Badminton Backhand Clear: How to Improve the Timing

Now how to make the timing of hit accurate now, when you hit shuttle cock please hold the shuttle cock first and then hit it, so please take the shuttle cock with 2 actions this is what I mean, you are ready and shuttle is coming there first thing you have to do, move your racket to the shuttle cock here shuttle cock is there, move hold bang because you hold it you know the distance because you hold it there is much better chance to make the timing, hitting timing accurate watch my racket, you are ready shuttle is going from here go to the shuttle cock straight wait, shuttle comes and then hit so 2 actions, 1 2 watch me 1 2 1 2 1 2 now if I don’t hold it there are more chance of miss hitting watch this shuttle go, you go and hit it now compare rather than some players hit shuttle cock one way what I mean is this, shuttle is there their racket is already back watch this shuttle is there already back and then from here to one way oh no this is right way there one way it looks like boxer hits from here to that way its better to hit two ways that’s the way to generate more power, this is what I mean two ways is hold and hit hold back hit hold hold so you hold shuttle comes back bang instead of already here and then hit compare already here one way two ways so set back bang like clear set back forward not back forward same backhand not here hit

19 thoughts on “Badminton Backhand Clear: How to Improve the Timing

  1. very useful, I always miss hit the shuttle on backhand side, This video tell why, just only the way you start holding to hit, I always start my racket at the back side because I think i'll have not enough power, so i try to make more action. this video help me improve my backhand. Thank very much.

  2. I am very pleased to this clip is giving you beneficial information to you. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  3. my backhand clear improve alot after watching all ur backhand clear video…but when the shuttle go below ur waist is very hard to hit it to rear court with backhand..

  4. When shuttlecock is low then your posture should be as low as the shuttlecock.
    Try to lower your posture, shoulder, arm eyes but all other skills stay same. Let me know how you get on. Lee

  5. Hi coach lee
    My back hand is improved a lot specially back hand drop and clear but realised that when I play with plastic yonex shuttle (marvis 300), back hand clear is not as clean as feather shuttle. Is there flight difference between both type of shuttle

  6. yes there will be a lot differences between the feather and Practic. If it possible it is better to practice with feather. Lee

  7. hmmm, not sure if I should join your club or any club for that matter. I'm an intermediate player who enjoys playing the game but would never go like competitive. I have played in a few tournaments hardly winning any games. What are your thoughts on one like me on whether to join a club?

  8. Sure, I think you should join a club. How do you know before you have tried. Nobody will do well without putting time and effort. please be positive and give a best shot you may find out you are so much better then you think you are. Lee

  9. Very useful. Never heard about the hit 2 ways before but now that you mention it, I can see it being done by players with strong back hands. I used to do the 1 way and ended up pushing the shuttle.

    Also, it seems like it’s important to stop the wrist just before the racket head make contact with the shuttle. This allows the racket head to whip and create that extra power. Is that true?

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