Badminton-Best Return of Low Service in Level Doubles (Level Doubles Correction)

Level Doubles – Correction The best possible option of returning low service Attack opponent’s body then 60-70% you can kill next shot ok Tim when you are returning opponents low service you hit to the side corners too many times and that gives you, your side under pressure watch this why? ok James is you, ok James ready so James will attack that corner, what happens? as you saw because you hit the corner without real force about medium height, opponent can hit straight opponent can hit cross, too big angle ok watch it, James will do it ok this is Tim here, stay center you are hitting to the corner like that and then its straight, you can’t intercept so you are ready for that corner again, then you can’t intercept too big you are giving them chance to hit deep corner to your side because of that this should be changed to attack to the body to the body ok watch this there because you attack to the center of the body central corner, the opponent has got corners to hit very difficult to defense ok Tim this is you, instead of going to attack to the corner you should attack to opponent body, ok service to me attack ready and you can kill it even if your opponent try to hit corners shuttle have to pass you ok one more attack to the body but, if I hit to the corner if I attack to the corner, you can’t but you can minimize that opportunity from your opponent to do this if you attack to the body, to the center here try it will work surprisingly if you can’t attack to the body, because you are late better to do the middle court push so the opponent can’t attack it they have to lift it if you can’t attack to the body, do the middle court push or do the net play this is one of the worst shot you can do push to the corner watch again one more push to the corner you are giving you can’t touch, your partner cannot touch one more last one, look sharp attack to the body, don’t have to hit so hard little bit like this ready and do that

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