Backyard Cricket T20 Series 2

Now people are joining us from all around the world. Welcome, it’s great to have you on board. Here at the GABBA Andrew Strauss has won
the toss. England will bat first. It’s a beautiful day, not as humid as it is usually in Brisbane. The pitch looks pretty good. The Australian
team huddled, Ricky Ponting had plenty to say a little earlier this morning but,
the fact is there’s been enough talking it’s time to play the game of cricket
that attracts so many people and has done for so long. The ashes, the pinnacle of all cricketing achievement. The Australian
players have made their way to the middle and the England opening batsmen Andrew Strauss and Alistair Cook are on the brink all following. Here
they come, Captain and Vice-Captain. bounces a bit and… He made it into an excellent catch Brad Hodge. It wasn’t cleanly struck at all He has no kind of record as yet he has the ability, he has the performances for Middlesex under his belt Straight at Warner, coming forward never easy. Good hands, good catch. Paul Collingwood is the new batsman. uh… he’s gonna have to do something
here Umpire Shepherd having another look. Did it strike him outside the line of off-stump? Ooh yes, what’s your decision at home? That is very, very close Hawkeye’s been on the booze I think, that was closer than that. The outside edge.It works every time. alone longlasting comes back in just a note feeling up all the names dot won a wicket watson no let’s put me down uh… and send you only need levels selling more than usual light online invitation really cake dismisses the crowd services like four so five eight to register to vote for expert and i
think the government position surrendered by few spread credit for every employees that’s a whole lot but i had tickets
it’s eighty eight acting cats it was always think you’re
right was shot rebuilding report that uh… and will be destroyed lol scandals is god what is that what we
wanted to let you know there’s millions will begin steve still sizzling this song but uh… onto the back dilution lucas walk away outside off stump mitigated spokesman this whispered to treat bridge off does not answer high-speed seemed very close then decides well defined below it still today intensive congenital loosely didn’t really carry
through to dot does well water point three cent three pfizer are r_d_
fought such as the wicket center pollutants and really touch british man intelligent destroyed that’s innocent did really well once told within some years ago all along needed some get this is julie
light-weight albeit reasons your costumes statement bomb altair ever took place that’s not steve that is very very very
nicely ready to get made went straight back yet looking for the u missing the latest a little bit visible to all sent darling inside whatsoever mister linked to this incident as well deflated started his career that’s what’s with this guy at the top
of the stops or was it salute lisa trials well he hasn’t even filled with the
fronted rowland has the selection that could be
a litany on the bag where it did incidental to make up the front end here’s a look

99 thoughts on “Backyard Cricket T20 Series 2

  1. Love this vid. As a pom I am enjoying watching this rather than our lame so called stars over in Oz. How do you do the Hawkeye thingy. The commentary is brill also.
    Keep posting lads.

  2. HEY GUYS, im a HUGE fan of yours and cannot wait until the ashes videos, but you guys have also been an inspiration to me and thanks for that… i now have my own backyard cricket videos on my channel and have future videos of my own coming out soon! PLEASE, if you are reading this check my videos out, i just want a head start into what will hopefully be another successful channel!

  3. Can anyone tell how they manage the hawk eye and other graphical things???
    That thing looks fucking awesome

  4. Please check out our channel with awesome backyard cricket highlights! We post videos everyday of magic moments and highlights videos and we would love if you guys could check it out! 🙂

  5. does anyone know how to get hotspot and other bits of technology used in real cricket when editing backyard cricket videos? like for movie maker, would help a lot thx

  6. Sam Alexander- 19 years of age, played 197 matches (Veteran) Batting average of 99.94 but highscore is 46* This guy always stay not out lol

  7. I'm no big fan of cricket, but these are awesome videos! bunch of mates having a great time playing a great game of backyard cricket, and then this guy puts up the videos complete with commentry and visual effects. Well done buddy. Keep it up. 🙂

  8. I feel pleased to see that I was not the only one who used to play cricket to this extreme level at home. I used to make team line up play both right and left handed as the actual player did and bowl in the same fashion in the same action. Why not you guys try that? mimic actual players in the teams you make and play and add a bit of commentary magic to it and it will feel like an actual game – Backyard style 😉

  9. Scrapyard Cricket – strike the ball somewhere within a scrapyard, the idea being to hide the ball amongst the scrap.

  10. I love Australia very much than my native country. cricket is my life I thought u guys must give a boring vid, but it's really awesome!

  11. Great work guys happy to see your videos every time and like your passion for cricket it takes lots of effort and time to make such a video i am from Pakistan and cricket is in my blood so happy to see backyard cricket so amazingly displayed

  12. I am new in cricket.
    I would like to know when you change bowlers and batsmans.
    I think every 6 balls bowled, the bowler change
    And when you hit 1 or 3 runs, the batsman are changed.
    I am correct?
    And what about game lengh? How many overs? Or play until get 10 outs?
    Last question: when the batsman are out, what happen? I mean, if are just 2 players per team, the out batsman comes back to bat after teammate??

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