Antoine Griezmann – Man of the Match – 2018 FIFA World Cup™ FINAL

Congratulations on your Bud Man of the Match. You’ve just won the most important match of
your career, you added a star to the shirt. Can you describe your feelings at the moment? We are very happy, we are very proud. We are very happy, we are looking forward
to celebrating this and getting back home, so we can enjoy this with everyone back home
too. I think that you really want to party now
but who wants to party more? I think I know who it is but can you tell
me? The one who just bursted in, the phenomenon
that is Paul Pogba! In ’98 the good luck ritual was Laurent Blanc
kissing Fabien Barthez on the head. Now we’ve been told about a moustache, what
is this about? It’s Adil Rami’s moustache, if you touch it
just a bit you become a World Champion! He will be in much demand, I think! That’s our lucky charm, like Blanc and Barthez. We didn’t change it, we did all we could to
keep our habits the same and not change anything.

100 thoughts on “Antoine Griezmann – Man of the Match – 2018 FIFA World Cup™ FINAL

  1. The whole "he's a diver!" crybaby business is so laughable. Yeah, he did dive…as did numerous other players in that game, in EVERY game in the world cup…IN EVERY GAME IN THE WORLD. There's so much play acting in soccer that FIFA literally has to hand out a "fair play" award to a team that cheats on the field the least. In America, the only sport that we have where there's possibly as much panty-waist behavior is basketball (not the OLD game, where dudes had to be tough; the new game, where kids like Stephen Curry can survive and thrive). I think that's part of the reason why the soccer/futbol fanbase in America has been slow to boil. There's an aura of "fakeness" that shrouds the physicality of the "beautiful game." I could be wrong, as its just a guess as to why people like me see all that diving and laugh rather than get pissed. I'm more angry they won't let a runner in baseball bulldoze a catcher who's standing in the way of home plate. Anyway, if I'm making any sort of point its that coming at Griezmann for this sort of thing is laughable…some of the people commenting resemble emotionally stunted man babies who can't analyze the sport beyond their love for one team or hatred for another. Yes, he dove…and he sold it…and like he did the entire tournament, he managed to turn that set piece into a goal. Smart man 😉

  2. And all that crying. People want to wave their fingers at a man who went fishing for a penalty, and yet they're obsessed with a sport where 80% of the losing team balls their eyes out after a match, like spoiled little babies who didn't get what they wanted. Granted, that is a lot of f*cking running, so I might cry too if I just ran 7 miles and had nothing to show for it at the end! LOL!!!!!! So lame…Americans would boo their teams and walk out if they cried like that. People cry when they win a world series or a super bowl or a Stanely Cup; but losing and then crying over it is generally viewed as entitled and weak here. Let it stay that way.

  3. How is he getting Man of the Match when he literally dived??? Should go to Mbappe or anyone else. Literally anyone else!

  4. Many stupid ppl here in this section talk about diving.
    Proof they didn't even watch the damn game lol
    SO get this : dumbass Croatian defender who never heard of video replay stops the ball with his hand in the goal area = fair penalty kick.

  5. … Griezmann is a cheater… that´s why people despise him… for FIFA (organization of united bribery) is this hobbit without honour the one and only… very typical… but karma police will find them all : o p

  6. Croatia dominated the entire game same as Belgium did…sad part is the ref conditioned the game against Croatia at their best moment. It flipped the game towards France ..and all the world agrees ref would call that a penalty…unless you are bought and paid for…sad that we have to see this kind of ref in the finals of the world cup…congratulations to Croatia team…you guys have presented attacking football that we all love to watch…man of the match the whole world today is watching in replays..Croatian player never touched him ..Pitana is a ref that is going to retire soon so we guess he needed the money..

  7. Looks like ''man of the match'' spends too much time with Neymar. Sorry Antoine, I really liked you…I thought you're better than this. You don't need this. You won the match (congrats…France did well anyway) , but you loose on fair play. Proud to be Croat today 🙂

  8. I really liked Griezmann but after I saw him diving shamelessly and France scoring from that situation I'm disappointed..

  9. Everyone stop saying they cheated and that he should not be motm,because your team did not win.
    (I,m french by the way)

  10. I hear he dove, can someone please point the part of the match he did? The truth is the refs did help France. Against Belgium he didn't reward a free kick outside the French penalty area when their was a clear foul against Hazard. Politics man!! France is FIFA's teacher's pet.

  11. Anyways Coach Deschamps has rotten teeth. Considering he's well off the least he could do is fix his ugly teeth.

  12. Whaat? Man of match? Is this mean you support cheating in order to achieve something like he did in 18 min of game?

  13. A cheater gets man of the match well done fifa you are setting great examples for young generations to follow.👏👏👏

  14. Croatia people only 4.4 mln.reach w.cup final.Malaysia got almost 30mln people can't kick the ball properly but we can be a world class sponsor whatever tournament especially football! Or we can be a fantastic pom pom cheer leading supporter!!!discusting.pathetic ..

  15. With all do respect, cause he is indeed a good football player. But Luka Modrick and the rest of the Croatian team should it been the Champions and the BEST player of the match.

  16. Ras le bol de ces boulets qui parlent de plongeon alors que le contact est tellement évident sur sa jambe gauche. Grosse faute qui aurait méritée un carton jaune mais c’est vrai que l’arbitre était très avare de cartons envers les adversaires de l’équipe de France…
    Ils parlent de plongeon car ils ont vu une image ou un ralenti avec les jambes de Griezmann en suspension ce qui donne une fausse impression de tombée. Il s’agit juste d’un effet d’optique, les 2 jambes étant à un certain moment en l’air dans un cycle de course après une reprise d’appui. Rien de bien exceptionnel mais par contre être déséquilibré à cet instant c’est la chute garantie, j’aurais bien aimé voir tous ceux qui l’accusent superficiellement de plongeon dans la même situation…
    Félicitations Antoine quel fantastique joueur tu fais ton titre est amplement mérité notamment grâce à la précision chirurgicale de tes passes sur coup de pied arrêté. Vamos et Vive l’équipe de France : Champions du Monde !!!

  17. L’homme du match ? Le mec qui obtient un corner sur une énorme simulation et qui ne marque même pas lui même ?
    Et l’autre sur un penalty ? Quelle hypocrisie. Comment pouvoir assumer ça en revisionnant sa simulation ?

  18. France a gaignez end of story, they cheated or not, well they defeated every teams, Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium, then Croatia who defeated Argentina 3-0, so France won 2 of the goals were accurate, hugo carelessly gave Croatia 1 goal cause they were winning 4-1. It would of been( 2-1for haters btw) france deserves it more than anyone because they WON AGAINST THE HARDEST TEAMS HARDEST BRANCH ON NES LES CHAMPION DU MONDE.

  19. Its 2018 and VAR is up, but here we have the first goal of the FIFA WC Final is a result of a cheating dive. Maradona aproves this.

  20. I would be a bit ticked if France won Euros, it would mean they came very close to breaking Spain's trophy run record. Odds of winning back to back WC's are stacked against any side, no matter how strong.

  21. Griezmann Ballon d'Or 2018

    – Europa League : 2 goals in final + MOTM in final

    – He carried Atletico in Liga

    – World Cup : 2 goals in final & assist during the competition (1 in final) + MOTM in final

    Already in Euro 2016 he was the best player & striker…

    He deserve it !

  22. If greizmann dived and gave France a gift.
    Then lloris too gave Croatia a gift.
    Tit for tat.
    Rest was pure business .
    Which France won and Croatia showed it wasn't a fluke and they deserved to be in the final.

  23. Diving and scoring a penalty that should have never been given, then proceeding to do Take the L in the least sportsmanlike fashion ever?

  24. Pogba deserved this award. He was the true man of the match.
    Even Mbappé deserved MOTM more than griezmann.

    Still happy for the victory tho <3

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