Australian Women’s cricketer Ash Gardner reviews her Kingsport Deadly bat – Cricket Bat Reviews

G’day, everybody. Welcome to Kingsgrove Sports. Today we are here with Ash Gardner,
Kingsgrove Sports Ambassador. And today, we’re gonna talk about her bats,
which are the Kingsport Deadly. So these are a great bat, nice traditional sort of shape,
with that mid-to-low-ish middle, but as you can see, nice and big, nice and full,
good size edge, and a really nice peak. So a great all-round bat. Now, Ashleigh, why did you choose Kingsport? I guess there’s a couple meanings —
obviously, being the Aboriginal colours is pretty close to me,
being from Aboriginal heritage. It’s pretty cool to be the only ambassador
using the Deadly range, and I think — like I said it affects me personally using this
— and it’s, yeah, just a really cool thing to represent Kingsport on a national —
international scale. And I guess showing how good
Kingsport really is. Okay, so the Deadly’s got a big profile,
big and full at the back. Why do you prefer that shape? Because I’m an attacking batter, I like to,
obviously, hit the boundary quite often, and I think having more meat in the bat, I guess,
gives me a little bit more of an advantage over more spiny, skinnier bats. So, that’s probably why I like to have
a more fuller blade. Yeah, and obviously now, especially in the women’s
games, we’re getting a lot more attacking, and obviously T20-dominated, so you need
that big bat to hit those fours and sixes. Yeah, definitely. I guess in the Big Bash
that’s the main name of the game, isn’t it? To hit as many boundaries as you can,
and I guess with a really good bat — that’s a really nice, full piece of wood —
I guess gives us that opportunity to do so. Alright, everybody. So, not only will we have bats,
we’ll also have gloves, as well. And you can check it all out at

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