Autism in Cricket: Today Tonight talks to Adam Gilchrist

Their passion for the game is on par with everyone else and why shouldn’t it be they just normal little kids. One of the challenges for children with Autism is that it’s a hidden disability In his playing days Adam Gilchrist provided joy for spectators Now he’s proving a hit for those with Autism yeah, often the first experience in a club a sporting club, in particular a cricket club for a family with a child that suffers with Autism often its a negative experience Adam is the face of the program where clubs are urged to include Autistic participants and the special qualities they bring. Their ability to retain information, um and cricket’s a game full of information and stats and uh history once they’re engaged they’re going to have a huge impression, make a huge impression on every club By having Gilly as our ambassador he is reducing the stigma that is often attached to Autism The numbers speak volumes for what this program will provide Around 1 in a 100 children have Autism in Western Australia there’s around 8000 children with Autism Autistic people are so capable and to get them involved in community through sport is good for their health Lisa’s son, Boyd has Autism and is a cricket tragic. Today, he faced up to one of his heroes. Children with Autism shouldn’t be nervous about joining sport Cricket is a sport for all They want to play cricket at cricket clubs because they want to get a chance to play cricket when they get older Both Gilly and Boyd are riding the highs and lows of Australia’s Ashes campaign and next weeks fourth test A healthy Ashes competition is pretty healthy for cricket around the world as long as its just goes our way at the end, we’re happy We can still win the Ashes with Steve Smith back in Go the Aussies!

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