Babe Ruth’s Historic Bat That Struck 60th Homer in 1927

it was a year of great advancement
Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic the Holland Tunnel linked New Jersey to
New York the jazz singer brought an end to the silent movie era and Babe Ruth
completed his greatest masterpiece of all though his fabled record has since
fallen the great Bambino 60 home runs during the New York Yankees World
Championship season of 1927 remains one of the landmark achievements in the
history of American sports Heritage Auctions is proud and privileged to
present to the collecting community the bat that struck the final blow of that
story five dozen Ruth gifted the magical lumber to famed silver screen star in
Pioneer baseball memorabilia collector Joey Brown the same man to whom he had
gifted the bat he had used to launch three home runs in Game four of the 1926
World Series for an ailing youngster named Johnny Sylvester that 1926 bat and
most of the rest of Browns incredible collection was lost in the 1961 Los
Angeles wildfires but this special component was spared destruction when
Brown gifted it to his son Joe jr. general manager of the Pittsburgh
Pirates in celebration of the team’s 1960 World Championship
today Ruth’s record-setting bat stands as one of the most significant artifacts
of American sports in private hands but it’s far more than that as the elite
example of the tool that carried a poor kid from the streets of
Baltimore to the pinnacle of global fame it is the ultimate example of the
American dream

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