Badminton-Badminton Grips

Neutral Grip point 1 thumb, second finger opposite each other like this point 1 wrong grip this is wrong, thumb is on top this grip no power for backhand point 1 wrong grip, this one goes high no power point 1 right grip again thumb, second opposite each other there there this is point 1 point 2 the second finger should be away from third finger right gap not too much gap, this is wrong not too tight, then 4 power fingers, one control not good this is about right this is number 2 point so this 2 can help each other this is number 2 point away little gap number 3 point in grip is do little bit room here so racket can be changed inside your hand backhand ready forehand ready backhand ready forehand ready wrong, this point no room like this can’t change it, it takes may be 5 times longer to change it because there is no room and stuck palm, racket stuck not good to change grip at all this is wrong that’s right this is wrong, too much loose grip no control this is wrong, that’s wrong also touch this part not to touch up, at the top end like this so if you see behind, its touched no like this touched but if you look at on top there is gap so you can change it very quickly ready backhand ready forehand ready backhand ready forehand ready backhand ready forehand ready backhand ready forehand ready the wrong way backhand forehand this is wrong takes too long this is wrong way backhand forehand it cannot be done, because shuttle comes too quick to do that right way, change once ready backhand ready forehand ready backhand ready forehand if I go faster ready backhand ready forehand ready backhand ready forehand if you look at there ready backhand ready forehand ready forehand backhand forehand backhand one last point when you are ready its better racket head goes little bit high wrist lower, that way your wrist can be used not like this lower, higher that way if shuttle goes little bit high it can be done bang rather than like this so last point is racket head higher wrist little bit lower not this much just little bit that way your wrist power can be maximized wrong right way wrong way lower remember, the grip has to be done first before you attempt to make smash harder backhand clear harder because if grip is wrong, that won’t happen

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  1. Hi Lee,

    I have been enjoying your videos a lot and have learned a lot and my game has improved as a result so thank you!

    Please would you confirm what grip I should use for fast drop shots (forehand) from the rear court?? Should it be the neutral grip like that used for clears, or should the racket be twisted in the palm 10-15 degrees, as you recommend in your tips for more powerful smashes video? Many thanks

  2. Hi Lee,

    I have been enjoying your videos a lot and have learned a lot and my game has improved as a result so thank you!

    Please would you confirm what grip I should use for fast drop shots (forehand) from the rear court?? Should it be the neutral grip like that used for clears, or should the racket be twisted in the palm 10-15 degrees, as you recommend in your tips for more powerful smashes video? Many thanks

  3. Thank you for your comment that you are enjoyning my clips. I am sorry that the grip for drop shots are a bit complicated. There are many different kind of drop shots and grip for each different kind of drop shots are all different. Let say simple and safe push drop shot then you have to turn about 10 degree but if you do fast slice drop shot then it can be nutural grip. I am preparing drop clips and I am explain more detail about the grips. Lee

  4. I've been playing only backhand for 3 years. This video has finally shown me how to properly hold it forehand. THANK YOU SO MUCH! -3 I send you a heart

  5. Hi Coach Lee,

    How do we determine the correct grip size? Or is it a personal preference as long as the grip size does not affect changing grip?


  6. That is a very good point which I am planning to make clip for it. It is both, players individual choice but I also believe there is standard way of right size of grips depending on a player's fingers and hand size. Lee

  7. hi coach lee,
    when i get the right grip, it seems harder to hit the birdie far. Is it possible that I'm doing something wrong?

  8. You should be feeling comfertable to use the grip. If your feeling is not comfertable then it is not right for you. Please find the grip which gives you the comfort but crosser to the right grip. Lee

  9. Dear Coach

    Is there any shot that one can play with neutral grip?

    Is it better to play forehand clear shots ONLY with forehand grip or can we hit high clear with neutral grip?

    Please advice.

    Warm regards. Subrat

  10. Smash defense can be done with neutral grip, when shuttlecock passed me to on my right rear corner, then you may use the grip too. Fast slice drop shot from your right rear corner to opponent cross court also this grip can be used. But if you take shot in front of your body then this grip is not right to use in my personal view. Lee

  11. Forehand grip is also not just one. Depending on how much you are taking the shuttlecock in front or behind your body, the grip is different. It is dificult to explain by words. Please see the clip as I feel that is more accuriate. Lee

  12. Any tips on how to avoid hand calluses? I have 3 hand calluses and they are affecting me when I play because it hurts…

  13. I do know that feeling. Afetr show put some cream to make it softer. As you play badminton it will be there. No magical solution, please tell me if you find one. Lee

  14. Coach, can i ask , can i just skip the neutral grip, and change it from forehand to backhand,backhand to forehand?
    is it forehand is ur thumb and 3 more fingers stick together?

  15. No I do not think that is a good idea. To change from forehand grip to backhand grip may take 0.4 sec
    but to change from neutral grip to backhand or forehand grip may takes 0.2 sec. Also there are shots need to use neutral grip rather then backhand or forehand grip. Lee

  16. No speciall way. Just keep doing it until you do it automatically.
    It will not take too long to master it. Lee

  17. Yes that is the best way to get it in your born so you will be able to use it when ever it come. Good luck. Lee

  18. coach , when u gonna make another video about this neutral and forehand?
    i cant see neutral and forehand got any diff

  19. In regards to your last point. If you know you hit a bad shot, even if you're ready, shouldn't you hold your racket a bit lower since the opponent is most likely to hit a smash? So if he smashes straight down, you have more of a chance to get it. If he drops it, the time you get to the drop is what matters more, not how fast you change your grip. Same if he hits a clear. Holding it a bit higher is only advantageous if you're expecting for a push or drive. But it could help with peripheral vision

  20. coach Lee, i've been playing badminton for a year now. i know about the grips and everything but somehow whenever i play, my hand would get a blister within 20 to 30 minutes. do u have any suggestion to prevent this from happening?
    by the way, i love all of your videos!

  21. I think the way you grip may cause the problem. It is difficult me to advise without seeing your grip. Thank you for your kind comment on my clips. Lee

  22. coach lee how to decide how much thickness we need for the grip wrap on the handle of the racquet. thank you

  23. It is difficult one. I have to depending on my experience. I can suggest players based on what I think is right for each players. To see their length of fingers and size of their pam. It is purely my own opinion. I am thinking of making some kind of ways to suggest it. Lee

  24. Dear Lee,
    I tend to play with light weight rackets for maneuverability. But I am getting elbow pain (I am not stretching my elbow for backhand clears) now-a-days and am not able to hit powerful smashes. I am committing a little early into my shots according to my own observation. Any suggestions for me on how to overcome this please?

  25. It would be better to use bit havier racket if you would like to powerful shots. Too light racket does not give much power and I personally do like bit weighted racket. Try to use more wrist and also try to hit the shuttlecock more in front of your body. Your impact point may be above or behind your body and it will give much pressure to your elbow, you may also use much elbow to hit instead of wrist and that would also give pressure to your elbow. Lee

  26. Before you hit, when you are setting to hit , it should be 2-3 tention out of 10 but at the impact (backhand clear) your should go 9-10. If you have much power then you may go less. If will be same with smash but you need maxcium power at the impact if you do full smash. Lee

  27. Hi Coach Lee, to change from forehand to backhand grip, do I have to change back to neutral grip first?

    Also, does this mean that before I start the game, I should always be using neutral grip?


  28. It can be done with practice. When you do a lot of quality practice, your movement will be lighter and using less energy but there is no easy way. A lot of training and practice will be the answer. Lee

  29. Yes you are totally right on the two questions. That way you are ready for both side in same time. If you ready for backhand then shuttlecock comes forehand then you will be very late to change the grip and make a shot. Lee

  30. master lee , i always play with panhandle grip, if I will start playing with right grip position, how much time will it take to settle because i am really used to panhandle grip

  31. sir, i feel that when ever i hit the shuttle cock i lack the power to make the shuttle travel far especially when taking body shots

  32. Hi Coach Lee, learning this grip is really helpful, but I like to ask, if you taught to switch from the neutral grip to the forehand or backhand grip and back to neutral grip, does this mean the player is switching grips(including the neutral grip) all along the rally? Is it possible to switch from a forehand grip right away to a backhand grip or vice versa?

  33. Coach Lee, thank you very much for the different videos that you posted…ITS A BIG HELP FOR ME..I will be using them as my guide in teaching kids in our community.This summer I will be conducting a FREE SUMMER BADMINTON TRAINING. AGAIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  34. The best  video to learn how to hold racquet in correct way  …  now help me improve my grip .    Thank You  coach Lee

  35. great video..
    just a question..
    can we practice adjusting between the neutral and other grips like you did in the video @3:29…i mean without playing just practicing adjusting different grips faster and faster
    or should we do it in game to see whether we are doing it right or wrong???
    thanks in advance

  36. Thank you Lee. I have learned a lot from you after all these years since my coaching ended. I realised the flaws in my grip and had to start from scratch. I am still getting used to the new style but I am sure in time my game will become awesome. Thank you very much Lee.

  37. Sir, Is there any other purpose of neutral grip besides for ready position?
    And sir, when getting ready for smash, what grip would i choose because i think the shuttle is too fast for me to change from neutral to forehand/backhand?

  38. hi great video! btw, do you have to grip higher up when close to the net and grip further down,for smashing? more power/control that way?

  39. Coach Lee, you mentioned there should be a gap between arch of hand and racket during ready position so it is easy to switch to forehand and backhand. During forehand, such as smash and clear, should there still be a gap or no gap (held tight)? Thank you very much!

  40. Coach Lee, I am from India and I have watched all your videos, the hitting and movement techniques that you have shown all through the videos are much better than the the training given here in India, after trying out your techniques on court my game has certainly changed and I won our company's West zone badminton tournament, now I will be representing West zone in our all India tournament. I am desperately awaiting your new series of videos Dat you have just announced.. Thanks again Coach..

  41. Bloody hell! I had been doing it wrong for 25 years! No wonder I can’t change grip type easily. Thank you Coach.

  42. You should be a magician, with such quick fingers and hand! I will need to practise a lot to get even close to changing fast.

  43. Hello Lee. You are an amazing coach and your videos on badminton are extremely helpful. Please can you demonstrate how to change from forehand grip to backhand grip in one step. Thank you!

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