Ariana Grande Was Hit by a Hockey Puck Twice At Age 5 | Billboard News

Okay, we all know Ariana Grande’s been serving all the best hits lately but who knew girl’s been a hit magnet since she was 5… for hockey pucks. An article from 1998 recently resurfaced showing a little curly headed cutie waving at fans atop a zamboni, who, unfortunately got struck by a hockey puck not once, but twice that season. Turns out the young girl was none other than Ariana Grande. The headline of the ‘Sun Sentinel’ article read “Boca kid gets a puck and ice. 5-year-old fine after being struck 2nd time.” Who knew Ari was such a hardcore hockey fan? According to the article, Ari was a big Florida Panthers fan and had gone to just about every home game since she turned 2 and would sit just behind the penalty box in the first row. A nice view, but it also tends to attract a lot of pucks. The hilarious clipping went viral on Twitter over the weekend with Ari even tweeting, “started from the bottom now we here #thankunext.” The NHL also chimed in on the jokes, sharing Ari’s post and tweeting “Yo, @ArianaGrande, come watch some hockey again. We personally invite you. thank u, next.” But hopefully, this time she won’t complete the hat trick. For more on this article head over to and until next time for Billboard News, I’m Neha Joy.

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