Bad Umpires Are Part of Baseball…Parents: Teach Your Kids The Right Way.

What’s up? Coach Dan Blewett here! Today, let’s talk about umpires. When you make a really good pitch and they call it a
ball what do you do okay so the current climate of baseball like right when you
watch Major League Baseball there’s a little digital box it shows the strike
zone we have track man we’re soon to have a new system called
the Hawkeye system and Major League Baseball that optically tracks balls
instead of the Doppler radar Trackman system so be we can basically track
what’s the ball and what’s a strike better than we ever could we know when
umpires make good and bad calls right and they happen you know a couple times
every game sometimes they’re really ugly sometimes this is a strike sometimes
this is a ball right and these outcomes at the major league level can change the
game and when a game has changed at the major league level especially in the
playoffs it can cost millions of dollars it can cost just there’s a really big
toll to pay so at the highest level I understand why there’s often an outcry
for one pitch that can really change in a bat and change in a change a game you
know second and third two outs two two count umpire rings a guy up on a pitch
that’s clearly a ball and it ends that threat maybe that’s the winning run on
second base right that’s a big deal and there’s a lot of money at stake in the
major leagues so I understand those arguments however what we’ve the problem
that we’re facing now is that this trickles down into little league culture
this trickles out and the way players are taught the way they’re taught and
you absolutely cannot be a successful baseball player if you’re constantly
letting external factors and complaining derail you so look here’s the deal
all the way up until the end of my baseball career and when I played in the
Atlantic League which is a high level of independent professional baseball
umpires still missed calls like I just knew that umpires that they the strike
zone got very small but I knew just knew they were still gonna blow calls we all
knew that we wanted them to be better but they were always just as good as
they were right and here’s the way I want you to think about umpires
especially for your parents imagine you’re walking in the woods right you’re
going on a hike with your family and you trip on a tree root like you’re just
talking you’re not really paying attention it’s a big route you trip on
it you follow you skin your knee on a rock
you’re in the middle this trail you’re bleeding you’re in pain who do you blame
right do you complain about the forest do you shame the forest I mean is it
like a nigga just you just sort of understand right that when you go on a
hike you sometimes trip you’re you trip your
foot on a rock or on a route where you just like miss your step you might roll
an ankle there are just certain things that happen in nature that are just par
for the course right they just happen it wouldn’t really make much sense if you
just threw a fit about this route being in your way
that’s just sort of part of hiking baseball is a sport that’s fraught with
good and bad luck you make a great pitch a guy hits a blooper in the right field
it falls in and you lose the game on that you also throw a pitch right down
the middle guy hits a screamer right in your center fielders glove
both of those scenarios happen regularly one’s good ones bad ones fair ones not
it’s just part of the game now sure we want to try to eliminate these variables
like we can make sure we never make errors as umpires we should right I get
that but the youth level what happens is their parents from the from the
bleachers coaches players they get into this complaining mode where they’re
taking themselves mentally out of the game and they’re starting to put an
external focus on their performances as a pitcher you can always do better if
this is a borderline strike call and it’s a ball and you’re complaining about
it throw it over the plate stop being such a pansy stop being so scared of
contact throw it over the plate and see what happens
you know what I mean there’s just a a mindset that you don’t want to foster as
a parent or as a coach which is my players are always feeling like they’re
getting screwed over by bad hops by the field conditions by umpires these are
things that will never go away as a player they will never be completely
fair but they will always go both ways just because you got rung up on a bad
call someone else is getting rung up on the other side is just gonna happen
every blooper you give up is offset by a line drive that somebody catches on your
team it’s always gonna work itself out and at the end of the day the focus
should always be how could I have done better and what can I do now that that
call is done it’s done with I got rung up or that should have been a strike but
instead the umpire called all it should be 1/2 but instead it’s 3
1 we just need to move on alright we just need to move on and focus on the
next pitch the next at-bat the next play and as parents the worst thing you can
do is on the car ride home be like you know what that umpire really screwed you
over you order you would have done better we would have wanted that umpire
hat and screw our team over that’s the worst thing you can tell your kids on
the way home they start then developing this culture of it was his fault it was
the fields fault it was everyone else’s fault when you own it yourself you’re
gonna grow from those those failures you’re gonna grow and say you know what
you know the umpire definitely squeezed me today that’s just reality he did
squeeze me I know those those balls should have been strikes but you know
what I still could have pitched better I still could have beared down and made a
better pitch even when the umpire you know
stole a strike from me that’s the mindset good players have and when you
as a parent or you as a coach you’re allowing your kid to say yeah they took
that game from me screw that umpire he owed me better we should have won no it
should be you know what yeah the umpire was bad that’s an objective fact but you
know what you could have played better you know what we could have done this
you know what you just got to battle through it when the umpires are bad the
umpires are part of the game it’s like playing in the rain you get a bad umpire
it’s no different than playing at 40 degree weather or with you know rainy
conditions or with a terrible mound or maybe there’s like you more the gnats or
those little bugs the midge I think they were called who are attacking the the
Cleveland Indians pitchers back in the 90s they just had to pitch through that
they couldn’t complain about it didn’t matter like it’s it is what it is you
just got to keep pitching okay so I want to do this video because I’m really
passionate about players owning their career and owning what they’re doing on
the mound and taking responsibility when you take responsibility for yourself and
take an inward focus and don’t let the field conditions and the umpires are
simply part of the field conditions when you don’t let those affect you it allows
you to stay focused on yourself and grow as a player and ultimately be the best
version of yourself okay I hope you enjoyed this video share it
with someone who needs to hear it and I’ll see you here on the next one!

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