Autism in Cricket: Top 5 tips on how to use a Whiteboard to create Inclusion

Visual supports are a great way for kids
with autism to understand their daily activities. Now that cricket season is here these are our top five tips on how to use a whiteboard to be more inclusive. Number one: Visual Schedule So we can go through the day-to-day activity of the cricket game or cricket training session so that the kid may know exactly what
they’re going to be doing so it can be as simple as warm-up, bowling, batting, fruit then home time something simple like that Second: First Then So this one’s really simple and really effective So first we’re going to be bowling then we’re gonna have fruit and keep it really clear and concise Number three, is a Reward Chart So as simple as something like a tickboard You’re going to be bowling six balls and then you can have your drink So I’m working for? What drink? Bowl one ball tick and so on and so on for six ticks Number four – a Batting or bowling order So you can have numbers 1 to 11 down the side with the kids name next to them If its a batting order you can have a star next to the ones that are batting and a circle next to the ones that are going to be getting ready and going in there and so on Number five a diagram of the field and with the
positions and names so for the kids with autism they can understand where they’re going to be fielding who they’re going to be fielding next to and the other kids can help them We would love to hear your suggestions and feedback. Please email us at [email protected] Or leave us a comment on this post.

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