Ask Me Anything #2: Stump Kitchen

[both laughing] [Alexis] Is this thing on? [Tyson] Check.
[Alexis] Check. [Tyson singing] Stump Kitchen, Stump Kitchen
Gluten-free, vegan eats and stumptastic treats! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] Hello and welcome to Stump Kitchen’s
second Ask Me Anything episode. I’m going to answer your questions here and
if you have more questions you can send them to me any way that you want to on YouTube,
Facebook, Instagram, etc. I’ll answer them all as honestly as I can
so yeah, hope you enjoy! Bye! [bell dings] Do you cut your nail on your stump? [bell dings] Where do you get your sweet knives? [Alexis] This is where I get my knives – Knifewear! This is Chris. So Knifewear is one of my favourite shops
in the world. I say on my show that it’s so great to have
a sharp knife. Why is it important to have a really sharp
knife? [Chris] A sharp knife is safer. A sharp knife goes where you tell it to go. [Alexis] What?? [Chris] You don’t have to force it through
anything. [Alexis] Or [makes knife cutting sound]
[Chris] Exactly. Exactly. [Alexis] Tell me about your knives. [Chris] Nice. Basically I’ve laid our four different kinds
of knives, the petty, which is really bad french for ‘petite’. It’s perfect for kind of those small jobs
if you’re just cutting a single piece of fruit or to peel something. The gyuto, which translated from Japanese
means ‘cow sword’. Basically a meat-focused knife but it’s your
general kind of chef’s knife shape. The nakiri – it’s made specifically for slicing
vegetables. And then the big guy is called a sugihiki. [Alexis] Oh my! [Chris] So that’s for carving things. [Alexis] Like a bear? [Chris] Like a bear, definitely. [Alexis] What would you carve with this knife
if you were, say, a vegan chef. [Chris] A watermelon. [Alexis laughs] Holy crap! [Chris] This is what a sharp knife should
do. There should be absolutely no effort involved
in slicing through. When you sharpen it it should just slide right
through. [Alexis] Look at how beautiful! A lot of your knives they range in price. Now for someone who doesn’t maybe have a lot
of cash, what would you recommend they start with? [Chris] You can get into a great Japanese
knife for around $150, but there’s price points for everybody. I tell everybody you’re buying a knife that’s
going to last you forever. [Alexis] Hashtag worth it! [Chris] There’s nothing wrong with buying
a knife because it’s pretty – all of them are going to work fantastic. [Alexis] I just love coming here! Check out Knifewear if you have a chance,
it’s on Whyte Ave. [Chris] We have shops in Ottawa, Vancouver,
and Calgary as well. [Alexis] Fantastic! Well thanks so much for your time this was
fantastic. Stump high five. [Chris] Thank you Alexis. [bell dings] [Alexis yawns] Oh my god I still have like
sleep in my eyes. Oh. So the next question is if my hand says that
my stump is telling a lie, and my stump says that it’s my hand telling a lie, then who
do you trust? I don’t know, I think it’s time to bring in
the feet! [bell dings] What that stump do? [Alexis] Whup wham! Whup wham! Oh! [laughs] [Alexis] Let’s just check, let’s just check
the angle here. We’re gonna check the angle. You ready Lisa?
[Lisa] I am ready! Whup wham! [laughs] [laughs] Whup wham! Whup wham! [laughter] Check out that sausage! Whup wham! Whup wham! [laughs] That’s what that stump do! [bell dings] Next question is do you know how to grow vegetables
out of veggie scraps? Heck no, I have never done that I don’t know
how to do that. However, sometimes when I leave my garlic
a little too long in the bowl, it’ll grow a green thing out the middle of it, so that’s
something. When I leave my potatoes too long, they start
growing something like arms and legs! And when I leave my fruit a little bit too
long either in the fridge or on the counter, especially the oranges and lemons, they’ll
start to grow a green coat, so maybe I do know how to grow things out of my veggies!
[laughs] [bell dings] Any tips on finding cheap vegetables? So I’m at my favourite grocery store, it’s
called Earth’s General Store, and I love it so much. A really great way to save on groceries in
your town is to find a produce market that sells just fruits and veggies, they’re often
way cheaper, or come to a place like Earth’s General Store where they often have like half-off
veggies if they’re a little bit bruised, but they’re still good. You can get amazing organic products for like
a fraction of the price, so it’s pretty darn awesome. [bell dings] Non-vegan ingredients to watch out for? Things are labeled pretty well. If you’re looking at the back of something
and you want to know if it’s vegan or not, usually it will say something like ‘contains
milk ingredients’ and then you know it’s not vegan. Then you have something like this that is,
this is pasta, it’s made with wheat so I can’t have it, but, it says ‘may contain a trace
of egg’, that just means it was made in a facility that also makes things with eggs
in them, but there’s no egg in this actual product. So if you have a really intense allergy then
don’t go for this, but if you are vegan and don’t have an allergy, then this is fine. Here’s another example of something that can
sneak into ingredients that you think might be vegan but they’re not, when you have something
called ‘whey protein isolate’ that is a milk thing. [bell dings] [laughs]
[Alexis] Okay you two awesome humans – one of the questions we have for the Ask Me Anything
episode, is why is it important to have kids on Stump Kitchen? Ethan! [Ethan] Um, so you get to know them. [Alexis] Yeah! Callie! [Callie] Then it’s not like there’s only one
person that you know that only has one hand or something? [laughs]
[Alexis] What’s your favourite thing about the show? [Callie] Cooking! [Ethan] Rawr! [Callie] Dropping things! [Ethan] Making a mess! [bell dings] Okay so the next question is about learning
new techniques or learning to do stuff with my body. When I learned how to tie my shoes when I
was younger, for example, I did it in a bit of a different way than someone would do with
two hands. Like, I used my mouth for awhile then eventually
I found a way to do it using my stump and my hand. But a lot of the stuff that I’ve learned to
do has just come super naturally because it’s just the way that I do it. So the question is like do I have to think
consciously about doing new techniques? The answer is definitely yes and no, it’s
all of the things. One example is I didn’t know how to do my
hair in a ponytail, but then when I was 20 I was like, “I’m gonna try this”. And so I would kinda like hang my head over
and hold my hair with my stump and grab my elastic. It took some trial and error but then eventually
I got really good at it. Other stuff that I have to think about sometimes
maybe more than other people might think about is when I’m like holding a lot of stuff and
balancing a lot of things and doing something else. Like if I’m carrying grocery bags into the
house from the car and I have to open the door and I’m carrying like a coffee or something,
I have to be very conscious about where I put my weight and where I put my bags especially
if I’m holding my coffee close to my body with my stump cause often I forget that I’m
holding things and I spill everywhere. It’s great. Other things come super naturally. If I’m mixing a bowl of say cookie dough or
ice cream or something, I will just automatically hold it with my stump arm against my body
and just mix it with my right hand. But then other things I’ve gotta practice
too, like, you know, can openers — can openers are built for people with two hands for sure,
so it took a bit more conscious effort to like figure out how I was going to use these
weird tools. [laughs] But then so much more comes just
so naturally because I was born this way, I’ve always had a stump – I’m like ‘yeah,
of course I can dig into that glass and wash the bottom of it with my arm’ where like a
hand wouldn’t be able to fit in there, for me it just comes like second nature just to
get in there and clean it out. So, sometimes it takes some thought, sometimes
it doesn’t at all and I think they ways that we all move in the world are super unique
and super beautiful and I think that it’s really cool that we get to create space for
all of these different ways to exist together. [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Michael] I love Stump Kitchen!
[Alexis] Whup wham! [Melissa] I love Stump –!
[Alexis] Whup wham! [Lucy] I love Stump —
[Alexis] Whup wham! [Kyla] I love Stump Kitchen! Oh!!
[Alexis] Whup wham! [Rebecca] I love Stump Kitchen!
[Alexis] Whup wham! [Katy] I love Stump Kitchen!
[Alexis] Whup wham! [Rachel] I love Stump Kitchen! OHH!!
[Alexis] Whup wham! [Shannon] I love Stump–
[Alexis] Whup wham! [Amanda] I love Stump Kitchen!
[Alexis] Whup wham! [Cory] I love Stump —
[Alexis] Whup wham! [laughter]

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