100 thoughts on “AYAH’S FIRST TIME IN THE POOL!

  1. Adam latoya send me from insta to tell you not to remove your braids . They are actually 休另hough hope you keep them on

  2. The braids are 叫ending love to one of my favourite you tube families 歹 from London突 keep up the positive vibes 弘

  3. I miss the old Adam with his long hair. Not that I want him to go back to that( for the change it is good) But I would rather see him with a super short look and taking that beard off. That makes him look like oussam bin laden and with that afro oww lord. I want to see him with a flat look with no curls. Just smooth flat and beard off.

  4. Adam you look with the braids I remember you use rock braids when was younger before children and Congratulations to Zayn, my nephews live in Georgia they start play all kind of sports when they around zayn now grown they college football,so keep it up you never know what he become

  5. The braids look good Adam; you gotta switch it up on Latoya! She's always switching it up on you haha

  6. Aweeee! Zanes such a cutie his response to Adams braids, soo adorable and sweet! and they look great guys and Aiahs such a cutie swimming! Kisses!, and good job Zane with baseball and Samias gonna be a great gymnast someday guys!歹歹

  7. ALL OF YALL GOT SLAYED. Adam looks so good with braids. Javan stay serving the fresh haircuts and Samia's so gorgeous and confident

  8. Adam looks nice with the braids. But it's not him… He's a grown man who got his own look and don't wanna look like the rest of these insta dudes,仄..glad he tried something new though. I love seeing the Ali kids they're so kayoot!

  9. I had to put on the captions when Jai was braiding Adam's hair. Did he say "your (Latoya) hair is the same weight" lol

  10. We do have popeyes sandwich in Canada especially the cajun spicey chicken sandwich it's so good .girl when u com home u find a popeyes and order your sandwich girl.

  11. That's right Zayne now I know you are a real man .but that's ok men wear braids too n it looks nice on dad.when u get older u will try it .

  12. Hi Ayah papaya. Zayn look soo cute playing baseball, love Samia's braids. I prefer Adam's hair the regular way he wears it, sorry y'all. 仄儭

  13. Adam looks younger with the braids, I like the different look adam! Sometimes it's good to switch up the look

  14. Latoya Ive be a subscriber of yours since I was in middle school. Im about to go to college now, so proud of your Queen. So proud!!!歹歹歹

  15. Been rocking with yall since latoya first found out she was pregnant!!!!!! And when she pulled up on Adam at his work as a personal trainer!!!!!! Goshhhh 歹歹歹歹

  16. wow!…samia n Adams hair looks soo nice on them……cant wait to see your hair doo latoya….n baby girl is getting soo big with her big dark eyes….she makes me want another baby now….lol…..but at my age n lack of money…well its just a wish….lol

  17. Go Zayne! Oh that's so nice Zayne playing baseball he going to be big time baseball player, been watching from the very beginning . It's so beautiful to watch the fam grow.

  18. Gal!!! I love you, your family and y'all videos! But you annoyed the guys near the end of the video! LOL! Behave yourself lady!

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