Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (3) How to Use Your Wrist

Now, next point is the wrist ok, the wrist, shuttle is coming from there to me here when you see my hand, you should see my knuckles my palm should be facing there so, my wrist should be moving like this should be caught so, its like taking the door handle door handle is there, you hold the door and rotate that’s the best way to use your wrist power like this ok, watch this, ok James come put that racket down, shuttle down stand there like this I will move that side, you try to not allow me to do that way ok, so like that, I can move it, ya push harder but I can go, ya I can go because its caught I can use my power like this you can try, you caught it, like this you can do it but now important, 8 or 9 out of 10 learners in badminton or many club players, their wrist for backhand is like this, so look when shuttle come there they bend that way, and their wrist moves like this instead of like this now like that, push it, I can’t push it, I can’t push it back, because there is no power but I can if I caught that way, my palm facing that way then I can do that power, there is power compare, here like that ok, ready so if this is shuttle cock, ok caught and then hit ya, like this not, never ever bend your wrist in this way in any backhanded badminton, no like this no power at all I caught the wrist, palm facing there, you are facing my knuckles my wrist is caught, my thumb is straight that way so like this ok now, watch the hit shuttle here ok, now this is right way the wrong way, like that you bend your wrist ya, once wrist is bended that way no power what so ever it has to be caught, caught caught like this then you can use all the power you have ok, remember, you must caught the wrist when you hit, hit it with caught the wrist never ever put wrist like this

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  1. And one more question. On which fingers the maximum pressure lays down at backhand-clear hit? For example, I can't involve/use a forefinger. More it serves only as support.
    And many players in my club use thumb very much.

  2. And one more question. On which fingers the maximum pressure lays down at backhand-clear hit? For example, I can't involve/use a forefinger. More it serves only as support.
    And many players in my club use thumb very much.

  3. Sound quality isn't the best. In today's technically savvy world, this should be corrected. At the very least subtitles.

  4. I will think about it. Be truethful I am not really good at that. But good topic for me to study more about it. Thank you. Lee

  5. I have played badminton for more than twenty years. I used the backhand skill before see this video but your explanation is excellent. I have seen many learning badminton videos but yours are the best. Thanks you for sharing.

  6. Good Morning Mr.Lee
    After seeing your video, I am still unable to generate power & not able to adjust to wrist work.
    Kindly advice.

  7. I am sorry to hear that, but without seeing your hitting action, it is difficult for me to advise you. Lee

  8. Thank you for your kind comment on my clip. I am very pleased to know that there players like you feel my clips are beneficial in the way you mentioned. Thank you very much for taking time to post your comment and it mean a lot to me. Lee

  9. Hi Coach Lee
    I have been to melton kynes for smash up programme and finish my level2 as a coach. There is lots of memory of you at that place. Spoke to jerry horne i believe u know him. Among this all process your videos have been my weapon. I have developed so much as a player and a coach after following your videos. I know you must be lot busy now as you r in canada but still waiting for your new videos. Please can you let me know whats your next videos which we will see soon.
    Thank you

  10. Yes I do know him very well, one of the best person I have known. Would you please pass my regards to Jerry. I am planning to do Clear, decptive clear, deception from each corners, How to play and what to train in single, backhand clear and drop shots, deceptive drop shots, how to select best rackets and correction on each skills and so on. I just need venue to do it. List of recording clips are all done. Just need time and venue. As I hav not uploaded it for while, I would like to do soo. Lee

  11. Now I know why I can't do my backhand clear/drive properly and it's sooo weak, I will try this now, thanks :)…………!!

  12. Hey Lee!

    I have been playing badminton for about seven months now, and I keep improving for every single training lesson, I even beat players who have played in seven years. I do not feel very comfortable on court, because I always tighten up my body, when I play badminton, I do not know why.. And while I am hitting the shuttlecock, I feels so unnatural, even my dad said so…

  13. …and I really want to be like the other players, they look so relaxed when hitting a clear. So my question is, how to get rid of that? Why do I feel so stiff?

  14. Wow thank you! After watching this video and practicing the techniques, everything improved by a lot; power, accuracy speed etc. (same said for all of your other videos).

    Anyway, I was wondering if it's better to do the 1-2-3 (place racket, pull back hit/land feet) motion fluidly instead of breaking them apart. 

    PS. I noticed that I get more power if I keep the racket loose in my hands until the moment of impact with the shuttlecock. I then I tighten my grip using my thumb and my index. 

  15. First of all, I cannot thank you enough for your valuable clips; I wish I had seen these 10 years ago when I was younger (now 42); I continue to play and learn, of course.  I have a question or two on the backhand clear.
    1.  When I am practicing this backhand clear the racket moves sideways too, is that normal or is it because my wrist is too weak?
    2.  I notice when you are doing a backhand-clear, your hand never goes above shoulder level (and is along your body, not in front or behind), is that the best height to take the shuttle to hit?
    I would appreciate if you can answer these two.


  16. Hi Coach Lee,

    Thank you for the reply on my comment from the Smash video. I just watched this one (Backhand Clear Skill) and will try it out tomorrow. I will let know you if I have any questions. Thanks!


  17. kamsahamnida!!! your videos are treasures for a newbie like me. Just small concern, how could you sell dvds if you post everything on youtube 😀

  18. Thanks a Lot coach. Most difficult shot for me is backhand clear. Now i learnt the technique behind it. Your videos are very useful.

  19. Hi..Lee sir..i don't have coach because i m a street player ..i love badminton how much i love badminton means even cut off my ear for the game..thank u very much sir for giving this type of tips…..

  20. Wow.. Thanks for explaining! I have been having huge problems with my backhand, as they were very weak. Now I know, I used my wrist the wrong way. Hopefully I can learn to return backhand clears very soon.

  21. Hello Lee, your video clips helps me a lot to improve my badminton skill. I would like to know how to do Backhand smash and drop shot. Thank you

  22. This coach Lee's style reminds me of Louis van Gaal. Top brilliant coach indeed. Love the coaching video, this one got such important pointers to remember. I been doing it wrong for so many years playing recreational badminton, but after this, no more weak backhand returns anymore. Thank you coach!

  23. Greetings Coach Lee, is there a video of you teaching how to return backhand flick service? or how to return a backhand flick service?

  24. too good coaching by you sir ..sir i am 18 year old i want to make carrier international is it late because i have just started i am doing hard work i love badminton so much also no afraid of any hard work.

  25. Sir no issue.
    Congrats me i win two singme matches in my company internal tournament after watchin your videos and next match will be with the winner of last tournament.

  26. Hi Mr. Coach Lee, I have a problem with my shoulder which is easy to dislocate. Do you have any suggestion how to strengthen my shoulder? Is it shoulder dislocate means I have to quit badminton forever? ="(

  27. Hi Mr. Coach, all these time the backhand has become my nightmare. Now you have teach me how to do it properly. I am very thankful for this tutorial. And I have some questions. Will building my arm muscle enhance the smash power? Is the stronger arm always equal to stronger smash? And also my shoulder always hurt a little bit when I am doing hard swing. Is my swing techniques wrong or that is just the matter of weak shoulder strength? Thank you Mr. Coach.

  28. hi coach lee. can you pls show me or tag me in a video which shows how to receive (with a backhand) a smash in the back left corner of the court. thanks

  29. When he said novice do this… And show the wrong way, I cried. Because that's what I've been doing throughout the past.

  30. Hi Coach Lee,

    Thank you very much for this video. It's very "basic" but really, really helpful to me. I've been playing since 5th-6th grade and up to now that I'm working and man, my backhand is completely incorrect!!! The "doorknob" technique makes sense. Currently, I am doing the no-power backhand wrist movement. It's like a eureka moment for me! Hopefully I can integrate it in my game soon 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much again! More power to you.

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