25 thoughts on “Astros stars sidestep questions about MLB report on cheating scandal

  1. Brokenhearted fan here. Guys, we're going to need some (a lot of) contrition on your part. Be sure your front office knows that we don't want any slick PR attempts to minimize what happened. The team is already on record for mishandling the Taubman situation. Learn from that flub. Be accountable. Let us hear from the players. And when we do, we don't want to hear any BS. Come clean, then play clean. We'll come back if y'all do that. Until then, all the Astros paraphernalia that we boxed up and put in the attic will stay there. Please! We're begging you. Give us a reason to retrieve it and to once again be proud to wear our 'Stros t-shirts, jerseys, caps, visors, etc.

  2. These clowns are in denial just like there fans. You got caught cheating. Investigation was done by mlb. Own it. Bunch of lying pussies. See it plane as day in there body language that there guilty. Astro fan should be real proud backing these chumps. That 17 WS title is tainted and will always have an asterik.

  3. I'm sorry for our actions…we're sorry if we embarrassed our fans or the city of Houston. We hope to restore your faith in us and get to the world series in 2020….no further comments on the issue.(what one of them should've said).

  4. If guilty of cheating, Altuve should be banned for life. And if in his next life he comes back as a great soccer player, ban him right away from soccer

  5. PATHETIC!!! An apology goes a long way! This bs will only make it worse for them! Beyond shameful :o( I predict a long season of very sore ribs!

  6. Bregman isn't doing this of his own accord. The powers that be have instructed the players what their PR response is to be when asked about the scandal. Jim Crane should have a press conference that includes the players and staff and lance this boil publicly so that the relationship with the public can start to heal. They need to take ownership of what they did. Then they need to give us assurances that they will play clean from now on. They also need to make sure that MLB/Manfred has a plan in place to make sure that ALL the teams are playing clean. NO MIXED MESSAGES! No cheating level 1, level 2 or level 3. Cheating is cheating and will not be tolerated on any scale by any team.

  7. Astros will be known forever as hurting baseball fans everywhere worse than any team in history. Disgraceful! The ramifications go deep from kids on up to loyal senior fans, including what we look like as a corrupt country.

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