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(slow pop music) – [Amy] Other than on FaceTime, I hadn’t been able to watch
any of his baseball games in person this year. So that was, that was
super exciting on my part that I was going to be
able to be at his potential last baseball games. (music speeding up) – So when my oldest son found
out that he was going to regionals for baseball, I was actually in Fort
Hood and nobody knew that I was in Fort Hood. So I contacted the baseball coach’s wife and said, “Hey, if you can keep a secret, I need your help.” (music speeding up) – [Announcer] White Park Babe
Ruth and Minnesota Babe Ruth Cal Ripkin would like to welcome home Jayden, Jayden and Collin’s mom, Oh God I can’t… (crowd cheering) (applause) – [Amy] So this guy was choking up, starting to announce
me and he couldn’t even get the whole announcement
out before my youngest son turned around and saw me. (upbeat pop music) After the surprise, he was
first to bat and I can’t imagine the emotions that were
going through him, you know, first time seeing mom and
then, he’s got to make a hit or on base. So, you know, it was my first
time seeing them this year. So he did, he got a walk
and got on base and then he stole some bases and got home right away. So that was so exciting,
such a proud moment. (upbeat pop music) – This weekend, my
youngest son wanted to go spend the night at his
cousin’s house ’cause they played on the lake all day. Got a call at 10 o’clock, crying. “Mom, I just miss you. I want to come home.” (applause) (upbeat pop music)

10 thoughts on “Army mom home in time for son’s last baseball game | Militarykind

  1. Welcome home all miltary ladies and gentlemen πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ ! Thank you very much for your service ! Prayers for you and your family members ! Be safe !

  2. Being a combat vet, I gotta say…
    It's about time to stand up and recognize EVERYONE!! Patriotism is not Ethnic or Gender specific! I despise the word Race. We all are human beings. We are all the same race!!

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