AVGN: Bad Game Cover Art #12 – Street Hockey ’95 (SNES)

[“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” plays] This is Street Hockey ’95, for Super Nintendo. So let me guess, they didn’t know if it was gonna be
a fighting game, or a hockey game. So they got Lil Jon, and asked him, and he said,
“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?” So they went with a font and color scheme
to imitate Street Fighter, and asked him to an impossible levitating kick,
and then he said, “OKAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!”. But okay wan’t good enough.
So they added hockey elements, and then he said, “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” This is like MTV regurgitated all over
a Super Nintendo box! I don’t get any of this! What’s with the Barbie doll girl?
That mask he’s wearing? That mean dog on the cover? Just to prepare you,
“Warning: This game is badass. Woof woof.” There is nothing correct about any of the sizes. Is the girl small? Is the alley enormous?
Is the man giant? Is that his shadow? Why doesn’t the girl have a shadow?
Why was she pasted in last minute? And for a game about hockey, there’s very little
hockey equipment on the cover. That stick he’s holding is awkwardly turned,
so it might as well be a canoe padle. I like the way he’s pointing at you, as if saying,
“Yeah. You wanna play this. You know you do.” You know you’re gonna be comin’ back for
Street Hockey ’96 and ’97… …which never happened. Although there were other Street Sports games like Jammit. Yeah, I’ll tell you where you can jam it. The game used the multiplayer adapter:
Hudson Super Multitap. Just in case you ever wanna play Street Hockey ’95
with… four people at a time. As soon as anybody sees that cover, they go,
“Ohhhhh, okay! Okay! That’s– that’s fine!”

100 thoughts on “AVGN: Bad Game Cover Art #12 – Street Hockey ’95 (SNES)

  1. I think he's looking at you like, "Hah! You bought this compressed log of shit and actually stuck it into your console! YEEEAAHH!"

  2. Crappy game making a lame ass attempt to siphon coolness off a popular game by making the title font a rip off of Street Fighter 2.

  3. What on EARTH does it have a GTE logo on it for? What did GTE have to do with video games?!!!

    GTE was a telephone company, one of the largest ones in the US, and thats all it was. It made, marketed, and oversaw phones and phone services.

    Yeah it different type of corporation. Now.

    But in 1995? It was a phone company!

    This would be like a video game having a Trojan condoms logo on it.

  4. 0:45
    It's that fucking Thunderdome dog which was used on covers of some European hardtechno and gabber records in early and mid 90ies

  5. i wish you would have brought attention to the bracelet he is wearing. i would love to hear what the AVGN thinks about pukka shells

  6. I was dying laughing when James started with his 'Lil Jon impersonation…Great stuff. As if the box art wasn't hilarious enough. Although as soon as you see the GTE logo on a game, saavy gamers would have known it's probably gonna suck.

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