Anthony Ginting got a Fault and lost his title | MS | F | Hong Kong Open 2019 | Lee Cheuk Yiu

Welcome to SHUTTLE NEWS show from badminton
Discovery. In a sensitive situation in Mensingle Final
between Anthony Ginting and Lee Cheuk Yiu – Hong Kong Open 2019, that causes a huge
controversy from the audience around the world. This is on the Championship Point, when the
score between two players is Anthony Ginting 20 and Lee Cheuk Yiu 21, the Indonesian made
a net drop, Lee Yiu tried his best to stretch to the net and save the shuttle before Ginting
– as quick as a flash – hit a net kill shot. Suddenly, the German Referee – Joerg Hupertz,
shout out loud: Fault!!!! The sound – like a thunder – killed the World
No.8’s hope after 3 failures in this year: Final Singapore Open, Final Austrailian Open
with Jonathan Christie and Final China Open with Kento Momota. After the match, there have been tons of conflicting
claims from audience around the world. Some gave the disagreement with German Referee,
involves to the belief that Ginting’s racket touched the shuttle in his valid zone. On the other hand, some did not stand by Ginting’side,
engaging with element perspectives that he had already hit it outside his court and definitely
got an exactly fault from Joerg Hupertz. The World no.3 Ander Antosen, shared his judgement
about the circumstance, he posted on his instagram with a screenshot scenario and showed the
frustration with caption:” Should be albe to call a challenge on these situation” In your opion, who is right in this case,
Ginting or Referee? Is there any unfair decision from BWF referee? But no matter what, let’s send congratulations
on Lee winning today, he did have a tremendous performance in his town, beating Viktor Axelsen
and Skirath Kidambi on Quarter final and Semi Final before being crowned with his first
ever world tour title from an opponent ( with 16 rank higher, over him).

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