Apacs EdgeSaber 10 Badminton Racket Specification Review

Apacs Edge Saber 10 badminton racket.
Hello badminton fans. welcome to badmintonbay.com On today’s episode we
are going to take a look at the Apacs EdgeSaber 10 badminton racket and review
this racket specifications. This is one of the top best-selling badminton racket
from Apacs. Many finds this racket easy to play with very well balanced and value for money. let’s have a look at the cosmetic of this racket. The racket comes in red base color. it has a rather simple decal on the shaft. On the frame the racket is half white with some gold colour lines on it. Let’s examine the
design of this racket. the racket has a slim shaft the racket head is built with the slim
arrow box shape design. this slim arrow box frame is designed to reduce air
resistance, creates a solid hitting feel and quick swing, resulting in instant
speed and quick maneuverability. there is also a white color variation for this model. Now let’s measure the specification of this racket. the racket frames weight is about 85 grams the length is about 675 millimeters long and the balance point is around 285mm which makes it an even balance racket. the slim shaft diameter is 7 millimeters The Flex of the shaft feels between
medium to medium stiff. Let’s have another look at this racket. Alright! that’s our review of the Apacs EdgeSaber 10 racket. What do you think? Would you get one of this racket? Let me know in the comment.
Thanks for watching. See you in the next video.

8 thoughts on “Apacs EdgeSaber 10 Badminton Racket Specification Review

  1. Already I have YONEX ARCSABER 10…. is still alive😁 enough to use over 3-4lbs. EdgeSaber 10 has another colour variation I know. It is blue colouring that is the most beautiful in EdgeSaber 10 series.

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