Badminton Backhand: The things you must not do in your backhand clear presents The Things You Must Not Do On a Backhand Clear I would like to show you the things you must not do to make a good backhand clear number 1 is do not stretch your elbow when you hit the shuttle cock your elbow must be bent and then hit like this rather than full stretch hit watch this please bend elbow and use your power from your wrist if I stretch my elbow I loose power many players who has got elbow problem quite likely they have it because when they hit backhand clear they believe they have to full stretch their elbow this is very dangerous idea, if you do you will have elbow problem because it will hit, hit you can’t hit powerful clear that way you will have problem in your elbow bend elbow use your wrist not your elbow I understand why because, overhead they have to stretch elbow full way but backhand you must not stretch your elbow all the way any time regardless whether shuttle is in front side late its wrist this is wrong way front side back ya please do not stretch your elbow all the way when you are hitting backhand clear, backhand drop does not matter, all backhand your elbow must not stretched you will have big problem See more Badminton Videos at

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