suck a poop in my ass hole my moomy is really happy something out there. [I] walked up from the basement. [what’d] you do to the room then? You’re not that yeah Jesse’s gone for like a month you decide to get [your] getting animals involved now in your pranks wow wait [they’re] a lot now, huh? nothing What? How much it do they stop him? I didn’t know they sell they sold those at a pet [co] or anything how much you have to pay for that good? It was a lot look dude. You need to come out here with us Why you clean this shit up? well, I [I’m] I can only imagine [this] shit everywhere in there, and there’s a fucking there’s a little friend you. No, you know I’m talking about even say [anything]. We need you out here to take care of your friend p. I ain’t what midget [club] honky Fly don’t you dare bring his fucking name up again? Angry I’m angry cuz you know inside look. I know you’re obsessed with Batman, but you don’t put a fucking bat in my room nothing You know what I’m talking [about]. Oh, yeah, come on. Come out here. We need you We need your help if you put them in there’s a bat in [your] room So what? So I’m pretty sure bats and humans a vampire diary states that if you can’t hunger diaries the fuck you just say It’s a good show asshole In regardless it’s it’s there. They’re not supposed to be friends with bats There’s a reason we corn got scared of it because there’s a natural instinct That’s just like exactly like spiders and snakes and chips you put on you put them in there You how do you know it flies? This is a fucking bat or some bad [write] [some] that’s not my most bats [aren’t] famous No, that’s a bird, right It’s [a] kind of bird. It’s technically a bird all right You put it in there you can you can take it out cuz clearly you’re comfortable working with bats now come on. I Wanted to play out there. I wanted to play some games out there dude. I’m not [trying] [to] play Batman Arkham Knight Oh, fuck. It’s something you’re in the middle of fucking something. I close. I hope you’re not fucking we’re all chicken dude I mean, I know your stash was on there yesterday with Jesus. I just have to the drawers right here, okay? We need you to take care of it. How long I? Don’t know how long it take for you to put them in there I’d imagine you for a long time probably about the same. I’ll time I guess it’s probably easier to take something out then put it in for something What do you would see? He’s probably got bad food you know you get in the bathroom. What does bad food? You getting killed Kibbles? He’s firing a big net yeah, big fat that just waiting for this moment Well, we need [some] Something ain’t thank me I’m taking this bitch Dead or alive preferably dead because I don’t want this creature to exist I gotta kill that that why can you pay good money for you get a refund? Well, you can be trying to save it. I’ll be trying to murder it Ya [won’t] [use] this [oh] You can’t be serious. I’m not using that dude what I mean, I’ll take I like the length of it But I need side wig with a net. It’s up there. What do you say? Your tennis racket in there [satisfy] [you] put eyes in [it]. I did pretty good What’s up? Hey? What are you using? I know you’re gonna use that you’re coming out here dude. You’re gonna have to wrangle it Yeah, you love them so much you want to put them in my bedroom What the fuck are you doing usually [dance] crew what these things unscrew. Why are you grabbing a push broom? So I can brush up on some things. He’s gonna touch it right oliver. How did you honestly get this thing in here? Oh? That’s from my pain in the room. We’re gonna poke it. Why not? The manual the manual that you got with the bat that it’s a to do these things Maddie. What that Reward [boot] [oh] phil. [oh] fucking That’s or wait. What do you mean? You didn’t put them in there? Nah? Hey, really Fuck so like did he just straight like Lift up one of these and they do [it] hands like that [let] go One down there is up. Is that why I’m [saying] let me say that one back. There is up a little bit This can’t be a regular thing Alright, so what are we doing here? How are we doing this? Oh my God, if you didn’t put it in there again [this] thing bite Well, dude. It’s got fucking hair on it. It’s hairy its mouth is like the size of like a giant Scorpion things you don’t say Corn hold this dude what the film cooking over there? [oh]? Why is that funny for you? Jesus [hold] on? I don’t even have my tennis racket out So we’re gonna turn what happened it out cuz we can [Dam] [or] building either I Just see them just no damn it. Oh there’s shit everywhere this one’s open, but uh oh fuck [ah] We’re gonna get diseases at the end this [have] bubonic started this way. This is how busy for like this Hold on hold on over what I’m taking instagram. You’re gonna Instagram it Yeah, this is the world needs to know holy shit. Don’t you got closer? Yeah zooms work zoom works? Oh? oh Is he sleeping well I got to close Via visuals [oh], what the fuck is he sleeping um actually I kind of my picture. No I kind of wanted the picture to the Flag Uncle flash on the flash don’t put flash on oh God, you’re lovely oh Jesus Christ oh Too close too close shit boy. Oh, it’s not real bad It’s not even real yeah, huh? [yeah], [your] spec Fuck you get out. What are gonna poke it wait wait wait. We’ll be poking then what the fuck was that what happens then? Yo, I’m gonna shut the door behind me that. Oh, thanks. Thanks I’ll scream So okay, [Jeffrey] Jesus fuck what? So one the trees. I love you all. It’s been a good run This is why I honestly I wish I was at the house. Why? [don’t–you’re] it a poke it already [job] What [louie] don’t look look for a second? He’s a pain? He’s having a nice dream. [I’m] pretty sure I came in stay Here they say here things right? Yeah, you can hear us talking about [motherfucker] might be dead He knows our plans before we even made him actually why isn’t he responding at all oh? Think you would move oh It’s probably fuckin dice. Oh, oh oh shitty move Okay, now, please leave Don’t eat the [doors] right over there. Hey see yours right over there. Just leave you see that railing the walls That’s blood from the a me Okay, so what I can do is operational orange crush. I’m just gonna hit the tile up don’t okay Okay, as [where] [is] whole fucking family is so Pretty oh my God hey, no So don’t get old [god] or are you drunk? Oh? Oh? Hey, watch the cord again. Don’t fucking break the with you well [God] I’m just gonna Cornish and be like this Detective thank you. Oh sure What did you call me out here for oh, I know but God God [oh] [no] You pissing them off dude. Hey, oh Hey, come on man. Get up Star just work fuck Whoa look at me, Elizabeth Feed oh shit look at his. He’s got teeth oh my God. Oh fuck dude. Oh man The land how that face on your hockey anymore? I’m shooting [the] fucking kill right now. Oh, we’re just gonna I think I and then just sliding. I want a weapon now. Oh This is not okay. Nobody could take it out. Yeah. Yeah, I like a hot idea you do the pot then Corn this pot already. Yeah. That’s why I like the pot idea [though] This way you know for certain that he gets out, and I don’t want to kill the thing no Yeah, it’s product for the bus. So keep [him] alive dude. I just I just knock him off I just probably still gonna hang on here. Oh So if you get the pot, and then you slide something underneath like a spider, all right pop, okay? Well, we need [it] [some] really good pop Why are you just fucking whack on the brightness. I think he [closed] [his] mouth so hey mister [oh], [God] listen to the pot idea. Oh, God you can open his mouth again, Jeffrey don’t shake him I? Don’t think he wants to move [looks] like he’s shits dug into it. Hey Tell me what you got was any, huh? Looks like tea no he’s fucking a football. God hey, you’re fucking pushing it man You need to leave now look at all gone It’s not funny des. How was that funny that means? He’s like. He’s like fucking that’s I like a threat He’s like do that again. I’ll bite your fucking ear off We [take] [another] picture dude. It’s like quarter. I got stuff to do so deal with it What are you doing? I’m gonna. Go get a pot or a bucket. Oh, I’m gonna be in here This is my teeth I sign up for this [shit] Look, I don’t this isn’t what I? Moving back home. I don’t I just want to come out here play some fucking video games rustle animals What the fuck oh? Yeah, that’s really like the only spot. That’s up eating a little bit Says what we have guys leave a pretty tiny bucket and some cardboard oh I have fucking chin things Gonna. Give you fucking rabies Hey run. Yeah, [oh] [God] just [shows] [teeth] oh easy [oh] I don’t think that’s gonna work breath. Oh oh Oh that lehem. Oh Holy fuck boys hissing. He’s not happy oh What the fuck? Probably can acid ours now. Oh I’m glad I’m glad me oh Enough work about I don’t like this again. I don’t like this [one] now Huh, I’m Batman [alright]. Yeah. He’s outside waiting for you guys leave, huh? Did you get bit nah? Oh? God my hands are cold. Oh how the fuck You didn’t put him in here nope What’s that? Fuck there is legit shit everywhere. I was a joke There’s shit on here. There is wetness right there. That’s fucking disgusting Looks like your shit fun. Nice going in here shit on everything [alright] living in that black here right there. Oh Yeah, they could be living in here with your shit all over for now. Look at it. Oh Yep What the fuck wait work? Yeah, where is it for real though, wait dude I? will hit you in the face I Might still be in the bucket Well, you just threw it out here and scream. I can’t even take my eyes off It’s in that he’s injured you want me just like come out here Look sing a little fucking song and then eventually release it to the wall. [I] don’t know I thought I’d [toss] the bucket out The inert is he [fly] [away] you fly out Oh, why you too [easy] turn the other way brian you probably flew back into the morgue Lloyd is Gonna shut the door Now I’d fucking chicken aside Have my service has been sufficient. Yeah. Yeah, we’ll be out here for I don’t know how long though Good cut when is it yeah? Uh? Why I’m up go to the June 23rd to 25th like he’s been saying shit on my Stream asking if I was going so thing I’m like this is one big distraction is Georgie here door do you put it in here right Georgie’s the bad, Georgie put it in The room and we thought it’d [be] hilarious if we like found a wizard to convert him into a bat [and] we all right well The decision distraction, that’s why I didn’t kill that’s that’s what we mean Cornell Clara already ordered her passes, but I mean I Like doing that Are you serious? Yeah? All right Cuz Jeffrey’s Vidcon yes wait You brought big Joe out here. What’s the bat there? Sorry mom. Did you look good [lads] [let] the light [fall] Oh, you just threw it into the darkness. So he could have been there in there and Did you hear I? all right, you just put that by the TV uh Wow Never a dull moment kind of nervous being in the sermon [uh] yeah Checking that’s why I’m not checking under the couch. I didn’t check on girl, but I checked under the eye I don’t wanna be eye level with anything I Think we’re good. I don’t want to sit. I think the blankets safe ah wait. What is that? Oh? There’s like a big thing a shit over there a nerd the fuck man You know why it’s because there hasn’t been like a human [sent] in here for a while and worth like I Know you know humans are gone from here. We’ll take over. It’s nice warm spot All right, so it’s Super Nintendo now at PS4 You know what but [wha] no we you fixed, and we still got to get to that big stack [of] games? We get cracking man. We’re slacking off actually I’m not gonna put this down. Yeah. Let’s keep that nearby way uh It’s good to be back in here though on forever. I’ll note it’s Cuz I did you know it did kind of suck. It’s like we put so much work into this place and Then I was just leaving it all behind There’s somewhere else, and then I was complaining about putting so much work into the house, but it’s like hey We put so much work into this and we might even put more work into this yeah Trying [to] make it back purse You have may need to do this yeah [bear] [repellent] you [know] in ait’s a bed being back Like I say my dad’s at the bar tonight He’s gonna. Be there regularly. [it’s] like how the whole place myself just I don’t I Don’t know what to do with my time you know [yeah] It’s like sometimes you know you know It’s like you film stuff, but now I feel like it’s just my life Yeah, I guess some crazy shit happens usually but to me. It doesn’t feel crazy. It’s just every day So I need money though, man, you know It’s like I just everybody does everybody needs money It’s just a one you gotta need it fast. We’ll be out of here But you know what I was doing the math in my head. It’s like My Dad took the thirty thousand right. [I] sound like a fucking broken record, but With my flat rate when I was skating charge rent here was around 1200 1200 times 12 Free would end up [BQV] cooling. There’s at least 12,000 Plus 12 times 2400 it’s Like 14 ends up equaling outs around [2] years so it ends up being Not that bad of a deal. It’s like if I was just playing paying rent in General Mm-Hmm, so it’s like I’m a do I have to stay here I Guess it’s fair Just need something to do I don’t I don’t want to do the job the part-time job Feel like I’m losing you [all] [I] know is uncle doings With now I’m talking with one hand All right here pulling and on the control area set up for area, Tennis. Oh, it’s even [sharing] the controller What an ass okay? You know [I] yeah didn’t know just dress right. Yeah, just try the carpet up. Oh Be careful be some shit on [murders]. [huh]? Oh. What was it? That’s a cool. All right. Yes, just kind of that should do it So [to] mask all that fuck. Huh no one I ain’t gonna fucking find out ah Wait, wait. No runnings a sign of fear. That’s true any sign of here exactly Okay, I don’t know the hissing sound was it was the bats fear though. Oh God, I’m so scared. He’s probably getting his friends right now and that worth Shit [yes]. I [just] ordered you a pet oh [I] haven’t done the [flight] and hotels stuff, but so I mean uncle [Harry’s] gonna be with us too, so As long as you guys are good So me corn Uncle Aaron and now Jeffrey There you go J’s will all be at Vidcon. [I] feel so much better. If you imagine was in here now I’m not done, motherfucker uh Yeah You figure out way to fix this poster um There you go guys a special [random] ass announcement Jeffrey’s coming to Vidcon now So if you guys want to meet [Jeffery] not sure why you wouldn’t meet Jeffery Random that’s stupid, but he’ll be going I guess I? Didn’t know he was interested. I never heard anything about this, so okay, [I] Do really like this room [I]? Just can’t help but [feel] this is like wrong though, you know I just got so fucking used to being like that was my own place. I had my own place This is my [own] place The room out in Morton Building is my own place now I’m fucking bad I Don’t know I guess I [just] need to kind of readjust a life back home What you guys don’t know is a corn cracking mass in Super Smash sure we don’t talk about that They’d be cool. If I could just like I could just play smash and get paid loads and money I guess I would have to win to do that probably yeah bro, [Beneatha] the pro gaming thing still thing I Just get back to streaming. No yeah, there you go Like I think I need to give it a shot Like I’ve just been I’ve just been really like I don’t wanna have to get a part-time job you know but with YouTube Filming my life, and then get back to regularly streaming that could be like a part-time job My dad might not see that But you know he should be at because he’s getting paid. He’s getting paid rent. [I] Think over the next couple weeks. I just need to scream a lot Giving them give it a shot and it you know if it doesn’t work out Where my dad starts giving me shit about it? Then I’ll maybe start looking I’ll start looking for something something an actual job Yeah, I’ll come up with an official announcement in the next couple days. We’re like a stream schedule We could do that there might be less videos But there’ll be more streaming so we can hang out you guys All right before we get into that. I actually have an official announcement for you guys Let me get real serious for a sec YouTube Red just launched uh Earlier this week, and it’s pretty cool. I remember at first I was [like]. I was like this can be good or not and it’s actually pretty freakin sweet um For those who don’t know what youtube red is it’s basically This new kind of service offered through Youtube you pay $9.99 a month And it gave you access to exclusive programming there’s a new show called scare Pewdiepie. Which is actually really freaking funny. I watch that [there] is a [lily] [sing] documentary. There’s a film out by rooster teeth There’s there’s a lot of cool things on there that you can only watch if you’re subscribed not only that no ads I saw people complaining cuz there’s ads on my videos guys guess what there’s that you can if you subscribe to you to read there’s No
ads at all on any freaking video on top of this you can download my videos or Anybody’s videos and watch them offline which is super sweet you don’t need to be connected to the internet not only that it gets you a subscription to Google play and music so you can play all sorts of music that you want and Last but not least if you guys use a link in the description below that I’m gonna provide for you It’ll actually help support me and my content and the videos and that would actually really mean the world to me [so] [if] you this interest you guys, it’s a really [awesome] thing. I’m going to [subscribe] to it [and] And really this is good because it makes youtube taking more seriously, so people like my dad or you know other other figures Maybe in your life Who don’t really respect YouTube if we can you know focus on this exclusive? Programming and Youtube red we can start to make it more respectable and more enjoyable for everyone So definitely check that out link in the description below Alright [guys]. I just had to let you guys know [that]. I think is a pretty sweet thing Definitely check it out, but RJ’s don’t forget subscribe for more content to [say] [I’m] links in [the] description New stream schedule coming out. I’m doing fan mail tomorrow. Don’t think I forgot and I will still be doing fan mail next Monday Jesus man, I’m not to be out sleep tonight [bats]. I’ve never really seen a bat up closely Yeah, just killing. They are probably in my [top] three freakiest animals And they’re pretty kooky looking like what the fuck. I think that’s [the] actual thing on this earth. That’s scary Huh? Alright jays. Love you all to death and don’t forget to keep it frigid

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