Australia Dry 2019 paragliding highlights

Australia’s tropical dry season 2019
from late July to early November it feels like I’ve seen more of this
place than I have since learning over 12 years ago.. unprecedented dry means the
whole place is now on fire including this ridge [Logan’s] to the right just here on
Mt Barney, and the slopes of Mount Lindesay behind on the right hand side I meant to do more sailing but with
stories of Jan flying all over the place I went out to Beechmont where
everyone needs to turn up much earlier it’s still tricky to get away though but
it’s worth it if you do.. on the left is flying fox – all that area has been burned out now I like to follow terrain even if it’s away from the roads so came in pretty low just hit these low rocks and luckily I’ve got a
climb.. Mt Chinghee and Lindesay behind but it doesn’t take long to get up
and there’s nice thermal on this ridge that runs down and it’s a nice place to
start, we want to come back so yeah I’m gonna scrap the plans to fly down the caldera the southeasterly is
quite strong.. so the alternative is to fly the flats out towards Boonah pretty cool he
popped out of nowhere it ended up getting real hard here and sometimes you’d work real hard for the climbs and then you just get slaughtered.. morning absolutely
gorgeous bit of fog in the valley and this was a different day this was a
150km triangle day I reckon Egg rock I think they call it and I was
pretty pissed off I reckon 150km triangle was on…
Got a lift with Felix back the next day for a quick scenic flight from Tambo I’ve got to decide whether to go to work tomorrow! Andrew dropped me off for a four-day vol biv
[fly and camp] The Fort… what a playground Can’t say I’m not nervous! still a lot of dew on the ground because
this cloud has been blocking launch you can see Mt Maroon from launch and look at all this haze beautiful section of ridge here
[I gathered water here another day] I’ve had a pretty good run though Mt Barney massif and what a cracker of a day
flying all around there and finishing in an awesome spot from the depths of the forest Byron bay I forgot my mobile phone this whole trip
so Byron bay is a good landmark I managed to fly around here, to south-facing cliffs I’m at nearly 4000 feet, and what a beautiful light nice clear air I’m pretty deep now yeah so ideally I’ll
get up and over just another 360 pan I’m starting to recognize some of the hills
around here I’ll be around. Kyogle there
that’s away I’m heading it’s all good mate enough room for both of us I got a lift all the way up to here but there really isn’t places you can
take off from these hills they’re all covered in trees that’s the main problem
with trying to do vol biv I realized about now that I wasn’t gonna make it
so I pushed here for the highway [Mt Greville] this spot is where it’s at looks a bit like flax so Barney and
Lindesay and.. very scenic, rainforest-y Killarney is out there there’s some guys
having a picnic on that point pretty deep in the trees here but there
are openings in the river flats where I can land hey buddy
he’s pretty big actually cool experience either way got to be happy with today’s flight
look at this scenery Dave Snowden’s wings flying side by side oh thank you Andy here we are at Mt Nebo, first time in years the wind is coming from that way from the north
Andy’s back here you can see the city but it’s pretty hazy today this snake.. I don’t know if I’ve ever
seen a snake this big look at that he’s going to lick me soon I’m a bit too high but you can see all the fire damage
[from Beechmont] especially down here [Flying Fox] too I’m tempted to go this way maybe even try a triangle but it’ll be good to finish at the
[Canungra Cup] goal with the others great views of Mt Barney, Mt Maroon goal is there but it’s only about 12:30pm,
too early to go to goal Mt Warning in the distance trying to get some views of Mt Maroon down there Mt Superbus looking pretty
ominous Wilson’s peak Australia is on fire Cunningham’s gap is up there somewhere down below me is the main divide [Great Dividing range] running behind the east coast of Australia
I’ve finally crossed it from Canungra it’s only taken over 12 years probably a bit of a waste of the day
starting so late there it is, Mt Lindesay well that’s Lindesay from the south side this is good scrappy through here like pretty blue
want to head down that way maybe towards Stanthorpe pretty sharp change in vegetation seven and a half thousand feet Killarney is over there somewhere mostly dry creek well I’m low enough to easily hear crickets Tenterfield straight ahead
she can see it these landing options are fantastic though that rock just looks so good Well I’ve dived low into this place it’s where I got the infamous Australian
handshake did you like that? good trick? hey – no need for that mate
snuck up on me you bastard oi that’s not cool mate, all right
f— off f—head so we’ve kind of been hanging around here Andrew got a fairly big cravat there Andrew and I trying to get a climb in the lee of this bump head for the lake? nice work yeah getting down could be a challenge

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