Avengers Kids Hide and Seek Nerf!

(tense, dramatic music) – Yes, I’m back again for
some more hide and seek. Only this time, it’s with Nerf. The Avengers Kids are inside this house, and they 60 seconds to
hide before I come in, and find them. (laughing)
(upbeat, jazzy music) – [Kid] Can we have them? (laughs) (roaring) (plastic clicking) (upbeat rock music) (wood clattering) (tense, dramatic music) – Right, let’s go. Mm, let’s start upstairs. Come on out, Avengers. I’m coming for you. Gotcha! Ugh, okay, maybe not. Here? No. Hmm. You’d think he would’ve tidied
his room for this video. Are you here? Are you here? Someone must be under the bed, no? (buzzing) What’s that? Hey, there’s somebody hiding here. (screaming) Got you, Ant-Man! What are you going to do now? (upbeat electronic dance music) Hey! (laughs) Right, who’s next? (tense, dramatic music) Hi, handsome. (mirror clattering) Are those women’s clothes? Huh, who’s that? Hulk, come on back, Hulk! (upbeat electronic dance music) (plastic clicking) (laughs) It’s like Infinity
War all over again. (bombastic, militaristic music) Behind the door? No. I’m coming for you Avengers, and I will find you. Ow, my head! That really hurt. I’m losing patience now. This is making my head hurt even more. Where are you? I know. (knocking) Knock, knock, destiny is here. (tense, dramatic music) Who’s in there? Is that Spider-Man? (laughing) (squealing) (grunting) (squealing) Hey, don’t make me click my fingers again. I can’t believe you went for the head. Right, where are the others? (dramatic drum music) (dramatic music) None of them here. Why so much Lego? Come on, Avengers. The end is near. Is that a cat? (sombre, peaceful music) Hey, little cat. Would you like me to adopt you? I like cats. (cat mewling) Ah, I almost forget. I need to find the Avengers Kids. In here? What about here? (upbeat electronic music)
(gasping) Got you, Captain America! (laughing) (screaming) (Nerf gun buzzing) (screaming) (laughs) He surrendered. Right, where’s the last one? (dreamy electronic music) Look at these silly costumes. Who has this many costumes? (upbeat, playful music) You must be in here! Aw! Lego Movie, what’s that doing in here? (tense, dramatic music) Hey, there you are! Come on out, Thor! (plastic clicking) Ah! Stop firing at me! (bright, cheerful music) (screaming) – Ah! – Ow! (groans) (Avengers Kids shouting) Hey, get off! No, please don’t go for the head. I’m getting out of here! – Yeah! – Give this video a thumb’s up
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