Hey guys, whats up it’s Marc from GiraffeNeckGaming coming at you today with a video that I have been excited to make
for weeks now I’ve been hinting at it for a while we are playing the best
baseball series ever we’re playing the original the og in this series backyard
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on this backyard baseball video this is the game I grew up playing I loved it so
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ado let’s get going into a backyard baseball the original the og I’m just
gonna I’m gonna appreciate this intro here humongous entertainment let’s go
charge oh there she is Jocinda Smith was good let’s hear this intro so this
is some music here it’s bringing back memories oh my god this is the greatest
game ever well actually probably 2001s my favorite but the original Pablo
my boy what’s up Pablo look at this look at that look at how it was damn okay
let’s go ahead and lets do let’s go let’s just put it right into a game pickup
window Eckman Acres we have with the playground Commons that’s just a classic
field sandy flats another classic steel stadium hitting into that pool steel
stadium because I want to hit one into the pool how many home runs are we gonna
hit into the pool that’s the real question
our game options pickup game yup set up regular swing spot medium six innings
perfect oh my god these team names are the best got the bombers the Rockets the
Hornets the Sox the Giants the wombats the melonhead’s
all-stars Monstars and fishes we got to be the melon heads and we’re gonna be
the we’re gonna be the SuperDuper melon heads and we’re gonna go ahead and give
ourselves a little bit of red cuz I’m wearing red today and now let’s go ahead
and pick teams here Oh Pablo is not on this option here oh no he is there I
better get the first pick no yes you you you took a Lisa Crockett are you stupid
do you see who’s here it’s freakin Pablo Sanchez can I get him to say what he was
gonna say again yo primero yo I promise you I know what
he’s gonna say when you pick him it’s vamos a ganar on which is I think we’re
gonna win so Pablo Sanchez the greatest player of all time
yes he was my imaginary friend when I was a kid welcome to the team
and he says vamos a ganar oh let’s go all right number two pick oh man we got
lots of choices we got Kenny the Gooch Kenny the most scrutiny about your card
is they give you a running set and you’re in a wheelchair man we know you
ain’t running I think just Cinda was when I was talking about ya Jos in two
drops bombs Joe Cinda I am picking you girl relax Pete wheeler or Keisha
I got to go Pete wheeler he’s a classic yeah you can Pete let’s go you’re on my
team Pete this is simple simple all right
don’t take Kenny all right they took a mirror that’s fine I can live without
Amir Khan I do need my boy Kenny Kawaguchi to be on the mound dudes in a
wheelchair but don’t matter he’s a beast yes dontay we can get pizza don’t worry
look at that afro all right next one would be Achmed oh you took Achmed he’s
got a nickname of spud we’re taking spud Ronnie Dobbs welcome to the squad
Marquis du Bois like yeah Marky I got to take Marky I can’t believe they made a
kid like this can you imagine if this game came out now and they just made a
kid that was like sure done by a day I’m sorry Ricky I didn’t take you earlier
but we’ll take you here with the last pic ninth overall we got a solid team
here we’re gonna go ahead and build the lineup sit down little girl but we’re
gonna go ahead and build our lineup here strategy oh my God look how good this
game was let’s go ahead and hop into a game here it’s been long enough they
named him Vinny the Gooch the Gooch that’s the skin in between your butt and
the all right let’s play this bad boy let’s go play ball Angela Delvecchio on
the mound dude and listen to this song Pablo comes up with it’s like the same
song as shit he’s one the shaggy songs sexy lady let’s go Pablo he said adios baseball
you know we’re only doing power swings today cuz chicks think the long ball
here we go Pablo oh that’s a good pitch oh he smacks it to right field what is
that Ernie are you kidding me I’m gonna have to bunt here holy crap
Ernie steel how are you gonna do that get open here because we’re gonna we’re
gonna put cheese that’s right this a.m. I’ll be the show we can bun cheese all
day and bun oh you’re beating it out Pete beat it out Pete beat it out Pete
beat it out be easy easy this man’s too good so we’re gonna steal here with Pete
wheeler cuz he’s you know got wheels yup oh we might have to hit that oh did you
pop fly is that gonna drop oh Lisa Crockett nice first overall pick crazy
fishes she dropped it but this is why we got big Keesha smoke it okay sure let’s
go that’s kind of racist that accent she gave they gave her there but it’s
alright open stance dropping bombs oh-ho-ho Keesha oh Emily Oh stay fair
even in this game I hit foul ball home runs I bones crushed oh you didn’t hit
that ball well at all drop drop oh man you suck nice hands
struck out you struck out whoa they suck all right Kenny cow a Gucci in the
wheelchair on the mound looking fly with his all red jumpsuit this started with
the first pitch strike I love it and we’re gonna go the slow ball right there
that’s not where I aimed it one batter one cake any cow a Gucci Sioux later oh
we got the special pitch now the spit ball let’s go ahead and see what it’s
got oh it’s all wet okay the right hook on the outside corner are we painting
out here Kenny Kawaguchi that’s a strike I don’t know what world
that isn’t a strike in alright we’re going for the spit ball for the K let’s
make it to attend it ik that’s right Ernie steel see you later
let’s give her a slow ball right here Stephanie Morgan you were almost on my
team but you got picked let’s popped up Marky Marky Marky let’s
go home Oh Kenny snagged it Sydney no throw it
away Sydney Ron Kenny this right side of the infield is killing me they’re making
plays all day now Jesus Marquis du Bois or du Bois why don’t you not I say isn’t
are you sure you’re even lefty bro so we’re gonna play around this stance
thing I remember how is your state with open as I was little but I don’t
remember why so let’s just oh that’s a good pitch Marquis Oh how do you file
that off dude that’s right down the middle Marquis come on dude let’s go I
need to score a run if I don’t score a run this this entire time I’ll be upset
oh my god I’m terrible Oh Ricky right down the middle
Oh Ricky get out of here get out of the park
Oh Marco there’s two outs okay that’s fine well we hit the ball no why is it
mark at you boy why are you the guy running to it Marky no all right let’s
give him a loan outside a little slow ball otherwise known as the change-up oh
that’s gonna be too if we can turn to can we turn to Pablo Pablo the turn no
oh no sir – damn let’s go Pablo let’s go big fella enough of this enough this not
hitting home runs garbage we’re going open stance Pablo Sanchez is putting one
into the Ernie Steele’s pool you’re my boy Pablo you’re the greatest athlete to
ever live that’s a ball Oh Pablo get out of here get out of the park
No what is going on we finally hit it and Emir freaking come on has to catch
it oh that’s a nice pit that’s a nice pun
you better beat it that might even be a double Pete you might even be able to
I’m not gonna try for two but we got another single with Pete gear and you
know we’re stealing and I’m late that’s all right Pete’s gonna whoa whoa when is
it the outfield whoa pppp Pete back back Pete
no I suck if you know if you don’t get Sidney Weber out we’re gonna be we’re
gonna be yanking you you wheelchair out from under you and putting you somewhere
in the field all that balls hit decent Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie oh my god oh my god
oh my god Ronnie you’re just great to the dobbs family get him home zone Pete
wheeler what a throw all right we got two strikes here two outs to Lisa
Crockett their number one pick what a terrible want number 110 she strikes out
kenny cow who cheat three innings for k’s well done all right lead him back
off with Keisha here smoking occasion all right let’s go open let’s just go
open let’s go back to what I knew when I was a child and that was hitting open
it’s a decent pitch oh she gave that a decent smack Mikey Thomas can’t make a
play at Short he sucks that’s right that’s right Keesha a low single little
single get the inning started okay I think we’re scoring Oh drilled her in
the face go Keisha oh my god Stephanie Morgan’s got a hose I’ll take it we
somehow gets a second Oh through it no Keisha you fell go back no
don’t photo my god oh my god not again get back get back get back get back
oh my god oh my god all right can you want the right hook
you better throw it for a frigging strike dude three two god let’s go sit
yo ass down Ernie I don’t care if this is your house
let’s go with Pablo on the mound he wants to slow but Pablo but you throw
gas dude don’t waste your stuff on slow balls look at dude Ricky first base
Ricky gather let’s go Ricky Johnson who the boss it says who Ricky come up throw
it again Rick come on throw it again Ricky two out some right field in one
inning that’s perfect all right Ronnie Dobbs you’re disgrace
to the Dobbs family after that play in the field but if you can hit a dinger
here I’ll make up for it that’s a good pitch Oh buddy get out get out Ronnie
get out of the park Oh donar you are so freaking slow no
you’re going back you’re going back back back no Ronnie back
holy crap he’s so slow but we got a single and we smacked that ball a bit
alright we can just get somewhere I’m basement Pablo up we’re gonna be a good
shape riki drop that’s gonna drop get there Ronnie holy crap
Ronnie how about your you’re so small how are you so slow if he goes yard I’m
gonna go wild Pablo he just did it he just went York get out of there Pablo
let’s go adios pelota from the go Pablo Sanchez let’s hear that homerun music play that friggin guitar oh my god this
is so much like shaggy sexy lady but Pablo 201 kid adios bet knocked up
backyard baseball – nothing let’s go up and in fastball cheese let’s throw the
heat Pablo Oh strike two and you know we’re coming with the elevator pitch
next you know we’re coming with you yes Pablo shake yes for that pitch you know
you want it elevator strike three Amir bye bye now we got
Gretchen Hasselhoff oh my god a match from picking her on your team you’re
just guaranteed to lose nice nice to hit Gretchen congratulations you know who’s
on the mound the greatest baseball player of all time Pablo Sanchez he’s
come in he’s gotten four batters four outs too easy and we he owned into the
last inning let’s go okay show you pulled it
Keisha crushed it down the line Lisa Crockett ain’t getting there
you crazy nice angle Lisa oh my god you were the first overall pick that’s
disgraceful oh you are gonna hose him at second get
back he sure that’s a long single marquise she just said Dubois
if this guy gets a hit I’m gonna let me tell you he’ll be shocked he is so bad
Oh machi no way mark you just went yard Marky just one yard boys oh my god this
is genuine shock he just went yard the country bumpkin who probably doesn’t
know how to count to five just made it five nothing Marky
adios sped lotta baby damn mark and Dubois just hit a home run okay five
nothing here team came on late let’s go ahead and uh Ronnie you’re still bad
you’re still not very good time to close this game out Pablo on the mound looking
to get the W here for the melonhead’s starts off by hitting it – Ronnie Ronnie
all Ronnie of course dude but Dante’s there he’s like I’m playing short but it
don’t matter I’ll come field for you Oh Angelo
swinging first pitch marquise marquise he’s got a hose behind the dish oh my
god is marquise Loki incredible what is happening and now they’re their number
one pick I still can’t believe over Pablo Sanchez hell even over Marquis
Dubois Lisa Crockett goodness and she’s trying to bond with two two outs down
five what a horrible decision Lisa yes strike two let’s go Pablo one more
strike from the W for the melonhead’s spit ball time oh he wants it he wants
the old spit ball I hope it’s a strike what do we got Pablo that looks good
strike three strike her ass out let’s go Pablo let’s go five nothing victory the
super duper melonhead’s me over the crazy fishes Pablo Sanchez with that
two-run homer to get us started and then Marquis Dubois out of all the people on
the team goes yard to make it five nothing we get the W if you guys did
enjoy this video and you want to see more I know I had a lot of fun doing
this a lot more fun than playing the show
right now make sure you leave a like I’ll be very much appreciated to me
subscribe to the channel cause like I said we’re gonna be playing a lot of
retro games in the upcoming months because I can’t play the show anymore
don’t forget to get in the comment section below and let me know who your
favorite play from backyard baseball is I have a feeling most are gonna say
Popolo Sanchez because that was mine but I’m interested to see who yours is and
yeah this is such a good game this is such a good game I’m so happy I’m
playing this thank you guys for watching I’ll see you next time byte is a day in
the life am I feeling nice focus there spin it from one hell
night you know me rinse repeat hit my line we wiggle me cry the glass bring
those to bring the people bring the crew meet Amsterdam I’m a poet and my spray


  1. Bro you're such a copier. You know Mighty Goat is the only person who ever played these games. They made this series of games only for him to play obviously.

  2. So funny you uploaded this, I was just talking to my brother about ya playing this game as kids. So awesome and yes, Pablo was my favorite player too! Definitely continue this series!

  3. Don’t sleep on the power of Mikey Thomas. He’s slow as shit but hits bombs and has a rocket laser arm from the outfield.

  4. Do you know where I could get the original game to play, all I can find online are ones for like $35 and I don't feel like spending that much.

  5. Stop clicking so much when they’re running to the base, it wastes their energy so much, and isn’t needed all the time.

  6. Still have this game. It's so satisfying. Simple enough for kids to play, but nuanced enough for adults to have fun with. On the surface, it's so simplistic, but when you start into formulating strategies, there are so many little details that make this game amazing, like how the Webber twins actually get boosted ratings when they're on the same team, or how Tony is a better hitter when Angela is on the other team, or how Amir's entire ratings shift to mirror Achmed's when they play together, and how each hitter has their own individual wheelhouse (Pablo, for example, actually isn't a great dead-pull hitter, but his opposite-field power is insane.). It's a standard baseball game masquerading as a game for kids, and it's beautiful in its apparent simplicity.

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