Ask Me Anything #1: Stump Kitchen

There was f#%kin’ food everywhere. Whoa! Just be careful ’cause you really need this
shit. It looks like a beaver got that! [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS Welcome to Stump Kitchen fireside chats. Is that right? Welcome to Stump Fireside where we happen
to be burning a f#%k ton of stumps! [laughs] Welcome to Stump Kitchen. Today is a special episode of Stump Kitchen.
I’m going to answer your questions. We haven’t had time to just really sit down
and have a chat yet. A few weeks ago I asked you to submit questions
on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and you did! And I’ve compiled them all in this oven mitt,
and I’m going to pull one out and answer them for you. Whoops! Let’s get to the questions! Number one! “How do you feel about having
a pregnant guest on your show and calling the episode ‘Stump Kitchen featuring Bump’?” [laughs] I feel great about that! I feel really good.
Especially because I have a lot of pregnant friends, many of who watch this show, and
they all have varying degrees of bumps! We could have a lot of us on with all of our
stumps and bumps! [laughs] We could make f#%kin’ gluten-free, vegan buns
and put them in the oven. On to the next question! “How come you’re so damn rad?” [laughs] Well I’m gonna blush now. I think when we see something in somebody
else, we think wow that person is so brave, so great with kids, so funny, I feel like
we’re actually seeing glimpses of things in ourself that we can’t fully see yet, and so
my question to you is how come you’re so damn rad? [laughs] Yeah. Next question! “What made you start Stump Kitchen and are
you happy with the progress it has made?” Well! Five years ago-ish, I was diagnosed with a
gluten intolerance, what the fuck? I think it’s because I worked at a bakery for a lot
of years and just ate bread all the time. And then about a year ago I went full vegan
from being a vegetarian. I just had to get really crafty in the kitchen
and it became really f#%kin’ fun, and I realized that cooking was a huge therapeutic tool.
It made me feel really good to be with my food… Oh good one! …and I f#%kin’ fell in love with cooking.
I love what it did for my mental health, my body – Oh f#%k that fire’s getting hot! So I wanted to show how you can make fun,
easy, delicious, gluten-free, vegan meals. And it’s called Stump Kitchen because the
way that I am in the kitchen with my stump is fuckin’ beautiful and awesome. So that’s
why it’s called Stump Kitchen. Second part – “Are you happy with the progress
it’s made?” Yes! When I put the first episode out, which was
waffles, I thought “okay, if this video hits 50 views, I’m f#%kin’ thrilled!” By the end
of the day it had over 100 views, the next day it had 300 views [laughs], and I was just
like “what is happening?” And people’s reactions were so awesome, just
so full of joy and love and laughter. I’m just thrilled. I’m thrilled at the community that it’s building
and the following that it’s building and the conversations that it’s starting. I’m so f#%kin’ happy! Thanks for the question! [sings] Next one! “How did you meet Molly, your stump twin?” So Molly and I, we met at a party and instantly
bonded. We talked about our lives, our stumps, we laughed at all the things, like, all the
s#%t that people say to people with one hand. So great! So we just hit it off and we’ve been friends
ever since. I have felt so lucky to have, like, filmed with her and cooked with her
for a couple of the episodes. Here’s a funny thing I’d like to mention about
my stump twin, a couple of times I’ve been mistaken for Molly. I saw a show and I was
leaving the event and someone yelled “Bye Molly!” and I was just like [record scratch]. Next one! “What’s Canada’s best signature food besides
maple syrup and S’mores?” I feel like we have a lot of signature foods
and I can’t speak for the entire country – like, hockey? [laughs] That’s not a food. Poutine, so poutine is like french fries and
cheese curds and gravy mmm… And you can get vegan poutine at places with
like vegan cheese and vegan gravy. You know, something I’d like to do which would
be f#%kin’ rad would be to like to travel across Canada and ask people what is the food
of that place and just get fed really well, hopefully find a gluten-free, vegan version
of that food, and then get fed really well — oops! Maple syrup and S’mores are f#%kin’ great
too! On to the next one. “I’d like to know the greatest food adventure
you and your stump have been on?” A couple things come to mind. [laughs] I went to a U-Pick farm in Manitoba with my
mom and my sister and we picked strawberries to make strawberry jam, that was a beautiful
food adventure. And then last year I volunteered on a farm
and we had a garden where every night I would go out with a big bowl, pick fresh salad leaves,
onions, carrots, and prepare wonderful meals. But I think the greatest food adventure of
all, [laughs] I was seven. My family went to Disneyland.
We were like waiting forever for the Dumbo ride and we went to this place for lunch – we
went there because my sister- she wanted f#%kin’ ribs for lunch. We went to this place, got
ribs, they were full of fat and gross things, it’s probably why I became a vegetarian, I
don’t know, but she’s vegan now too. And as we were leaving the restaurant I f#%kin’
threw up in the garbage can. I just turned over and like, kicked it, just gross, gross
times. So maybe not an adventure, but that’s how I’m going to choose to answer this question. Okay on to the next one. “I need help with alter–” [babbling] I had a beer for lunch so let’s slow this
down. “I need help with alternatives to dairy milk
that don’t contain soy and don’t taste like plastic.” Mmm! Veggiemo! Veggie-based, non-dairy milk. So this s#%t’s
made with pea protein and it tastes really good, it doesn’t taste like plastic, it’s
awesome. Give this a shot! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Next one! Okay “Your knives are excellent. Have you
ever accidentally bobbed that cute button nose?” The answer is: F#%k yes! I have! I was cutting a bagel, and we all know how
f#%kin’ hard bagels are to cut, and it was just like falling around. And as I was slicing
down into the bagel, my knife slipped and sliced right between in this little crook
right here. Right here is where I cut it. I was terrified. So that taught me a lesson,
which was watch yourself when you f#%kin’ use knives! On to the next one! Whupah! “Who made your jingle?” So I was coming home one day and the song
like literally just came into my head. [sings] Stump Kitchen, Stump Kitchen And I grabbed my phone, hit record. I asked my friend, Tyson Kerr, who is a musician,
I asked him to arrange it and he was like “Okay!” So he arranged it into what you hear
on the episode and that’s actually his voice singing all the parts. Next one! F#%k I’m hot! “Who are your culinary inspirations?” Great question! A lot of my inspiration and maybe bravery
actually comes from The Iron Chef, I f#%kin’ used to watch that show all the time back
when I had cable. I would just watch and watch how these amazing chefs could create something
out of f#%king nothing. Well I guess they had lots of really cool ingredients at their
fingertips, but they just had to think on their feet and cook cool things and literally
they showed that anything was possible in the kitchen, and I f#%kin’ love that. And in terms of YouTube cooking shows, the
first cooking show that I watched that I just f#%kin’ love was My Drunk Kitchen and Hannah’s
like laissez-faire attitude with cooking. F#%kin’ My Drunk Kitchen is just the shit! Okay next one! This is the last f#%kin’ question! “What’s the story with the bump on your stump?”
[laughs] I assume that you’re referring to these wee
bumps. There’s five of them. Five bumps – five fingers!
These are my fingers! This one’s my pinkie, this one’s my thumb,
and then the tiny bumps in there are all the other fingers. So the story behind it is when I was developing
inside my mom, turning into a baby, cooking, or whatever babies do inside their parents. We don’t actually really know what happened. The medical term is called amelia. That’s
being born without a partial limb or without a limb or two, as opposed to an amputation,
which is where you lose a limb after having a limb. When I was cooking inside my mom, my left
arm either got caught somewhere and stopped growing or it was congenital banding, where
amniotic bands of tissue kind of get caught around your body and constrict growth and
blood flow. My favourite superhero is Superman and so
I feel like when I was growing inside her, I had my arms like kind of like this just
like Superman flying, you know? And then my left hand kinda got stuck on the inside of
her womb and just didn’t grow, but I don’t know, I’m not really sure, and I kinda like
the mystery. These are fingers and I f#%kin’ love them
so much, like I wouldn’t change them for anything. I’ve often had people ask if they hurt or
get in the way or if I’d ever want them removed? F#%k no! They’re the best! I use my thumb to play ukulele. I like to
play with my pinkie a lot. I have a nail on my thumb that I chew on and paint sometimes.
When I draw faces on my stump, the thumb is a really great nose. [laughs] And that’s the last f#%kin’ question! This was the f#%kin’ best! I really wanna
do this again so send me your questions. As you can tell I’m gonna be f#%kin’ honest about
anything you ask me, and I’ll compile them and answer them. Thank you for being here so much! I’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen. Bye! [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS I’m really hot in this touque.

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  1. I love you so much and I wish that I could be on your show
    I love you and I saw that you were on tv on May 15 2017 with Robbin and Robbin is my aunt and she is really good at sign language

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