Are you ready to paraglide? [Battle Trip/2020.03.15]

So what are we doing here? We did stuff I like yesterday. – So we’ll do stuff I like today? / – This is your day. ♪ For you ♪ (For Hyunjae) I’m so grateful. You really planned this stuff for me, right? Yeah. Hyunjae likes activities and he wants to try new things, so we’ll do something intense. Something intense? I see a lot of info. They have paragliding! I love nature. I think you’d be able to see all of that region and nature if you go paragliding. Skydiving would go too fast to see anything. Honestly, I could handle it, but I don’t think Hyunjae could go skydiving. He’d say it’s scary. So we’ll go paragliding instead. It’s a secret! It’s great to go paragliding where nature is nice. It was incredible. I got over my fear of heights… I think you just got it back. Whoa! He jumped! He jumped! – Did you see that? / – It starts right away? I’m nervous already. That looks like fun. It’s therapeutic. (They fill out consent forms) (Paragliding, $48 per person) Why is mine so big? (They get him suited up before he can run away) (Ready to go) This place is a lot like Jeju-do. The weather? Yeah, and the view. We got really lucky. They cancel paragliding if the weather is bad. But the weather is perfect today. It’s so nice out. – So you have to pick the right day. / – Right. It’s an alpine region, so the weather is unpredictable. Your reservation could get canceled depending on the weather, so you should check the day before. Yes. (They’re finally ready to jump from 1,000m height) (Explaining how everything works) Running, running. (He gets afraid again after hearing the explanation) Everyone is watching me. I see dark circles. I was really nervous. It was my first time. Stop coming down. (This is hard for me as it is) (Haknyeon seems excited) Ready? (I’m not ready) Bye. (Hyunjae the coward will go first!) I’m going first? (Being dragged) He’s being dragged around. (Being dragged) Why am I going first? Run, run, run! Why am I going first? (He’s flying) Are you enjoying yourself? I was having fun there. (Argh) (He successfully jumps while screaming!) (Argh) (I’m alive?) He finally came to his senses. Thank you. (Haknyeon gets ready to jump) (Let’s go) (They both successfully jumped) This feels amazing! (You can feel the wind and take in the phytoncide) The wind… Wow… I can’t express this with words. (A view of nature you can’t express with words) I see nature. Bogor… Is amazing. (Flying over Puncak Jaya) It would feel great to fly over nature like that. – The Boyz! / – To the top! – The Boyz! / – To the top! (They hope that their next album will be a hit) To the top! In the sky… Right. This is fun! (It feels like their album will be a hit already) So beautiful. (The beautiful view makes them happier) We could fly all the way to Korea like this. You sure got some great footage of nature. So refreshing and nice. Going down. (Unfortunately, the ride is already over) That was so refreshing. (Unfortunately, the ride is already over) (He loses his balance and falls) Thank you. Soft landing. Thank you. Holy cow. – Thank you. / – You’re welcome. Mister! Come here. Haknyeon, how was it? It was like a dream! Wasn’t it great? It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it. I told you. I planned all this! I want to take another ride. That was great. It was really scary when I jumped, but it was so nice after that. I was more happy than scared. How long do you stay in the sky? It all depends on the wind. – I’d say around 8 to 9 minutes. / – 8 to 9 minutes. It felt like a long time. 8 to 9 minutes is pretty long. – But the time just flew by. / – You felt regret? A lot of regrets. – That’s unfortunate. / – You wanted to go again? Yes, I did. It would’ve been nicer if it was windier.

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