Baby Rodrigues Fruit Bat Learns To Fly | The Zoo: From The Inside

– [Female Keeper] Target
training is pretty much the first step that an animal will learn. – The reward is getting
to hang out with us. You ready? Oh man.
– That was so good. – That was awesome.
– You’re so smart. (upbeat music) – [Female Keeper] She flew
like five feet this morning. – [Male Keeper] Wow. – Today we are having flight lessons with Barbara Gordon. She is a baby bat that
we’ve been taking care of and it’s a chance for her to get out of her enclosure for a little bit and spread her wings and
start to learn how to fly. Our ultimate goal with
her is to re-release her into our population of
Rodrigues fruit bats and so to do that, she
needs to be able to fly and this is a good opportunity
for her to learn how. Oh, I got clickers in my pocket. – [Male Keeper] So we’re
gonna introduce a target and the goal is to get
her to fly to the target and to us.
– Yeah. – [Male Keeper] When she
flies at me I’ll click, hand you the target and
then you can hold it up and hopefully she flies
to you and you click. – Yeah, yeah. – She’s already ready. So you wanna open it and then step back. – Yeah.
– Alright let’s do it and I’ll keep my hand
up here with the target. – Ready little Barbara. Alright ready?
– Yep, I’m ready. Hey. Good job, Barbara. We want her to associate the target stick with something that she’s
flying towards, which is us. We’re gonna show her the target stick, if she flies to the
target stick and we click and instead of food, the reward is getting to hang out with us and that’s positive reinforcement for her. – I’m ready.
– You’re ready, okay. – Yeah. – Oh, man.
– That was so good! – That was awesome.
– Good job, I know. She did touch the target stick the first time we presented it to her, which is very exciting to see. You’re so smart. – She’s doing really well,
now we would like her to fly back and forth. – [Lady Keeper] What do you think? – The interesting thing for us is that we’ve never hand-reared a fruit bat so we don’t really know how much they should be flying right now. So we’re just letting her tell
us how much she should be. – [Lady Keeper] Think we should
put her back on the door. – You think so? – Yeah.
– Okay, that’s fine, then we can start again.
– Yeah. We put Barbara Gordon back on the door and that’s just to kind of reset her. There you are, ready mama? Latch on. – Hey Barbara.
– Okay. – Click.
– That was a good one. – That was really good. Alright, whenever you’re ready. – Okay.
– Alright, good distance. – Wait, wait, yeah okay.
– Alright. Awesome. – This is the first bat that I have ever had a chance to help hand raise and it’s really nice to
see that when she lands on me, she does go into a
typical bat hanging position. (upbeat music) – [Male Keeper] I think
that’s pretty good for now. – Alright, well I can hang out with her if you wanna change her food.
– Yeah sure. It’s cool to see her
develop her flight muscles. It’s a really exciting time,
I think she’s almost there. – That was a good one. – [Male Keeper] I’m ready. – Put your other foot on there. Okay go, go. I’m getting the hang of it, I have to say. – Aw, now you could go eat your dinner. – Alright, Barbara. Today went really well. Barbara Gordon gets an A+
for today’s flying lesson. She’s my first baby bat, I’m not gonna give her anything but perfect. I have to say it’s pretty much the best part of my day,
getting to come up here and spend some time with her.

19 thoughts on “Baby Rodrigues Fruit Bat Learns To Fly | The Zoo: From The Inside

  1. That was cute. I am a bat person as I go to 4 bat utube sites where they rescue Flying Foxes that have been injured. I also love the tiny bats too.

  2. I can’t help but wonder how many people know that Barbara Gordon was Police Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, who was Batgirl! The TV series starring Adam West was/is a classic, which stands the test of time…

  3. Y'all need more funding to hire more people. Your all life long employees with little to no room for growth.. I want to work with animals too

  4. She didn't raise her! Barbara Gordon was raised by the other lady who brought her here to live with other bats.
    These two are here just to acclimate her, waiting for the transfer into the bigger enclosure.

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