19 thoughts on “Astros fans moving on from cheating scandal

  1. Life lo g Astros fan…I'm still pissed off. How can these people sit there and say that was enough? This whole thing is an embarrassment to our city! And now fans are also paying for it…we were cheated out of money and false pride. I just don't know if I can be a fan of these guys…maybe after the whole team is changed I'll root again. What a nightmare!

  2. Astros fans….LOVE their CHEATERS!!! Still believing in False glory!!! No Hope for the Astro fan…possibly psychological sport therapy! However, they will win this year for sure…The MLB commissioner will just hand them the World Series Trophy…2020 Best Cheater 🏆!!! 😂😂😂

  3. Yep, these Astros fans seem to think cheating is okay, and the punishment was excessive. They also probably think that the 2017 WS win was legitimate.

  4. Astros fan here again…..I say get rid of all of them!!!!! I don't give a dam how good they are…they embarrassed our city

  5. All of you people from Houston who were going to stand behind this scandal Fucky you you are a bunch of nobodies. I am a resident of Houston have been life long and I'm embarrassed to be an astros fan right now

  6. Also as an astros fan I think that Carlos Correa proposing to his fiance after the world series….tacky as hell!!! That moment was supposed to be about the supposed "2017 world series champs" …. But he made it about him and his fiance…. Again… Lifelong astros fan here… I did not agree with that whatsoever the f***'

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