ASL Night – RIT Hockey Game

Hi! Do you know where I am? We’re at the ASL Night Deaf hockey game. Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people gather, bring back memories, and socialize with each other. They enjoy watching the hockey game. Also, what’s another reason? The goal is to significantly increase the number of seats and break the record in history. Is that our goal? We’ll find out. People work in food services. They learn sign language. Yes! How? Students watch the game, order food, and need a service. They teach the workers basic sign language that they learn. They learn not only sign language but also the Deaf Culture. For example, hold your hands up and twist them several times. Also, the workers work with bosses who teach them sign language. That’s cool! This means that the students can easily communicate with the workers. They watch the game and order food without any problem. That’s truly an exceptional experience! I want to grab an opportunity to ask you a question about your experience – watching the game and ASL Night. OK. Whatever. How do you feel about ASL Night and the Deaf hockey game? I feel like I’m in the Deaf world at the same time that it’s nice to bring hearing people together. Hearing people learn sign language at the same that I enjoy seeing people sign. It’s nice ASL Night. I appreciate that and have a good time, too. WOW! Why? I see a variety of people. Deaf and hearing people gather and enjoy watching the game. Some hearing people learn sign language. And deaf people show a lot of support. I really enjoy watching it. I feel incredibly inspired and excited. Everyone signs. Now, hearing people feel that they need to know how they feel when they have no access to communication. I see some frustrated people. I see some go along with communication through writing. Try different ways to deal with it. And… I sit in the same place where everyone signs and everyone talks. Everything… I feel amazed. It’s very different than what’s usual every day about the hockey game. I feel really great. Just happened. No words for that. He works for the NTID development program. He supports NSC that hosts the event “ASL Night” for watching the hockey game. Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people gather and socialize with each other. How do you feel about this event? I was really surprised when I found out about NSC. A person from NSC gave a lot of encouragement. We were delighted to see this happen. We wanted to partner with that person to help make it happen. We didn’t really plan on it. It just appeared, and we wanted to encourage and see where to go. It was the first time. So we want to see how it goes. Apparently, it isn’t too bad to start. It’s hard to follow what’s going on today. Yes. I talked with some people. They really enjoyed it. It’s good news. That means… Will you have this kind of an event from time to time? That’s the goal, yes. I’ll figure out how to organize such an event every year. He is involved in NSC (NTID Student Congress). He hosts this event for the ASL Night hockey game to bring back Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students together, and they watch the game and enjoy it. Now, I’m going to ask him a question about the event itself. How do you feel about this event? I think the outcome is good! Many NTID Deaf students came here. You can see many people signing. That’s really cool! I think it’s pretty good to have organized the event well and have made it successful tonight. I believe that we’ll plan such an event every day.

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