Backyard BBQ Baseball Bat Attack: First Person Defender|S3 E9

(hard rock music) – [Voiceover] Welcome to
First Person Defender. Where good guy role players come face-to-face with unknown attackers. – [Voiceover] In real world scenarios, and fight there way out. – Do it now! – [Voiceover] Each episode
of First Person Defender features a situation
straight out of real life. – Down on the ground now! (hard rock music) – [Voiceover] This is
First Person Defender An angry neighbor complains
about the noise of a party. This concealed carry instructor has to determine if he’s a threat, and then protect others. – My name is John and I’m a
Certified Public Accountant. I own my own firm and have
done that for many years. I’ve been teaching
concealed carry since 2006. You learn things by teaching that you wouldn’t learn just by
taking the class yourself. – Other than the fact that John is a concealed carry instructor, He sounds like the average
person that carries a handgun. He’s self-employed. He doesn’t work in the firearms field. He tries to keep a gun near him. – I carry daily. I always have a concealed
carry gun within reach of me. – One of the things I
really like about John is even though he doesn’t
have formal training, he’s seeking it out through
the methods and means that he has available to him. He said he likes to read, he likes to get DVDs, and he’s trying to do something, which is probably a lot
more than some people. The scenario we have
set up for John today, is relatively simple, but it’s something that’s
becoming more common everyday. It’s going to be that
argument in the backyard, with the neighbors over whatever. We’re gonna have some extras in there, which means there’s gonna be extra people mingling around. So he’s gonna have to deal with, and be considerate of, the safety of not only himself, but the guests that are at his house. When we talk about four
firearm safety rules, number four is be sure of your target, your backstop and beyond, and I think somehow, we’re gonna involve that
rule in this scenario today. (ominous techno music) – So, John, there’s a couple things you need to know about when we do Simunitions force-on-force training
like this, alright? One is that there should be
no intentional head shots, no shots closer than one
foot off the muzzle, alright? The other thing is people that are wearing yellow shirts, the crew and things, those guys are invisible to you, alright? So if they’re wearing yellow, they’re really not part of the scenario, so try to your best and disregard them. I know it’s hard sometimes. – Alright just playing
baseball with my son. – Get this bat outta here, man. – You stay there (beep) – [Voiceover] Y’all keep
the music down a little bit. – [Voiceover] You see? (angry yells) Get outta here! – Man, get off me! (yell) – Stop! (rock music) (cinematic music) – [Voiceover] Nosler Defensive ammunition is loaded up front with the
abundant performance line of Bonded core defense bullets. (whoosh) Professionals trust their next move to Nosler Defense! (gun cocks) – [Voiceover] Slim, concealable,
and powerful protection. The M and P shields by Smith and Wesson. (rock music) Confidence? We perfected that years ago. – [Voiceover] First Person
Defender brought to you by (mechanical whoosh) (easy-going techno) – John gets set up for
a backyard barbeque, where everyone’s having fun. (whoosh) – We’re gonna have steaks, we’re gonna have burgers, we’re gonna have hot dogs, but I tell you what, man I’m looking forward
to football season. – Woo! – It’s gonna be fun! (cinematic music) Benny is Chad ignoring you? (laughs) – Is it hard to get him? – No. – Hey what are you doing? – Hey, hey, now I’m just, no! Why do you have a gun, man! – Get over here both of you. – I’m just trying to- – Get up here! C’mon! – I’m your neighbor! I’m your neighbor, look,
I’m just coming over, sorry, I’m just playing baseball with my son! (beep) – Can y’all keep the
music down a little bit? – Get outta here! – Man, get off me! (yell) – Stop! Stop! (rock music) – Holy cow! – Call 9-1-1! – Call 9-1-1, go inside and call 9-1-1. – Decock and holster, I think that’s safe in the holster. (rock music) – What just happened? – Well, first of all, they didn’t listen to me when I told them to get
back up on the porch. – Oh, the two guys that were down here? – Yeah I was trying to
get everyone behind me. – Alright, which was good. – And Ryan, shouldn’t
have gone in front of me, but when he saw me unholster, he should have gotten behind me, but he didn’t do it. – Apparently, when the bad guy came up, he must’ve come on pretty strong, because you went right to guns. – Well he had the bat
in a defensive position, he wasn’t just carrying a bat, like you would carrying a bat,
if you were carrying a bat. He had it up ready to strike, so that made me think he was gonna use it. – Really? Alright well
that’s very important. Your perception is really important. Well the gun came out really fast, so then what were you thinking? Were you actually thinking
you were gonna shoot him? – No, no, the gun came out, but he noticed it was pointed down. – [Voiceover] Uh, huh. – I wouldn’t have used it unless I had to. – Okay, and when did
you decide you had to? – When he started striking
Ryan with the bat. – Yeah and that’s pretty good, because we already know that baseball bats and you know, objects like that, you can kill somebody very quickly. – And I had to make sure there was enough distance between
them that I didn’t get Ryan, when I was getting him. – You did a good job of
putting shots on target. Were you constantly aware
of the background then? – Well I was shooting
down into the ground, so there was nothing but
the bad guy in front of me. – Alright, that was very good. (whoosh) – So for the drills today, we’re gonna be using the Springfield Range Officer Compact in 45. This is a way we can
practice a drill like this, kinda economically and easy. So we’re gonna talk about, you know, just getting away from somebody like this. There’s are threat down range. So if I decide that that becomes a threat, and I’m standing here talking, and Ryan’s in my way, what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna clear Ryan, and I’m gonna come out, and I’m gonna try to get away from him, just a little bit as I engage that threat, and if he comes back behind me, I may just say, just stay back get behind me. I may do something like this, as I engage that threat. Just trying to keep him away from me. So I take control of the situation. Anytime, anytime I can put hands on somebody that I’m caring for, is gonna be easier that
giving them verbal commands, cause what happens when you
give them verbal commands? – They don’t listen. (laughs) – Exactly. Think about this how this feels, if we we’re standing here and all of sudden I went oh jeez, Then I can drive you like that, but I’m not just gonna put my hand on you, and I want you out of the way, because if something’s coming towards me, or towards your back, I wanna protect you. – Okay. – Cause I can I have that means today. Threat (gun shots) Good and recover to holster. Alright, c’mon back in let’s do it again, and this time let’s kinda
move him out of the way, and just kinda go right in front of him. Let’s put ourselves in
between him and that. Alright, so breathe. (rock music) Ready? Threat, sweep him out of the way, get between you and him. (cinematic music) (gun shots) – [Voiceover] Coming up, we change the scenario. – I’m not leaving this is my house, go! – No! – What are you talking about? – You gonna make me leave? – Just get outta here. Get outta here now! – Calm down, man! (rock music) (hard rock music) – [Voiceover] Penetration
and massive expansion, for ultimate stopping power, when the stakes are at their highest. (gun shots) That’s what you get with Remington Ultimate Defense. – [Voiceover] I know it makes
sense to protect myself, and the confidence the laser gives me, makes even more sense. – [Voiceover] With your hand gun and the training to back it up, a laser sight is the
most common sense path to protection in a time of crisis. – [Voiceover] First Person
Defender brought to you by (rock music) (gun shot) – To me I thought John pulled
his gun out a little bit early but I did notice that Barrett was moving pretty fast across the yard. He didn’t appear really threatening to me, but it’s not my job to view that, that was up to John, and his perception is his reality. – In my opinion he had the
bat in a defensive manner. It looked to me like he
intended to use the bat. Of course you can kill
somebody with a bat. – As soon as Ryan goes down
he starts thumping him. John just sprung into action, he engaged the threat. He took him out, and it happened pretty fast. (rock music) – Party all day! – It was actually pretty cool, we’ve- – Fire’s gotta get going. – No it’s just getting warm, Kids, gotta get that steak super hot. – Get the coal super hot,
and just sear everything. Just sear on both sides. So – [Voiceover] Where did you
come up with this story? You pull this out every time? – What is that guy doing here? – You don’t know him? – Outstanding! – [Voiceover] The fun’s real, man. – [Voiceover] Now I know him. Hey man! I told you not to be here, because I wanted you to get outta here. – Seriously? – Yes! – Why is he so wussy?
– I don’t know. – Last time you were here,
you were a problem causer. – Look you’ve had too much
to drink again already, I can see it now. – Who cares how much I have
to drink you gotta leave! – I’m not leaving I’m having a good time with my friends here. No, man, I’m not- – [Voiceover] Hey hey, it’s alright. – No I’m not leaving man, you leave! – I’m not leaving this is my house, go! – No. – What are you talking about? – You gonna make me leave? – Why are you messing with him? – You make me leave, I brought something with me today. – You’re not gonna do anything. – Hey! – Brought something with you, what are you talking about? – I’m just trying to have a
good time with my friends. – Just get out of here. – No I’m having trying
to have a good time here. – Just get out of here. Get out of here, now! – Nah, man! (gun shots) (rock music) – Somebody call the cops! You still got a gun! – I had to- – Watch him! (rock music) – Holy cow, man that happened fast. – Yeah when he still had the
gun the first time though – I saw you reach for it, but you didn’t take yours out, you didn’t tip your hand. Barrett and Ryan started arguing again, except this time without having Barrett have to enter the yard. So as there are arguing, there’s only one way off of that porch. So we kept Big John, the big dog, on the porch behind Ryan this entire time, so as their arguing, at some point Barrett flashes a gun like, “Hey you wouldn’t be so tough, you know, come on down here.” Well John saw that. – He left his in his holster, I was gonna leave mine in my holster, cause I didn’t want to escalate it. – Right, right. It came, what did, he draw? – I came out beside Ryan, because he was the one having the altercation with the individual, and when I saw the person raise up his shirt to pull the gun out, I pushed Ryan out way, I pulled my gun out – So you reached for yours
you started going for it? – Yeah – He came out first. – No, I definitely came out first. – And I shot again I think three times. – In this scenario I was
actually was a controller, but I was also a role-player. So I was really watching
what was going on, and it was pretty cool. Cause John was trying like mad, to get off that porch, and get around Ryan, and you could see him kinda thinking, but he didn’t take his gun out. He didn’t go for the gun, he might have put his hand on the gun, he reached for the gun, but he didn’t take it out, because in his words he
said he didn’t want to escalate the situation unnecessarily. (rock music) John’s got a firearms background, but he does not have
a training background. So hopefully this is gonna spur in him, a desire to get out, and spend some time training. Seek out those fun trainings. Force-on-force is excellent,
if you can find it, but there’s all kinds of stuff out there, all you gotta do is look. – I know now that I need to take the training to another level. I need to go somewhere where I
can do repetitions like this, and so my next investment, won’t be a gun it’ll be training. – Like everybody else that
comes on First Person Defender, there always is nerves. There’s nerves, there’s
you know, indecision, just things that people are worried about, and you could see the same thing in John, but as the day went on, and we got through training, and gotten to that second scenario, you could see him calm down, and it was great to see it, because he was able to control himself, and he was able to do
exactly what he needed to do. (rock music)

100 thoughts on “Backyard BBQ Baseball Bat Attack: First Person Defender|S3 E9

  1. This guy took the first scenario that was a non lethal argument to a lethal continuation immediately when he presented his gun. He had no idea what the guy with a bat wanted and he still drew his gun like a scared and trigger happy kid.

  2. Man in a scenario like the first one there is no way i'm going to shoot somebody for that. That is there problem. Roy amped him on. The most i would probably do is push the guy with the bat and tell him to leave.

  3. Not sure how this guy teaches concealed carry.

    First he pulled his gun out way too fast the first time. People carry bats different ways.

    Both times he should have pulled the weapon back towards his chest and kept accessing the situation and be ready to fire another shot off. Especially the second time. He should have both hands on his gun in control after the shots, and he didn't

  4. The man with the bat was no threat until the friend escalated it. It seems he also pulled the weapon when it was not necessary which ratcheted everything up very quickly.

  5. In the first scenario the guy with the bat had it held in a non threatening manner and simply asked them to turn the music down. He didn't change his grip until Ryan escalated the conversation and then put hands on him. I would consider the bat wielder to have acted in self defense and the shooter murdered him. That he made mistakes is fine, it's why we train, but those mistakes should have been pointed out and fixed.

  6. That guy needs some more classes before going back to teaching. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes which was many. Especially in the first scenario. That was not good at all.

  7. When criticizing the gentlemen in the first scenario, I think it important to remember that the participants know they are in a "charged" atmosphere and likely more prone to react to perceived threats more aggressively than they might in an actual situation. I would agree that he drew too early, but the attacks against him are unnecessary and add nothing to intelligent discussion on the merits or faults of the video, the instruction delivered, or the actions taken.


  9. The weird thing about these simulated bullets is you need a conversion kit in order to shoot them out of a gun that is bought from a gun shop. That sucks

  10. I don't believe he had to kill the perp, my first instinct would be to kick him over and keep him on the ground.

  11. He really doesn't need to teach a ccw class. What happened him fumble in the scenerio and after he fires, he puts the gun in the air even though there's a bad guy with a gun still there. He should be taking classes, not teaching them

  12. Ever heard of reasonable force? Killing someone because they have a baseball bat is ridiculous, that should be the very last resort after you have tried to physically control them. The guy with the bat could've been easily pushed off of the victim and controlled on the ground. Training people to take someone's life that quickly is wrong

  13. well think guys, Some one you probably don't know has a bat, in your back yard, i would immediately unholster my gun not point it, but let it be known that if someone trys something I'll shoot them

  14. Wow this looked bad all the way around. The instructors on this are trying to paint a good picture but I bet they are not sold on this guy.

  15. he did pull way too fast however in his defense he knew ahead of time this was a live fire scenario so it wasn't if something happened it was when. If that were real life then yes way to quick on the draw.

  16. Not sure what state this training is in but that man could have gone to jail during first go. The guy was not a threat at all, and the actor playing his friend started the confrontation. Not good.

  17. let's hope not but this dude would die in a real situation, he pushes hes frien away and then he draws his weapon instead of using the friend as concealment and immediately push him away.

  18. 1. Scenario: Could have easily tackled the guy when he was beating his "buddy" on the ground. The bat would have been useless in the ground game.

    2. Scenario: How bout deescalating the situation by holding back your dumbass confrontational "buddy", or at least pull out your gun and order the armed intruder to lay down.

    This guy is just walking around not doing anything to defuse the situation and just shooting the first chance he gets.

  19. This guy isn't even trying to have conversation with the actors. He's acting more like a paranoid security guard. He's just ignoring the actor that trying to make it like a social gathering, but he's on edge. In my opinion, this guy is one of the main problems at a social gathering. Why is he hovering over his fake friend on the second one like that anyway? Guy is all around the most annoying one I've seen out of all these videos.

  20. See, again, I've mentioned this in previous videos, but these people never get an opportunity to relax into the situation, they always know right off the bat that they need to be in condition orange, and nobody sits around a BBQ in condition orange. The "bad guy" in that video looked a lot more like the victim. He comes up to his neighbor's BBQ playing baseball with his kid to complain to his neighbor that the music is too loud, some guy pulls a gun and another one comes up and starts shoving him. That guy could not have been holding that bat in a less threatening manor, and didn't start swinging it until after he was engaged by one of the partygoers. So again, in this scenario, as soon as somebody approached the party with a potential weapon, everybody was in condition orange. I would say he was absolutely wrong to draw his firearm at that time, and his friend was an asshole for jumping off the porch and shoving the baseball bat guy. "Of course you can kill somebody with a bat" I could kill somebody with that spatula, are you going to draw a firearm, shove me off the porch and tell me to leave if I flip the burgers in an agressive manor? If not, you shouldn't have drawn on the guy with a bat. As a matter of fact under those circumstances, if the bat wielding guy survived, he could have claimed self defense, then you're going to prison for homicide.

  21. I swear these comments are the best, pure entertainment.
    First Person Defender is great for people to experience the "pucker factor" or to get PC, "stress inoculation training". However not everyone does have critical incident experience and that is okay. But for law enforcement and military personnel this is something that is introduced in the early years of training and God willing continued training throughout ones career. Props to John for seeking more training. Well done!!!

  22. lol the second scenario was so bad… the minute I hear 'hey this is my house get out' and there is lack of compliance, I would pull my buddy back, stand in front blocking the entrance on the porch, hand on holster and say' buddy go back inside and call the police, this doesn't have to be our fight' maintaining observations on the threat at all times.

  23. I understand he doesn't have any real training experience and it's great that he is seeking more but it worries me that he is an instructor.

  24. Honestly, this guy didn't do very well. If I were to find out my dad was shot and killed just for coming to a BBQ while holding a bat a certain way, I would be frustrated and sad. The situation wasn't handled well at all.

  25. no wtf is this if someone came onto my property and flashed a gun! I would draw mine and then get him on the ground assume they still havnt drawn the gun, then call the cops. That's a death threat and he could go to jail and get his gun taken or way or ANYTHING better then KILLING HIM that's someones life someones son father or husband!
    I get its fake but its suppose to be a real scenario. Jesus this makes conceal carry people look horrible and makes them seem like their out for blood, and I love guns and all for conceal carry but this isn't right

  26. Woman allegedly attacks Mid-City bar patrons with bat, returns with gun before she's subdued, arrested

  27. His fundamentals are all wrong, the scenarios went terrible for him. First one probably would have landed him in jail, second one he waited too l Iong. if somebodies not leaving my property and they flash a gun they're gunna get one pointed at them.

  28. They handled this situation the totally wrong way when this would be presented in court the jury is going to say this man shot someone because he hit someone with a bat, it doesn't matter what kind of damage was done to the man being beaten someones life was taken because he decided to hit someone with a bat what should have been done first was a warning fire or some form of other communication, if you're the guy with the bat your focus is whoever your arguing with your adrenaline is pumping it's rushing you don't know who to focus on the man with the bat might not even know the guy with a loaded weapon is even there. Now you might say "well if you yell loud enough maybe the guy will stop" no he is not going to hear you he should have detained the man with the bat or sent off a warning shot to let the man with the bat know that if he continues then his life will be put on the line. The way this man handled the situation was completely wrong baseball bat vs bullet is what the jury would see this man would be convicted of murder in the 2nd degree and would be put in jail because he was defending himself and others the completely wrong way. Please don't make this mistake

  29. I am no expert, but against the bat… he got way to close. He could easily have been taken out by the guy with the bat.

  30. yep. that's how I get ready for battle too. a bat half held beside me. i haven't watched the whole thing yet. only first scenario. I hope theres a friendly bat holder in secon scenario to see how he acts.

  31. My first initial reaction was this guy doesn't need a gun. But then I remembered NBA all stars didn't just start off great and At some point they never held a basketball. With practice comes confidence and he definitely need more practice. He also should do research on situations when ppl have had self defense shootings. And also the law because in certain places he would have been charged for initiating the situation for brandishing a firearm and actually gave the guy with the bat a self defense situation where he wasn't in the wrong and our FPD could've actually went to jail and charged with murder

  32. he need more training, how you gonna put the gun aim when the intruder still have the gun in the hands. my opinion is that he need more training

  33. This is not a natural environment and is full of actors so of course he won't function naturally. Also no friend will purposely block you from walking down the steps like that. It was too intentional.
    All he had to do was say WHOAH WHOAH! You don't need to touch your gun, I hav a gun too and I will use it if you pull it out now go home now!

    Not just walk around…

  34. In the first scenario he definitely drew his gun too soon. He actually presented a threat of deadly force to the guy with the bat. The use of force by the guy with the bad didn't start until the third guy actually got in his face and started threatening him. If that was a true case scenario I would be interested to know if he was exonerated in self-defense

  35. I would have thrown the dude with the bat on the floor and told him to drop it pointing my gun at him and told somone to call the police like just cus ur training for firearms does not mean u have to use that as ur first resort

  36. You guys should do one with someone who is a "mental client" of a "Behavioral Counseling Service" who gets upset at the receptionist, and then turns target on a few clients who are waiting in the lobby. Just a thought. You guys are doing great, Keep up the great work, and Thanks. Where do you do your classes?

  37. I do have to agree with a lot of these guys he pulled out his gun from The holster way too fast way too soon the bad guy at first was holding the bat in a non-threatening manner in this guy is a concealed carry instructor I'm scared

  38. That first part went horrible!!!!! The guy walked over like most people when carrying a bat. Could have been joining the bbq or asking to retrieve a ball. John still thinks the guy was holding the bat up????? 2nd part also went like shit.

  39. First of all he did not pull the gun way too fast I say this because someone unknown that was not invited came onto the property he didn't know what was going on but he reacted my pulling his gun plain and simple thinking saved his life

  40. I would have drawn when the bat was swinging but he drew early. Even tackling the guy with the bad would have been maybe better in a real situation

  41. He just holding it one handed and help it up calmly when it should have still been pointed. Even the crew was like he still has a gun! IMO he failed

  42. It's too easy to armchair quarterback this but my thoughts are I think the second scenario, I would have tried to get my people in the house while watching their back then call the police.

  43. In the first scenario I feel he escalated it a bit early. In the second scenario I feel he could have perhaps said something to try and deescalate if possible, and that he was so close to the threat that he would have been better off and faster if he grabbed the dude or struck him.

  44. The guy with the bat DID NOT have it in an aggressive position. It is just as he said. He was playing baseball and that is exactly how I would have carried the bat if I had been interrupted. John was already warned that something was going to be a threat so this test is already tainted as to the results, but I guess that can not be helped, but it sure influenced John to draw down early.

  45. Had to watch till the end. Just the fact that he came away knowing that a firearm isn't an end all solution and that he needs to invest in better training made it bearable.

  46. I'm a certified firearms instructor….and this guy scared me. Everyone needs more training…not just range but defensive pistol.

  47. This guy pulled a gun on someone walking up with a bat he wasn’t a threat yet and tried to say he walked up like he was ready to use it what a load of bull 😂

  48. Here in Chicago this past week a high-speed chase occurred new to a bank robbery perpetrator exit vehicle runs into a music store shots are fired Pope gets killed 15 year old boy gets shot two times shots came from officers gun

  49. No intentional headshots? Pretty sure i saw an instructor on one episode rush a guy behind a table and point blank him in the skull 😂

  50. Its scary this dude is allowed to carry. He was super awkward and seemed like he was only thinking gun gun gun and anyone who thinks gun first and cant defend themself is dangerous

  51. If you use a gun in spain you go to jail inmediatly , the idea of shoot a guy with a beisball bat in the backyard in my country is totaly imposible

  52. Please use smëlly ïndïáns next time. They are expendable and fïlthy and nobody cares if they get killed during the demonstration.

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