ASSISTANT Plays Air Hockey againt Paw Patrol and PJ Masks

– Family fun for everyone. Rubble, let’s have an
air hockey tournament. – Rubble on the double,
I’m gonna win Assistant. I’m the best air hockey
player in the world. – Okay. – Start it up. Let’s see who can win our
air hockey tournament. I got it. Alright, I’m ready. I’m ready Assistant, I’m ready. I’m ready, I’m gonna win
– Here’s my spin and, here’s, my, spin, and, hit! – I’m gonna win, I’m gonna win. (puck clatters) Ugh. – I got a point, yeah! (grunts) ♫ I got a point – Rubble on the double, ready? I got my move, I got my move. (puck clattering against pushers) – I got a point, yay!
(Rubble yells) – Rubble on the double,
you’re beatin’ me Assistant. – ♫ Yay – Alright, ready? I got one. – Yeah! (laughing) – Mmm, (eating puck)
you’re yummy, you’re good. – (Laughing) No that’s a puck, Rubble. – Ready? – You’re not real. (puck clattering against pushers) – I’m gonna win. (puck clatters) – I got a point! – Assistant, you’re winning! Who’s gonna be next?
– Three to zero! – Ready? I’m really good! (laughter) Rubble on the double, Rubble on the double Rubble on the double, Rubble! (puck clattering) – I got a point! – No, Assistant! ♫ I got a point, oh oh oh, oh – If you get another point, you win. Alright Assistant, if
you get a point again, I have to get five points to win. (puck clattering) Assistant, where’d it go, where’d it go? – (grunting) Ugh, I can’t get it. – I win!
– Ugh, you won! – I win, yay! – Alright, Assistant you get
to go against Gekko next! – Really? – Gekko from PJ Masks, Rubble on the Double, Woo boy.
– Okay! (upbeat music) – Now Gekko, you have to play against me. And the winner gets to
play against Big Bad Wolf. – Well I’m gonna use
all of my Gekko speed, and Gekko camouflage, and Gekko strength and I’m gonna win, Assistant. – Okay, but the game is now starting. The puck’s on your side. – Alright, I’m gonna win! You ready to lose? – Oh, okay. – Here we go, Gekko strength! (giggling)
(puck clattering) (grunting) (puck clattering)
(giggling) (puck clattering) I can’t seem to find it.
(giggling) Oh, it’s over here. Gekko strength! (puck clattering) I’m way better than Rubble,
I’m gonna win Assistant. – Okay, if you insist.
(puck clattering) – Yay, Gekko scores!
– Good job! – Gekko, PJ Masks is in the lead. Yay, PJ Masks, whoa! (puck clattering) Yay, alright!
(giggling) I’m gonna win, Gekko speed. (puck clattering) Oh no, I scored on myself! – One to three, one to three. – Three to one, Assistant. Here we go! Gekko strength. (giggling) Gekko strength, yeah! – Yay! – No! No! – (giggling) You weren’t paying attention! – Four to two! (puck clattering) No!
(giggling) – Four to three, she’s coming back! Alright, I hope you don’t
have any tricky moves. – I do. – Oh, I make it four to four! – And that was one of them (laughing). – Whoever scores next wins.
– Okay! – Alright, Assistant, I’m
gonna have my special move. Hi, hi-ya!
(giggling) (puck clattering)
(giggling) – No, I’m out!
– I win! (laughing) – I lost! Oh, Assistant, I lost, you gotta play the Big, Bad, Wolf.
– Bad Wolf! – Oh, boy, Gekko camouflage. – Hey, where did he go? Do you guys know where he is? – [Gekko] I used my Gekko camouflage. I can’t show my face around here anymore. – Oh. – [Gekko] Alright, I’ll go tell
Big Bad that you’re up next. – Okay! (techno music) Okay, Big Bad Wolf. We’re in the championship together. I hope I can beat you! – I have never lost, Assistant. – Let’s start the game!
– I’m the Big, Bad, Wolf! And I’ve never lost in air
hockey, I’m the best one ever! – Let’s see about that! – Because I’ve got my Big,
Bad, Wolf moves, watch this! Big, Bad, Wolf! (puck clatters) – (laughing) I can get it in. Big, Bad, Wolf! Big, Bad, Wolf! Yeah! Big, Bad. Woo!
(giggling) No, Big Bad.
(puck clattering) (giggling)
(puck clattering) Big, Bad, Wolf. Oh no! – I got you, I got you! (laughing) – Well, I’m gonna huff,
and I’m gonna puff, and I’m gonna blow this puck in. – Whoa! Oh, can you hand me my, um? – No, I got two! ♫ I got two (puck clattering) I’m gonna huff, and I’m gonna puff. Ugh. – And you’re gonna get lose. You’re gonna lose. – I’m gonna huff, I’m gonna puff, And I’m gonna blow the puck in. (puck clattering) – Ha! Oh, I can’t reach. (puck clattering) – You play like speed. You play that pretty good. (puck clattering) – I got it. – I’m gonna huff! (puck clattering) – Oh Big, Bad, Wolf I got
some moves on my sleeve. – No you don’t. – Speed this. (puck clatter) – (Screams) Ugh, what
is all over the place? (puck clattering) – Speed, all over, all over. (pucks clattering) Oh, I lost my puck. – Why do you keep losing your paddle? Oh no, you won!
– I win, I win! I win, I win, I win, I win, I win, I win! – Assistant, how did you beat me? Oh boy.
(giggling) Ugh, the shame. – It’s okay that you lost!
(growling) (growling) She’s okay, she’s okay. Alright, I need to find
someone else that I can beat. Oh boy. – Hey people at home, do you want to play air hockey against me one day? Tell us in the comments and who do you think should have won? PJ Mask against me, Rubble against me, or the Big Bad Wolf? – [Big Bad Wolf] The Big
Bad Wolf should have won, I should have ugh, I file a protest. – No, ugh, maybe Big Bad
Wolf, maybe some other time. – [Big Bad Wolf] You bet, let
me know if you want to see a rematch in the comments, okay? – Okay. – [Big Bad Wolf] Also,
make sure that they give us a thumb’s up– – Thumb’s up! – [Big Bad Wolf] Follow us on what? – Facebook and Twitter. – [Big Bad Wolf] And make
sure that they subscribe– – To The Engineering Family! – [Big Bad Wolf] That’s
right, also check out these channels, TEF kids– – TEF Animal Channel! – [Big Bad Wolf] And TEF
123, right Assistant? – Right! And yes, TEF 123 is a channel. – [Big Bad Wolf] Alright,
so I’ve gotta go. I’ve got some little pigs I’ve gotta find, here little piggy piggy,
here little piggy piggy Oink oink oink!
– I have an idea, I have an idea so you can get them. – [Big Bad Wolf] How? – Act like their grandma. – [Big Bad Wolf] Oh,
I did that with Little Red Riding Hood, and that
didn’t work out too well. – Well, all you have to do
is just say the voice, like oh (grandma’s voice)
– [Big Bad Wolf] Piggies… I’m a grandma…
– No, like this… Like this, like this, oh little piggies, I’m your grandma. – [Big Bad Wolf] Little
piggies, I’m your grandma. – It’s time to eat you,
I mean play with you. – [Big Bad Wolf] I like
that, I like your thinking. Alright Assistant, bye! – Bye! (bouncy music) – [Voiceover] Hey there everyone, thanks for watching our video. Now make sure you subscribe
to The Engineering Family to see lots of cool videos. In fact, there’s another
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