Bad Movie Review: The Bat People

‘Well?’ Welcome back to my Dark Corner of this Sick World. ‘Something down here makes me feel primitive’ With a title like The Bat People you know where you are. It’s just a question of how long you have to wait ‘The bats’ John Beck is an expert on bats. ‘I keep forgetting they turn everybody else off’ …or caves. ‘It’s just my work.’ Before settling down into medicine once it becomes convenient to the plot. ‘You’re working on a grant of preventative medicine, and you won’t take it yourself.’ He and his wife Cathy are on their honeymoon. ‘Our honeymoon was getting a little dull anyway’ It’s going very well. ‘You’re disgusting’ To liven things up they go to a cave full of bats and… After this, John has a funny turn in a cable car. So they visit the local doctor. ‘I don’t think a week will make any difference. I’m going skiing’ In whom, I have to say, I don’t have a lot of faith. ‘I don’t know what you mean’ Following a nocturnal incident at the hospital… he explains to John what might have happened. ‘You rushed back to your room. Now you’re in a state of near coma’ If you’re rushing, then you are not anywhere near coma. And the local police are no better. ‘There’s been one or two things that have been bothering me’ My audition for Columbo didn’t go so well. ‘What’s wrong with you?’ When John becomes a suspect in some mysterious deaths he goes on the run and Sergeant Ward is there to comfort Cathy. ‘Come on, you can’t walk the streets all night.’ #’Roxanne# ‘No!’ I mentioned mysterious deaths, but we already know – if only from the title – what the solution to the mystery is… John now seems to be a were-bat, and I say seems because, despite the involvement of future special effects supremo Stan Winston, that’s all we see. And when he attacks someone… That’s all we see. It’s inferred that he’s turning into a bat as he’s drinking blood. And being even more of a jerk to his wife. ‘Just get the hell out of here and leave me alone’ bats being famously poor husbands, ‘For once in your life just do what the hell I ask’ but we see nothing. And, I think, we’re supposed to question his sanity. ‘It’s in your mind.’ as does Cathy and ever astute doctor. ‘I’m not a psychiatrist. Far from it’ But if we’re supposed to think that, why show us the hand, why use that title? ‘I don’t think you quite understand’ If the hand was the first step of a gradual reveal that would be different but it’s hand… an hour of nothing, and then. ‘Keep your hand off the light Cathy’ Here it comes. ‘I don’t want you to see me’ The big reveal… ‘You look fine Johnny’ Yes, he does, because there’s still another ten minutes to wait. And all we get while we’re waiting is John on the run from the police… assaulting a mannequin… and killing a random hobo. ‘Are you a doctor?’ I’m still not sure. Meanwhile, everyone else is trying to find what’s happening to him, again building to a reveal, with one slight problem. ‘I don’t know what he is’ But we do. If it’s in the title, it’s not a reveal. This is like calling Psycho – spoilers – It’s Him Dressed Up as His Mum. ‘You haven’t got the nerve’ All this said, I think the biggest mistake is that it’s their honeymoon – it should have been a second honeymoon, a desperate attempt to save this horrendous marriage. ‘It’s been very good, Johnny and I have been very happy’ When John comes back to say goodbye to Cathy, they end up in bed and… This infects Cathy and, after dealing with the lecherous cop. she goes off to join Johnny. In its final moments this becomes a story about an estranged couple who find that lost common ground between them by both turning into bats. ‘I don’t care about bats’. I sort of buy that but, you’ve got to sit through 90 minutes of nothing to get there. ‘Hell of a ride’ and 3 people have to die to save their marriage. ‘He believes it, therefore it must be true.’ Thanks for watching to subscribe. Click here to watch more reviews click here. At its heart. The bat people is a love story Are there any other b-movies or movies generally in which a romance hinges on something essentially preposterous and horrific? your suggestions in the comments below ‘Listen, I had a great time.’ ‘Whoopie.’

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  1. 4:17 The Bat People? There's only one. I guess the name "BATMAN" was already taken 😉
    I know of this film. Dozens like it were made in the 70's mostly on very low budgets. Bradford Dillman has played a lot of villains in his career, starting in the first screen adaption of the Leopold Loeb murders, which costarred Dean Stockwell. Last film that Dillman starred in that I know of was this sucky Corman B movie LORDS OF THE DEEP, which came out the same year as THE ABYSS. Both movies did ABYSSmally at the box office 🙂

  2. I think of this movie as the penultimate episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. To be fair, I think it had an alternate title, like They Live by Night. From this video, it occurs to me that the ending is similar to the ending of Wolf.

    If the shot of the guy's hand is from his point of view, doesn't that leave open the possibility of the transformation being in his mind and his (improbably) not being the killer—at least through the first two murders—since the murders are POV shots?

    I still remember this movie being less boring than The Alligator People.

  3. 6:10 There's this werewolf movie that ends like this film here. I don't remember the name but it came out in the early 90's , appeared on MST3K. It co-starred Joe Estevez, and me thinks Richard Lynch.
    It was not one of The Howling sequels.

  4. I had such high hopes for this movie, but it was simply another B-movie made with lost potential 😔. Stan Winston’s first movie, Gargoyles, had a better storyline, in my opinion.
    If I had to recommend a film, I’d go with Monster Shark.

  5. Love your channel and reviews! Please, please do a review of 'The Legend of Boggy Creek' (1972) or 'Encounter with the Unknown' (also 1972).

  6. I'm glad I saw the review you did on The Bat People instead of seeing the waste of time feature it was. We never got to see a clear cut form of the bat monster the actor transforms into? What a downer! What a collection of bat droppings this film was!

  7. Consider a review of "The Werewolf," a little known, better-than-average indie monster flick from 1956!
    (Steven Ritch, Don Megowan)

  8. "Are there any other b-movies, or movies generally, in which a romance hinges on something essentially preposterous and horrific?"

    Preposterous and horrific romance, eh?

    Does Twilight count?

  9. I saw this one at the drive-in as well ( my childhood was so messed up, my Dad had really bad taste in movies).

    I hated that this movie took so, so, so long to pay off; by the time it got to the end, I couldn't care less who lived, died, or got discount on their car insurance.

    I think I had more fun waiting in line at the snack bar that watching this tar pit.

  10. Films where a romance depends on something preposterous and horrific? Almost every vampire film.

  11. Question have you ever Reviewed Gargoyles 1974 Film or the Snake Movie Sssssss staring Dirk Benedict and Heather Meanzies and Reb Brown about turning Humans into Snakes, just Curious?

  12. This was, without a doubt, a disappointing film, but that ending – with the bats swarming into the police car and the wife walking away from the dying cop – was actually damned, damned fine.

  13. Dark Corners Lives By Night. After the sun has set and the night wind has died come the five to seven minutes of hilarity!

    The 70's just might have been a bit too mellow a period for a good human-to-animal transformation story. Whether it's the doctor, the sheriff, or even the victim, no one's letting this terrifying experience harsh their stone groove, man.

    Preposterous and horrific love story? Marilyn Monroe and Donald O'Connor are a couple in "There's No Business Like Show Business" (1954) and everything about that seems wrong.

  14. I'm surprised MST3K edited out that scene at 1:55. Either that or it was edited out already when they got hold of their copy.

  15. You missed the fact that the cop is dressed exactly like McCloud! A forgotten tv detective played by Dennis Weaver. The same writer (Lou Shaw) came up with McCloud and this boring ass movie. This movie feels like a long stretched out tv episode since everyone involved cranked out tv show after tv show.

  16. @5:00 After that happened we're somewhat certain that her pregnancy (yes, it did) won't be easy. That's why you understand the ending. She doesn't want to give birth and raise whatever is born, if she's still human. If you're asking why she doesn't have an abortion, it wasn't given as often as an option. And by now her will isn't her own.

  17. After watching all the 💩tty news this is a great change. 🤣👍🏻👍🏻 Its about 91/2 hours to midnight and 2020, so Happy New Years and keep em coming. My escape from the reality of today. 😊

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