Babar Azam hit 56 off 39 balls today for Somerset against Esex.

in one of them a mere inlet over again
through your so that’s a lovely shot that was about you I think it’s gonna
get there I can’t quite see it pretty well themselves they’ve got players who
can hit the ball a long way in game Thursday I’m trimming down the ground
that should be for as long as it occurred I besought one meet on I’m
going to say that losing a third as a music bowls and as he’s shortening to
control Paul before it was only just down at the reach of a binding backwards
we’re late but it’s right in their eyes it’s beautiful from west from where
we’re sitting down in the lovely sign samples a little bit short backcap
before was the poor Lily from Tampa and swimming on your side walking on the Lex
is on the bounty drivers club so do you feel that going to go for know the Bulls
going to pitch I don’t think he’s going to go for I just rules over the rope I
thought for a second there should be slight wait listen I finally got on the
leg side us on the boundary as how the possible victim here great here
definitely take us to the sand way to Mars probably buried itself in the river
behind us harlot right I was a writer is Alec he
clipped that way through the next week the two men pretty much after short oh
man there’s about 10 yards between these people gap and runs away for four runs
slightly to light side of the bat and then goes through 450 he’s on 52 and
sunset go to 145 in backward point there’s a ball quickly so down the next
I clicks away it’s going to be four more buys off the pilots oh look it’s four

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