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  1. Hey, Gary. Any chance you'd do one of these long-form for nonsport cards (particularly WWE is my current obsession but I'm looking at the others)?

  2. I have not read through the comments to see if anybody else is saying this but, Gary, THANK YOU for this video.
    I’ve been wanting to get into sports cards to make more money, but the fact is I have NO INTEREST whatsoever in sports OR sports cards.
    So yeah, back to high end fashion flipping on eBay for me.
    Thank you Gary!

  3. It's interesting – in the MTG community, BGS is held in much higher regard. BGS 9-9.5 is often worth more than PSA 10's. Also, I've seen COUNTLESS PSA 10's with chipped corners – their grading just seems terrible to me.

  4. I love that you did this Gary ! This video answered so many of my questions. Going to be looking at Pokémon cards since it’s what I grew up with👍🏽 Thank you!

  5. Gary picked the perfect niche. He buys up cards then starts to promote to his huge audience and then dumps them making a huge profit.

  6. Best advice to start flipping 1k on sport cards? I like and know a little about basketball/hockey, people told mostly to buy psa 9-10 rookie card. Anything else?

  7. #salute Gary I'm locked in with ya text community and thanks for the motivation over the last year and a half! I've been listening and making moves for a better life ahead

  8. I’m back in hitting hard now that I have the funds buying up vintage rookies 9’s and 10’s only. Also buying dozens of each player and one particular hundreds of the same Rookie card. How many of us are out there. I’ve been collecting since the late 70’s. Listening to Gary over the past year made me step up my game and killing it.

  9. What do you think about Kawhi leonard? Under priced? ….what if he wins his 3rd title with three different teams instead of Lebron.

  10. Also anybody that needs any insight on sportscards and knowledge of the hobby don't hesitate to sub to my channel and ask me any questions you have #salute #godbless the hobby is real

  11. I’m the guy Gary talked to @21:29 …. super grateful to have spoken to Gary and have his insight with my question, although he called me Alex multiple times I forgive him…. it’s Andrew lol

  12. Dude should work on his language. It would be nice if kids can listen to his opinions but due to his language, I wouldn't recommend it lol

  13. the biggest thing to take into consideration about this wave of sports card infatuation is social media. This shows in the day to day increase/decrease of card values. When Jordan/Griffey cards were the apex, only sports card collectors knew the actual value. With the nuances of Ebay and the scaling of graded cards, we are just at the beginning of this new onset of sports card boom.

  14. basketball cards with be the most sought after cards in all of sports due to the exponential value of having a superstar on a team that only 5 players can play at a time opposed to football/baseball/soccer

  15. gary makes a great point about supply/demand in relation to a "new junk wax era" in this day in age I expect 100k people to want a luka doncic prizm rc and there will only be 20k or so lol

  16. but with the new generation coming in, older sports cards will increase in value but not exponentially like the cards of players the new investors/collectors grew up on/can see in present day

  17. Just got back into the game. Cone support my channel sports collectors send comments. https://youtu.be/riZT3gz–r4

  18. I got back into cards a couple years back in 2017. I wanted to buy a few cards to celebrate my fantasy football victory. Since then it’s become a fun hobby for me. Only thing is I wish I kept those boxes of 2017 prizm and select sealed lol. Great content Gary!

  19. Gary inspired me to make my dreams into goals. Because this man, I moved out of my parent's home at the age of 16, went to college to find out I did not want to became just a workers! My dream was to have my own business and by the age of 18 I made my hobby into a business! Im 22 now and I am putting full time into my business. Now I am starting my YouTube channel

  20. Uploaded an video about flipping Trae Young card for over 700% ROI after the insight of Gary! Feel free to check out

  21. Anyone know where to start doing this in things I love and am passionate about? Firstly would be CSGO second would be Pokemon for the nostalgia next would be dragon ball z

  22. Prizm basketball mass produced. Few cards are worth the box price but overall becoming junk wax minus RC rookie card. I sold my zion autos for a Jordan autos. But that's just me. Juan soto true rookie is the heritage. Topps even said it not update

  23. I never get parental nostalgia. I don't try to get my kids to play with my toys or watch my old shows. I really don't care. Its weird to me looking back.

  24. gary vee: im not willing to take my pants off and be naked
    also gary vee: in a meeting with the clients, taking his pants off to show them the bruise on this thigh

  25. If you want the best way to start flipping cards, check out COMC.com (Check Out My Cards). They do consignment & sales through eBay, but you can buy/sell without ever paying shipping costs (if that's your jam)

  26. This dude is artificially driving up the market because he is an influencer with millions of followers. This sport card craze bubble is gonna burst and some people are gonna be assed out seriously. Please be smart woth your money if you are new to this.
    A lot of people who's beem collecting for years know better.

  27. 💬..once a sports card is "graded" it becomes a "fixed asset" proposition value will grow as long as player keeps and works on his or her profile..

  28. Not sure if buying right now is a good idea.. everything is going down and sports cards should be the last domino to fall.. but keep in mind when that happens there will be bargains to be had then

  29. If you’re reading this, you’ll be successful someday. Just keep on pushing! ❤️ from a smaller youtuber ❤️

  30. have been dealing sports cards for over 25 yrs…

    ran four card shops through two Black Swans in the 90s/2000s when cards collapsed…

    this Black Swan looks much worse so I just sold out all my higher end stuff, shipped our last Kobe…

    and the NBA season got cancelled the following day 🙂

    talk about timing the market…holding off on buying as values drop like rock!!!

  31. What do you think the suspended NBA season will do to the price of basketball card prices? Is it a + or -? Gary you are bringing me back to my childhood. I loved collecting sports cards as a kid. I'm gonna take my son to a card shop this weekend. If nothing else thanks for giving me and my son something to do together.

  32. He is right. Sports cards is underpriced attention and is so spot on about many different topics on this episode. I love sports cards and hope Gary makes more content like this.

  33. This guy does not fuck around I see this guy everywhere on the internet every day every year hr mins crazy in a good way. Got ur books Gary 😀 people I know work like this do bumps of cocaine

  34. I buy psa 10 Cards maybe 4 to 5 a month and i always resell them back on eBay 2 weeks after I purchase them. I have the intention to hold on to them and I never do.

  35. De'Aaron Fox will never amount to much at all he's in a second level player, if he goes to another team he will be the second best player on a good team, hope you admit you are wrong about him

  36. What about the first basketball set ever produced? 48 Bowman. George Mikan changed the game. They had to change the rules because of his dominance. I agree on 61 Fleer, I would even add 57 Topps as well.

  37. if luka is a top 25 player 20 years from now his cards would be underpriced makes no logical sense what about that 20 years of inflation

  38. Why did Lebron James' Topps #221 rookie card see such a spike? Do you see it holding at current levels? Thanks

  39. Gary! once we do the whole research and buying cards… how do we go about placing a price on a card for after sold price of $57 ? or any price or card.. how do we know what value to give a price to then hopeful higher biding

  40. I think PSA is going to stop accepting cards for grading with Coronavirus present…… Might be stuck with what we have for cards for a year. which way would the price go on the stuff we already have graded in our collection??

  41. Gary! Need some insight on the hockey card market. All very similar but would be different to hear your take!! Great stuff! Your single handedly boosting the entire sports card hobby! I started doing live breaks because of you!!🙏🏻🙏🏻

  42. I've been collecting sports cards since I was 8 years old (I'm 42). The Frank Thomas 1990 Leaf RC was an awesome card to get. My dream card as a kid was Jose Canseco's 1986 Donruss Rated Rookie.

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