At-Home Hockey Core Workout [No Equipment Needed] 🏒

– And that wraps up our at
home hockey core workout. Hey, hockey players. In today’s video, I’m
gonna run you a through a hockey core workout
that you can do at home with limited space and no equipment. This core circuit can be performed one or two times a week at home on its own or as a core finisher
after one of your workouts. The first exercise is
alternating chopper sit-ups for 10 reps per side or 20 total. With your hands straight overhead, we’re gonna perform a sit-up
with a chopper type twist at the top of the sit-up as
you can see me doing here. Because this is a core circuit, we will be running through
all four exercises in a row before repeating the circuit. Rest anywhere from 10 to 30
seconds between each exercise and try to progressively decrease the time between exercises each week. After a bit of rest, we move into reverse crunches for 10 reps. With your hands by your
side or under your tailbone and your legs straight out slightly hovering above the ground, you will crunch your legs
in towards your torso targeting the lower abs. The third exercise in the circuit is going to be alternating
T-stabs from plank and we will be doing 10 reps
per side with this one as well. Get into a plank position
with your arms extended just like you would be
at the top of a pushup. From here, we are rotating your body while bringing your arms straight out until it is straight up in the air as you can see in the video. To finish off the circuit, we
are doing 30 seconds of planks with lower body rotations. Get into your standard plank position with your forearms on the ground. We’re going to keep the upper body still while rotating the hips and
lower body under control to each side, pausing in
the middle after each rep as you can see me doing here. Once finished this final exercise of the hockey core workout, you’re going to rest anywhere
from one to three minutes and then run through the circuit again for a total of two to four rounds. And that wraps up our at
home hockey core workout. If you enjoyed this
video, do us a big favor and hit that thumbs up button, subscribe if you’re not already and make sure you head
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