Badminton: Basic Positioning Practice for Doubles

Basic Positioning practice in doubles Type – I ok I would like to show you the doubles positioning depending on the situation who goes where the players who are less than 1 year or 2 years of experience, they have no idea where to go who to take what so, this is good practice for your player to understand who goes where let’s say ok side by side here I am the coach, you are here you will point one of them backwards then that person will go back so watch in doubles if you go go stay stay there so this is empty there fore his partner must come to the center important thing is before he hits his partner must be here already ok ready watch this go yeah like this but quite often in real terms, when partner go this player instead of going forward and cover the court he just watch him ready go he will watch him and then he go, shuttle lands and he says, that’s yours that’s your side but that is not true because he can’t come here after smash to take this one ok ready ok this is wrong way don’t come just watch him ready go you watch him yeah this is not right because this is empty ready, this is right when he goes, don’t watch him just come to the center ready go yeah ok like this go back now, ask this player say 1 of 2 smash or clear and depending on what he say the position has to be changed again ready clear or smash ok let’s say clear go clear stop, yes much louder, its far away he said clear so shuttle goes in the air there fore your side should be side by side ok ready clear again, loud go clear yes this time, he will smash smash yes and because partner smash he stays, he goes to the center same ok now the other way Mayur you say louder go smash go clear go clear go smash yeah you are right ready go clear go smash ok center go clear excellent ok so, when your player hits clear side by side when he say smash the front player stay there the person who smash go behind it attacking situation now, at the net ready ok Mayur watch ok if I go to the net just remain, don’t come here because you don’t know what I am going to do so this person should say 1 or 2 go net and then I will go to the net you go to the center net you stay I stay lift high lift I go back my partner moves side defence when ever shuttle goes up side by side ok ready so you say net or lift lower please go net louder Mayur go net go lift go net go lift go lift ready go, yes lift go net well done ok now this one net one, my partner can see me so this time I don’t say I make action and then move so he has to wait until I move ready ok no words because he can see me ok ready Tom you lead what ever ok ready go excellent ok Mayur you lead well done, good ok now last one, mixed rear, front all over ready together, I will point you when I point net, say nothing you do it side by side when I point rear you have to say because front person can’t see you ok ready ok wait ready lower posture go smash go smash go net net, you have to stay here ok ready go go go no no you stand same ready go clear yes smash clear well done here here net go go go go clear well done excellent thank you for watching, thank you

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  1. helo Sir . I have a doubt . Badminton is such an active sport involving lot of non stop action . u play so much of badminton . why r u not slim ? no offense meant . just an innocent doubt . becoz I have taken up the sport to reduce my belly fat.:D

  2. Good question and your question have the point. I am doing more coaching and not playing much but I do agree that I should be slimer. Thank you for pointing it out and I will try to be slim too in the near future. Lee

  3. if the player at the back keeps on doing a rally of smash then suddenly he does a clear should the player infront IMMEDIATELY go to the side for the side by side position?

  4. Yes 95% of time. But if your partner clear is so good and opponent cant attack it only then you can stay at the net to keep attack. Lee

  5. thank you for taking me sportingly . anyway , Iam a big Fan of your coaching. I find your tips easy to understand but while playing , we usually find it difficult to apply it to our game . As its such a fast game and we really find it hard to apply your techniques in the court .We end up going by our instincts than your techniques . Any advice for that ? Do we need to practise the drills first ? and many a times the shuttle hits our racquet shaft not the racquet net . how to avoid that ?

  6. I think you have understood the skills by your brain. Now you are on the second stage which is need to do a lot of practice to teach your body, senses, timing and feel of the skills. The problem you are facing is very normal. You have to put time and effort in practice now. Lee

  7. Do you think , Iam overreacting ?? and is it professional way to keep nagging sumone inebtween a game ? everybody makes mistakes and everybody has their own judgement while playing. What will be your advice to such a doubles partner or myself ? Let me know if iam wrong in my thinking . Do u think its a trivial issue ?

  8. Dear Coach Lee, I have one issue with my doubles partner . He keeps nagging me inbetween my shots . Even before i hit the shuttle he tries to dictate my shots. Iam unable to focus on my game . even a simple smash or a drop shot iam unable to make due to his running comments inbetween a game . I agree he has participated in many competitions and im jus a beginner comparitively. Iam ready to take his comments constructively but not inbetween a game . as that pisses me off .

  9. Hi Lee,
    I have watched your video and found very it intresting.
    One question you have shown that if partner hits a smash from back rear court then both partner arrive in centre line behind each other then what happens if the return is in the forecourt who takes what.

  10. The player who is at the net should take it. This is attacking position.
    As your ppartner attack(smash) you are ready at the net to kill. Lee

  11. Thank you so much coach lee !! This really helps a lot. After watching your videos. We got better and better. And actually we won gold medal in our regional tournament.

  12. I am delighted to know that my clips helped you to play better in such way. Thank you very much for sharing the news with me. Lee

  13. Thanks for this video I have an idea when I'm playing Badminton at school to get the scholarship I know I can do It thanks for this ^_^
    and also thank to you coach 🙂


  15. Thank you very much, Coach Lee~! And I say 'coach' with the utmost sincerity as I feel like you have literally coached me, among thousands others, through these very helpful videos. The way you talk to the camera I can feel you are really trying to help us all improve our game. As a result I'm happy to say I have become much better over the moths & will continue to improve with your help! 😀

  16. Thank you so much for your inputs, very helpful.
    I've a query, if your partner occupies 3/4th of court during the rally and taking most of the shots, making difficult for the second partner to decide what to do and where to position on the court? Telling your partner also doesn't help, need your thoughts.

  17. Really really helpful.. I was doing some non-sense with my partners.. Of course they don't even have a clue of this organized training.. feeling much better and confident now and can share with them.. Thanks Lee!

  18. This is a helpful video for us, beginners to understand each other's movement at a basic level. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Mr. Lee.

  19. Hi Coach Lee, what if they are standing side by side (in mid court) and one of the players plays a dropshot into the center of the opponent's front court, who will go and cover the front? The one playing the dropshot or his partner?

  20. This is excellent video on training and one of the best I must say. Please keep sharing these valuable lessons.

  21. Hello Coach Lee. There's one thing I'm always confused about double is that say, I'm defending the net for my partner smashing from the backcourt,, then all of sudden, he changes from smashing to clearing, I know I have to back up to form a side by side formation to defend, the question is how do I know which side of the court i should back up so we are not standing on the same side since I don't know which side my partner is about to take. Is there a "technical" way to answer this question or it's just about how well we understand each other? Thanks in advance!!!

  22. Hello, Coach Lee. It's my first time to watch you video. I've been playing badminton for only 2 months now. Thank you for making this tutorial video. Keep on making videos and God blesd you more.

  23. Nice video coach
    Get lots of help after watching it and more happy to implement the same and see diffrence in game.
    Thanx a lot
    Big fan of u

  24. sir, am a beginner for badminton just two day before only I had started to watching your training video it's very excellent coaching clip you are my coacher from today onwards and first thanks to God he was shown me to you and next to you sir thank you guru (teacher).

  25. one of the best coaching for badminton in youtube, i enjoy watching your videos but I'm hoping for a high quality video next time ^^, hehe

  26. That's just amazing, me and my partner we often get in each other way, we loose tournament because of that, and now because you told me how to react positioning after each shot we do it looks like the game is just more easy to handle, we will work on that me and my partner, thanks for this coachn, your videos are way too awesome 🙂

  27. Excelant. Bit difficult for me starting at the age of 40 but I did so for about a year ago but only trained for like 6 months and this is something I've been struggling with. The first part was specially good as I tend to drift all over the place, not knowing where to stand so thx coach. This is now in favorite and will watch as often as needed 🙂

  28. sir this video clip really learn me how to come at position or how to play doubles tips thnank you sir I really enjoyed this video clip I used in my game this really work for me

  29. The thing is, i've heard that there isn't really a side to sides front back,in the sense that, they shouldn't always be moving in the plane of the net. So, if the shuttlecock is coming from one corner of the court, the positioning of the two is different to if the shuttlecock is coming from the other corner of the court. Their positioning depends on what's going on on the other side of the court. And i've heard that they move so that they're the same distance from the player on the other side that has just hit it.

  30. thanks a lot coach. I had one last doubt. When one player does the service then where does he stand after that? say I served on the net and the opponent put it back on the net and then I made a lift. where do I go after that?

  31. Mr.Lee you are an amazing coach… its very easy to learn from your videos.. very well explained and detail.. thanks a lot!

  32. One of the best and most important videos, every player who doesn't already know this should watch this video

  33. This is really helpful but I have a question.
    When the player at the back smashes his partner will stay front but once he calls clear then which side the front one has to move back?

  34. Excellent coaching….it really helped me a lot while playing in local clubs….I am a big fan of you..thanks

  35. This video are 4 years old but its really2 a big help to amateur like me, thank you coach lee, regards from Indonesia.

  36. Good evening coach…
    Your videos are awesome. The way you teaching is very nice…
    I am learning in my 43rd age. So happy watching your videos in daily basis….hats off to you… My dear coach

  37. Thank you.😊 coach….I am terribly struggling in the position of double… am a grt player in single but double is really bad for me. ….in don't got any partner still now….after watching that I hope I will do better a lot

  38. I am beginner nd I found this video very much informative, definitely u r a great coach . 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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