hi Katelyn Travis: She’s either a blueberry or a Garroth: You guys better run Katelyn: Whhy? Every- you always get found.. Aph: I don’t always get found! You get found I thought I’d- Travis: I found you ten seconds into the the first game Katelyn: Yeah why- Aph: It’s not my fault It’s not my fault Hi Katelyn Garroth: You guys- You guys better be hidden well I’m feeling very.. Chara-risk Travis: Ughhhh Aph: Katelyn I’m scared Garroth: Oo a knife! Aph: KATELYN I’M SCARED!!! Katelyn: I told you! Aph: KATELYN WHHHY?! *Laughs* Garroth: Hel- Katelyn: You always get- Aph: THIS IS THE WORST HIDING SPOT EVER Katelyn: It’s your fault! Aph: HEY, HEY, I FOUND HER FOR YOU! OH WHY?! COULD SHE GET THE ANNOYING DOG?! OH WHAHAHY? Why.. WHY WHY Travis: Aph.. Aph.. Aph.. Aph, be honest with me. Are you trying to get found on purpose so you can become the dog? Aph: BUT EVERYTIME I TRY TO GET FOUND SOMEONE ELSE GETS FOUND AND ZANE TURNED INTO THE ANNOYING DOG WHEN I FOLLOWED HIM, AND NOW KATELYN TURNED INTO THE ANNOYING DOG WHEN I FOLLOWED HIM! I SWEAR IF SOMEBODY DOESN’T TAG ME NEXT ROUND AND I DON’T BECOME THE ANNOYING DOG, I- I dunno Zane: Okay I’m not- I’m just gonna pass up the fact that you called a him a second ago Katelyn: Yeah I- I was trying to ignore that that happened Travis: Yeah I mean I- Aph: AHAHAHAHA Zane: Augh.. Why do I both- AHH! Travis: You know what best part is? She isn’t wrong, she followed me last game, and I turned into the Annoying Dog *Laughs* Aph: *Laughs* I hate everyone I hate everyone! *Laughs* Zane: I think- Travis: You know what that’s called? Called Karma! Aph: No, the Annoying Dog is trying to annoy me by not making me the Annoying Dog Zane: Well it’s obvious- Garroth: Hahahaha Aph: I just wanna grow up and be an Annoying Dog Is that like so much to- Ahh its so cute Zane: Well, you’re half way there Travis: Apparently.. Zane: I think the point of the message is that.. You probably should try STOP following people and THEN maybe you can become the dog Travis: Yeah maybe find your own path in life or something I dunno Aph: Alright you know what I’ll do my own thing next round and I’ll become the Annoying Dog and then you- Saa aaans.. Garroth: What Aph. Travis: *Sans voice* Look Kid, *weird laugh* You just don’t wanna be judged for the rest of your life know what I mean *Weird laugh* Aph: Alright, Katelyn. I’m gonna sit right here. Katelyn: I don’t wanna deal with your games go hide. Aph: No. No. You’re gonna make me into the Annoying Dog Ok? I trust you Katelyn Remember, we’re like, we’re like f- like.. You know Like family you and me, right? You’re gonna turn me into Annoying Dog? Katelyn: …I mean I don’t think it’s really up to me. I can attempt Aph: Am I- are we- Aph: Alright. Alright. So- so so- so do it. Make me Annoying Katelyn: Alright Nope sorry. Same color anyway Aph: *Crying noises* Katelyn: I tried Travis: You’re gonna be ok, you’re gonna be ok Garroth: Aphmau you’re not believing hard enough! Travis: Wow! Katelyn: Yo Travis: You are quick. Aph: I did believe! Zane: So I’m the seeker- Aph: Fine. -now Aph: I’ll go hide Zane: Well I’m just going to be ready to- Aph: I’ll go hide. Zane: -dull out lots of.. Love, if you get my drift Garroth: Oh dear. Travis: *Sans voice* I mean if you go around doing that, you gonna have a bad time. Zane: And I’ll share that love through tiny friendship pellets. Katelyn: Keep your pellets away from me Travis: Yeah seriously Garroth: You can keep them. You can sell ’em to Temmies She needs to get to colleg Aph: I’m just gonna sit down.. Dream Travis: Sit there and contemplate why you will never be the dog Katelyn: *Laughs* Someday. Gotta believe you know Travis: Well, first Aph, is you need to be annoying, and then, maybe you will turn into the dog Aph: *Sniff* It’s just not fair.. You know it’s just not fair I have these bones That I could be eating.. As a dog.. Katelyn: *Laughs quietly* Aph: But I can’t Garroth: Go talk to Asgore he can- Travis: I feel like.. I feel like you just wanna turn into Annoying Dog so you can talk to Celeste. Aph: Yeah. Oh hi Frisk. How you doin’. Zane: Wanna try being the dog then jump down right now Travis: Hm. That’s a tempting offer really. Aph: Fine it’s not gonna happen.. Zane: Let’s see Aph: HUH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHH HAHA!!! AHAHAHA!!! Katelyn: Holy mother of Irene Travis: Wow. Aph: OHOHO MY GOD! I’M PUTTING LITTLE BONES EVERYWHERE!! Garroth: Oh my Asgore. Aph: AHAHA! Travis: Can somebody please pick their phone it has not stopped ringing Zane: Uhh.. Aph: Ahaha! Zane: Guys I believe I’m Aphmau’s friend again. Aph: Ahaha! OH ZANE! Katelyn: I think that’s an understatement. Garroth: Yep. Aph: AHAHAHAhaha! Oh my gosh! I never wanna go back to being a human again! HERE’S A THING FOR YOU! HAHA! Katelyn: Ughh. Aph: Here have a bone! Ohoho I’m putting bones everywhere Katelyn: I don’t wanna bone I’m a Froggit. Frogs don’t even have teeth. Aph: THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE IT WORKED I don’t wanna be a human ever again! Travis: Well Aphmau I hope you’re proud of yourself Aph: I am *Laughs* I am so happy. Now I can actually play the game *Laughs* Travis: You weren’t playing before Garroth: Oh now she’s playing to win Aph: *Laughs a LITTLE* Yes. Garroth: Before she was playing to dog Aph: *Laughs* Exactly Katelyn: *Laughs* Aph: Zane Zane: What Aph: Why do I have to help you with everything come here Zane: What? What are you talking- Katelyn: I’m pretty sure you’re cheating bro Zane: I- I tried this once before Aph: How come I can do it Look Zane: Right Aph: Alright now we’re just gonna sit right here. Katelyn: M-maybe you’re gonna have a bad time up in here now Travis: I think being a dog has just messed with her brain a little bit Aph: *Laughs* No being a person- Zane: Even more so? Aph: *Gasps* Travis: Ohhh… Katelyn and Travis: Ohhhh.. Aph: Alright whoever’s seeking as Frisk you can come up here. To the top of the roof Zane: Oh com- Oh come on! Aph: Hahaha! Garroth: Hahaha! Aph: *Continues to laugh* Travis: Imma get you! Garroth: Knowing that Zane will get caught fills me with DETERMINTION! Katelyn: Haha me too. Aph: I see Sans *Laughs* over there Aph: Hi, look! Over here! Zane: Uh- NO NO Aph: Over here! Frisk! Frisk! This way! He’s right there- Where’d he go Oh. Don’t- don’t get me. Get him. I- I look I helped you, I helped you and he ran he ran- I think he did. He bailed dude he bailed. Travis: Why did you let him get away Aph: Ok I- I don’t I don’t He left man. It wasn’t my fault You were too slow Zane: Oh it was totally your fault Aph: It was not my fault I am leaving. I left the building Frisk good luck Travis: Oh there you are Aph: Aww.. Travis: Found you! Zane: Now that’s what I call- Travis: I think I kept my my eyes closed for too long I had no idea where anybody was. Katelyn: Aw Aph: Zane I- Garroth: Looks like I’m winning Aph: No I wasn’t even I was just sad Zane abandoned me after I showed him the great hiding spot Zane: After you sold me out! Aph: After you insulted my intelligence! Zane: Did anyone argue? Garroth: Yay! Travis: She does have a point Zane: Did anyone argue? Aph: I’m arguing! Katelyn: That you shouldn’t’ve of done that Aph: Yeah they did say that they did go “Oh” because nobody wanted to say it! Zane: That’s for all the fat little nugget comments I keep getting Aph: That’s an adorable term of endearment! That’s how I address you! It’s like, man, you know, we’re really great friends, I think you’re adorable, do you think I’m adorable? No you think I’m dumb! Zane: Well apparently this a touchy subject Aph: I heard that snickering! Travis: Hey, hey! Sometimes dumb is cute you don’t know Aph: How do you know Tra- Garroth: Maybe you guys should hide. Or else I’m gonna catch up to you Katelyn: Maybe you should not- Zane: Obviously Katelyn: Aphmau dumb Garroth: Haha! Zane: Obviously you’re not ready to talk about it *Laughs* Aph: I’m ready to talk about it Zane you’re the one who’s just Zane: Wh-what?! like avoiding the subject right now! Zane: Why did you follow me again? Travis: *Laughs* Aph: Why *laughs* Why not? Travis: Cause she couldn’t stop talking to you Katelyn: Oh my Irene Travis: She has so many words to say Aph: I have a lot of words, BIG words that I can’t really pronounce right now But you know what? Garroth: Big tall words Aph: Big tall words. There’s a lot of words in the dictionary that I could be pulling up as we speak. Which I’m going to. Zane: Uh huh Aph: unfortunately, there’s a magic card. And I can’t *Laughs* hold it up anymore *laughs* *Still laughing* Zane: I’m trying to readjust myself because we Aph: Oh Zane Zane: were Katelyn: Aw Aph: Ohahaha! Zane: We were clearly seen while you were talking- GAHHA! Garroth: Haha! Travis: Bada bada baduh pfft! Aph: *Laughs* Ahh Travis: *Sans voice* Now you’re gonna have a bad time Aph: Travis farted ……………. Garroth: Hahaha! Heh that’s funny Zane: Put me out of my misery Aph: *Laughs* *Keeps laughing* Zane: Wait I was already dead! Katelyn: Kill him Zane: This is impossible! Travis: 17, 16, 15 14, 13 Aph: *Ahem* Garroth: Hey kid how ya doin’ Travis: 10, 9 Garroth: Behind you Travis: 8, 7 6 Garroth: Kid, Frisk Garroth: Ugh fine Travis: 3, 2, 1 I was underground Aph: *Gasps* Katelyn: Aren’t we all? Garroth: I was in a tree Aph: Yeah we actually are all underground Travis: Yeah but, Aphmau and Katelyn passed by me Aph: Aww Katelyn: What Zane: They’re all focused on me being underground Aph: WHAT? Travis: Garroth wins! Garroth: Yaaaay Zane: Wait WHAT? Aph: Ok guys well thank you so much for joining us for this episode of Undertale hide and seek Remember if you enjoy this episode to be sure to- pat my tummy Garroth: Oh man Has anyone noticed Aphmau’s really annoying ugh Katelyn: Yeah lil’ bit. Garroth: Man! Zane: Hm there’s a subscribe button on the bottom of her tummy That’s odd Aph: Awwwwh Garroth: Really?

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  1. Aron make af a wear wolf ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ

  2. Frisk: You seem very chara esc
    Few second later
    Frisk: OOO A KNIFE finds Aph And Katelyn
    Aphmau: Becomes the dog and unleashes an unholy scream
    Me: lying on the floor my ears bleeding and eyes pure white as i twitch every few seconds

  3. I first watched this when I didnโ€™t know what Undertale was…… now Itโ€™s my favorite game….. and Iโ€™m so glad to be watching this!!!

  4. I feel happy that aphmau and Zane are so close but Iโ€™m also so wanting to see them as a couple๐Ÿ˜

  5. Aph: I do wanna talk about it, but you
    Zane: Wait, What?
    Aph: Keep changing the subject
    Zane: why did you follow me up here?



  8. I know this channel is kid friendly but why did someone have to say "big tall words" key word BIG TALL XD like what the heck


    So… katelyn is a boi!?

  10. 8:30
    Mother of god I put on headphone
    And my ears are bleeding oh god save me I never gonna hear this scream ever again! And btw I just got surprised and I fell of from my chair

  11. U guys need to learn about Underswap!!!!!!! Bc I can do THE BEST Blueberry Sans voice EVER!!!!!!!๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒฎ

  12. The seeker is actually Frisk, the protag and sans,just lazy to listen to the BRAVE papyrus…… Sans my fav main character

  13. I love u aph, why?

    Bc u made me more deaf than I already was UwU even better, I was wearing headphones!…

  14. Zane: wanna try becoming the dog jump down
    Aph: fine it won't happen
    Aph becomes dog
    Zane: i think im aphmau's friend again

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