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Merhaba! It’s Magda from the Turkish coffee channel! I hope you can hear me well because I am
by the sea and today there are very big waves. Listen, as you know from the last
whole series of my vlogs I’m still on a trip with my mother in Antalya. I mean, when you watch it, I’m already at home, I hope. Today is? Oh God! February 13. And look! I am in a short sleeve! Listen, I decided to come to
Konyaaltı beach in Antalya again today. Because we have beautiful weather.
Probably the best of all these 2 weeks here. There is a beautiful sun. There is no wind at all. I don’t really know where these waves come from
because there is no wind in general. And it’s + 18C Really warm. So we want to use it
on these last days of stay here. Today is Thursday. On Saturday, if
everything goes well, I will go back to Van. For now, I’m observing all this. Departures and arrivals in Van are canceled for now
because there is so much snow. So I’m afraid if I can come home. I will let you know. So I say today is the last
vlog from my visit to Antalya. In the next vlog we will see each other in Van. Let’s enjoy this beautiful weather now. Let’s have some fun on the beach! I will tell you … The wind started blowing from the sea again. I shouldn’t have said that there is no wind.
The wind has appeared again. So I put on a sweatshirt so that I don’t get cold. And we came here to … There is a whole chain, I will show you. A whole chain of pubs. Cafes, restaurants. Right opposite the sea. See, no, you won’t see it. I’ll show you with a normal camera in a moment. Here is the sea behind me,
and if I turn around, we have cafes. Let me show you. We’re going to have some tea. Oo! I don’t know, I think so you can see it. There is a beach, a sea. And here … A whole chain of various cafes. I came back to the hotel. So much for my beach fun today. Well… It was very nice today. Warm, then the wind rose only a little. I drank tea and ate dessert. It was very nice with a sea view. But listen! We have beautiful weather here today + 18C Short sleeve. But I’m observing with anxiety what is happening
there in Van Erciş in the east of Turkey. If you follow me on other media
social media, on Facebook, Instagram you see it because I sometimes
post stories that Nuri sends me. He is there right now. Look, such a winter has come like we haven’t seen yet,
even though it’s already our fourth year there. It is snowing a lot, it is very cold. At night temparature in Erciş reaches -26C There is already a meter of snow in Erciş. In some places in Van 2 meters. They can’t keep up with snow removal
because it’s snowing all the time. And listen … I keep checking departures and arrivals at Van airport. And so far since yesterday all arrivals and
departures from Van have been canceled. It’s Thursday. I have a flight on Saturday. So I hope the situation gets a little bit
better and that I can manage to fly home. We’ll see … It doesn’t matter if I stay at the airport
or fly home I’ll be letting you know. So stay with me now. Because some clips from the airport
and my trip should appear here now. Keep your fingers crossed
so I arrive home safe and sound. See you in Van! OK my dear friends, good news! It’s Saturday morning. It is now 7:05 am, 15 February. Flights to Van are on again. I’m at the airport at me gate. So I’m waiting for the plane. We will fly to Van. So see you on the plane. I’ll show you a view from the window
if anything is visible because the weather … Not good in Van, cloudy. But we will see, maybe I’ll record something. See you in Van! Fortunately, I managed to land. But can you see what is happening here? OK guys … We arrived but I don’t know
how to go home with a suitcase. Look at this! So … Well, here is the pavement, but … I don’t know… Oh no… Oh … that is our entrance here? I don’t know … OK… And? No, it’s all frozen now. Well, but it’s high.
It was up here. Full of snow … I don’t know …
See how low is the car now? It’s frozen now, the snow. What? It’s frozen. OK, I see the pavement! All right guys.
I arrived home safe and sound. But you see, I’m still here in Turkey,
still in the same country. At the beginning of the video you saw
Antalya + 18C, short sleeves, and now … Jacket, hat and pile of snow. OK … And now I’m finishing this vlog. I hope you enjoyed it. Leave your thumbs up
comment, subscribe to my channel. And see you in the next video.
See you soon! Görüşürüz!

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