Autism in Cricket: Boyd’s Story

It wasn’t until Boyd was about four that
we started noticing he wasn’t hitting milestones like a regular four year old Once he was diagnosed with Autism it
gave us a a path to follow and gave us some direction on how we could help Boyd to reach his potential I’ve been playing cricket with Boyd since 2009 so about 10 years now I just love the enthusiasm he brings I love that when he gets out there it’s all about the cricket it’s all about being around his mates having fun having a laugh so it doesn’t matter what day it is; if it’s cold; if it’s hot; we want him to bat; we want him to Bowl – he’ll just do anything and he just loves it Cricket gives him more than just cricket he learns independence skills,
socialising it makes him feel good about himself I love him. I love him to bits. I talk about him in class He’s a very good cricketer And we set up a rope on the back patio with a ball like Donald Bradman and I think even Adam Gilchrist had one of those and with his repetitive behavior of course that really developed his straight bat like
Steve Waugh Last year there’s a game, we’re struggling Boyd comes on, takes five wickets in a row and changes the game It was a great day for me I liked it when I got five wickets It’s every boy’s dream to to play for
Australia when you start playing cricket and we’ve got Boyd in our club who’s
playing for Australia which is just fantastic and it just makes all of us just swell with pride you know he makes runs for Australia, he’s been Man of the Match, player of the series and we just go yeah that’s a Mount Lawley cricketer right there succeeding on a world stage We try to be humble, we try not to brag
and we try not to um big note him The growth that he has shown is one thing but I think as a club and as a community we’ve grown even further Boyd’s just part of the club the same as me the same as anybody else I honestly don’t know what we would have done without cricket and Boyd being involved It really has changed our lives I would 100% say that we are better as a
community for having Boyd at our club.

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