Assisted Turns – Baseball Rebellion Rebel’s Rack

Rebels Rack Assisted Turns right-handed
at full speed or just like you’re hitting a fastball. The band is always
connected higher when going towards the connection, so what I mean by that is if
the connection is in front of the hitter here the band works above the hitters
head. So we want to make sure that we’re not ever going towards the wall with a
low connected band because that’s going to make you pull kind of turn downward
instead of turn upward and I’ll show you what I mean in just a second. So as I get
as I stride towards the wall and I start to turn what I’m trying to do is set my
head position. So I’ve set my head position hopefully I’m going to turn
somewhere on this type of an angle and that’s what you see. I’ve got a little
bit of upward push from the front leg which is not ideal, what we’re looking
for is the front of it to drive back instead of up but I think it’s important
that people see mistakes as much as they see success because you’re going to make
mistakes as you learn too. You want to make sure you’re stopping your head as
best you can and that you’re completely showing your back to the opposite
batter’s box as you can see I’m still pulling back on the rack, activating my
upper back and leaning towards my back foot here. Which again, I’m off-center of the
band to make sure that I’m leaning against the resistance and towards the
umpire as home plate would be over here and that’s where the umpire would be,
catcher and umpire. The positional awareness okay and the postural
awareness to lean back towards the umpire is extremely important in this
drill and as you watch the assisted turn drills, whether it’s hesitation or full
speed, it’s just really, really important that you’re very disciplined
getting the back hip to come forward in front of the front hip,
getting the front hip to work backwards and getting your shoulders to rotate
completely and speedily.

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